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Mangoes by Mail

Hellow everyone! I'm looking for a way to ship some great mangoes to a friend, if possible. I've looked on the Harry and David Web site, which I've seen referenced here, but they offer baskets of tropical fruits, not only mangoes. Does anyone know of a company that could do this?

Jul 03, 2007
Raffi in General Topics

thank-you gift ideas - Nashville

I have a friend who recently hosted me for a wonderful weekend at her home in Nashville. I live in California, and would really like to send a nice thank-you gift to her. Can anyone recommend something local that would be great to have delivered or sent by mail (such as perhaps chocolates, cookies, or other gifts) in the Nashville area? Many thanks for any ideas you might have!

May 29, 2007
Raffi in General South Archive

Homemade fried green tomatoes

Hi everyone! Long-time listener, first-time caller :)

I was wondering if anyone knew where (or if) I could get green tomatoes this time of the year. I'm making a Southern-themed dinner for some friends this week, want to give them a try, and have been looking everywhere for them. The SM Farmer's Market yesterday didn't have any, and when I stopped by the West LA one this morning, no tomatoes (red or green) were to be found. Is it possible around this time of year?

May 06, 2007
Raffi in Los Angeles Area