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Where to buy Ras El Hanout in Vancouver?

Winners / HomeSense is often pretty good for spices like this or Aleppo pepper...

Rankings of in-store roast chickens ?

was there last weekend. Renos in the kitchen area meant no roast chicken until at least mid-Nov

ISO: Shanghainese cumin ribs

Just watched Anthony Bourdain's CNN episode on Shanghai, and these cumin ribs caught my eye and stomach: ziran paigu (孜 然 排 骨) Are these available anywhere? I get the feeling I by-passed them in the Richmond Night Market.

Taiwanese braised pork belly inside bun ("gua bao" / 割包)

I had mantou last night at Tea Wok:

or see their cartoon:

I still liked the version I had from Bao Bei a few years ago.

Tartex, empanada wrappers and huacatay, where are you?

sadly Los Dos Amigos is kaput. No idea if they've moved. OP could also try Los Guerreros on Kingsway, although the extent of their Peruvian items are usually the aji type sauces and chicha morada powder.

New to Frasier/King Ed neighbourhood - Whats good?

You're in the heart of many Filipino restaurants. For baked goods, especially fresh from the oven pan de sal, go to Merienda Bake Shop. I often get bbq pork skewers across the street at Golden Joy.

Best value happy hour in Vancouver

a list from the globe & mail:

Italian Night Market in Vancouver

Today was the first day of the "night" market. Perhaps during the fall iterations, it will be more dusk since the hours are 3-7pm.

I could only see one spot selling hot food and gelato--the Italian Cultural Centre itself. Otherwise, I was pleasantly surprised to see the produce and veggies, olive oil / salt / spice vendors, a Ukrainian bakery with piroshki, a vendor with interesting hummus and tapenades, and other vendors I've seen at other markets (e.g. A Bread Affair).

The accordion was a nice touch as well.

Not a phone case in sight ; )

Italian Night Market in Vancouver

nice intel, grazie GE

Any good Burmese restaurant in town ??

Really unclear since they appeared to be open yesterday.

Any good Burmese restaurant in town ??

4 tables of 4. I dropped hints that bringing back faluda during the hot days of summer will do the 'hood good.

Any good Burmese restaurant in town ??

Ko Ko and his family. They're friends of Bo (Bo Laksa) and Moe Moe (Joyceway)

Any good Burmese restaurant in town ??

Nope, I'll leave it to some wisemonkeys :)

Any good Burmese restaurant in town ??

New place opened up last Saturday called Wahh Tee at 4942 Joyce St. Those of you who remember JoyceWay and the BLK counter there, this new place is just a couple of doors down. It's small and family run. The mohingar, chicken curry soup, and fried noodle chicken dish I had were good. Still have to go back for their full complement of salads.

Just moved to YVR; can you help me come up to speed?

check out Ming Wo as well

Spud Shack Fry Co. (New West SkyTrain Station)

I've passed by many times en route to the posh (compared to other venues) Landmark cinemas but finally stopped in this afternoon. Fries were good, although I wouldn't be able to taste the difference vs. Fritz or Belgian Fries, along with the garlic mayo dip. Didn't partake in the beer or wine but surprised to see the selection. I've often seen it busy during weekend evenings.

Around the corner is a new outlet of Hub with nice views of the Fraser.

Jamaican Restaurants

That place on Broadway was great. Best meal I had there was an all-you-can eat jerk crab. And if I remember, it sometimes held dj and dance nights.

Best cafes in Vancouver


Pink Salt/Sausage Casings in Vancouver

Prague powder's another name:

Pink Salt/Sausage Casings in Vancouver

Pink Salt / Salt Peter is available at Famous Foods on Kingsway in Vancouver

Fish Counter - Worth Trying

I liked the ling cod fish and chips, slaw was only ok. Lots and lots of fries. I had to wait a bit so they offered me a fish taco while I waited for the F&C. This was even better than my original order. I overheard the cioppino's very good and a fast seller. And Philx is right about the small eat-in section. Actually, I didn't see any tables: just a long counter by the window and a few benches. Great service too.

Where can i find the Best Fried chicken in the GVRD

It is good. Server said the two big pieces are brined with buttermilk, sous vide, then fried. I liked the biscuit, gravy, and spaghetti squash it came with too.

Platform 7 coffee house, Hastings and Nanaimo, Vancouver -- any reports?

had double helpings of the salted choco chip cookies, even gluten-free IIRC. Also had the cappuccino, which was ok. The faux train station decor was different.

Tarte aux Sucre?

If they're the ones who also sold mini-versions, that's the one I went to. They're good but only had the small ones when I went a few weeks ago. Nice to know they can do a whole pie.

Tarte aux Sucre?

I thought I saw one at the Saturday winter Farmer's Market at Nat Bailey. Can't recall the name of the vendor

Not bad Thai - Joyce St

Moe Moe's still there on the weeekends, but if you're making a trip out here, I'd definitely call ahead just to make sure.

Not bad Thai - Joyce St

He's no longer at Joyce Market.

Not bad Thai - Joyce St

It's been around for about a month and a half. Tiny place as Philx says, and the food comes out really quick. I hope it survives because this spot (right beside Panaderia) has been changing often. I really enjoy the pad thai, although I miss Moe Moe's next door at Joyce Market, and the always perfectly crisp spring rolls. Tried their stuffed chicken wings too. Their larb had a lot of heat. Curries are just alright, but glad to have a Thai option in the 'hood now. No Isaan style though as I still think about Benjarong on Broadway.

Dinner & drinks near Kingsway and Tyne?

Any place that's licensed around here (very few) would just have the basics. Never had a cocktail around here. Van Ya has the usual beer and sake. I'd also call up Hyoga (Japanese) to see if they're finally licensed. Jambo Grill (African / Kenyan) fits the bill too. Not sure if Mezbaan (Indian) is licensed.

There are number of regional Chinese restaurants too, as one 'hound coined "spice alley", that serve beer, like Lucky Noodle.

BTW: Walking from Joyce-Collingwood station to Kingsway and Tyne is at least a 10 minute walk.

Non-Asian near Main & E. Pender?

RIP Adega