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Frisco Help

Isabella's is out of business, but there's another Italian joint there now. Also, take a look at Shops at Legacy, lots of dining options. Shops at Starwood has Trufire, a meh fake french place (Bonnie Ruth's), and a Sushi place. There's a new Brazilian Steak House on 121 near Stonebriar Mall, as is Platia, a nice Greek place. Fadi does a brisk trade in Mediterranean style food. Mojito's is also near Stonebriar, one of the few Cuban places in the area.

Sep 16, 2013
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth for me, Bambu or Bangkok City??

Bambu is very good, but as Twinwillow mentioned it's a drive from almost anywhere. We found Bangkok City (it may be the only restaurant that I've been to in Dallas that makes Mee Krob) to be just okay, but it's geographically undesirable (we're up in Frisco). Leslie Brenner mentioned Jasmine in Plano on Spring Creek in her review of PakPao, and we tried it last week. Not bad at all!

Sep 13, 2013
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Whiskey Cake - Plano - LOVED it

You really owe it to your self to try their brunch too... The hash is awesome.

Nov 01, 2012
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Any Guatemalan restaurants in the Dallas area?

Aug 05, 2011
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

In N Out sign on Preston now up......says "In N Out Burger coming soon here"

Yep, the signs been up for a couple weeks. We still don't have a go-to Chinese place in the area, which place did you like?

Jan 10, 2011
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Bambu - North Dallas / Richardson - Incredible New Thai Restaurant!

We ate here (to go) tonight. Really excellent. Great Pad Thai, and the only restaurant in Dallas that can make Me Krob! Nice folks, and great food.

1930 N Coit Rd #100, Richardson, TX 75080

Best Philly Cheesesteaks in DFW?

Billidelphia is okay, but hands down Fred's Downtown Philly in Plano is great.

Jan 11, 2010
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Cadot Restaurant Dallas

I'm wondering the same thing... The first thing that came to mind when I saw the sign was perhaps this is a new restaurant from Jean Marie Cadot (Lavendou is further up Preston).

May 06, 2009
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Where can I find good pizza in Dallas?

We tried Farnatchi's Pizza last night (their first night open!) in Addison at Beltline and Marsh. Outstanding... In-house made dough and sauce, premium toppings. New York style. Really big flavor. Calzone was great too!

We ordered our pie's takeout, so that fact that they're still sorting out the lights, decor and signs did bother us. We'll definitely be back again next week.

Apr 16, 2009
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Jewish/Deli Food in Dallas?

Since Ed's Deli folded, we've been going to Deli-News. I noticed the other day that a new deli called Roasters ( is moving into Ed's location. Apparently part of a Florida-based chain... I'll give them a try at some point.

Feb 17, 2009
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Charo Chicken???

I've been frequenting this restaurant since Guidelive first mentioned them... Danny and his sister have been battling to keep the doors open from day one. The natives just don't seem to get the attraction of Mexican-style chicken. Their location in Plano may work against them. If they were on Preston near Stonebriar Mall, the Cali transplants (like us) would flock to them.

Feb 11, 2009
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

Cyclone Anaya's - Addison

I had lunch there on Monday. Nice decor... The salsa was on the bitter side, and the table cloth on the table was dirty when we were seated. We ordered guacamole, which was good. My chicken enchilada was very mediocre, and our waitress was slow and not very attentive. In all, quite mediocre.

Oct 28, 2008
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW - Lunch Salads

BJ's on Beltline as a good selections of good salads, and Champp's down the street does too. Also, Kenny's Wood Fire Grill has good salads... And pop-overs!

Mar 15, 2008
dejacobs in Texas

Plano - Opinions on Chicago's Finest Pizza?

+1 on Fred's, very good and the place smells like a cheesesteak place!

I'm still hunting for a true thin New York style pizza in Dallas, but for now we're frequenting Alfredo's Pizza at Trinity Mills and Midway. I'd give it a B or B+.

Jul 15, 2007
dejacobs in Texas

Jewish/Deli Food in Dallas?

Ed's Deli (formerly Deli News Too) at Preston and 635 is excellent. My experience with the original location at Campbell and Preston was very mediocre. And Cindy's (I've only been to the Midway location) was very sub standard.

Jul 15, 2007
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth

What is the Best Brunch in Dallas

Mignon in Plano has a good brunch menu, as does the nearby Kathleen's Art Cafe.

May 06, 2007
dejacobs in Dallas - Fort Worth