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Any good eats (new or clasic) in Grand Cayman?

I would recommend 3 new restaurants. Blue Cilantro has an Indian chef, but its food is western with Asian infusion. Catch has opened in West Bay, in the space that was once Morgan's Harbour restaurant. They have very good fish. The owners are the same as Agua's. Morgan's Harbour restaurant is now Morgan's. It has relocated to the yacht club and has beautiful surroundings. Their fish is also very good, but their service can be slow.
Another new place to try is the Gelato & Co. in Camana Bay. They have excellent gelato and sorbet. Lauren's is a nice place to go for breakfast.

Where can I buy caviar in Monmouth County?

You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by going on-line to We buy Sterling caviar from them every year. Their prices are usually better than the local stores especially, if you use an online coupon site.

Dec 10, 2014
BigGeorge in New Jersey

The Fountain Ending Dinner Service on December 27.

I had many great meals in the past at the Fountain. I went in September because I heard it was closing . The service was very poor. The waiter told us that the sommelier did not have time to come to the table. The food was good but not great. Given that the entrees cost $50, the meal should have been better. The dining experience was not comparable the 1990's when Jean-Marie Lacroix was in the kitchen.

Nov 20, 2014
BigGeorge in Philadelphia

Grand Cayman - Blue Cilantro

Its been 2 years since I went to Blue Cilantro, and I can say that it now ranks with the best in Cayman. My companion and I had red snapper with spices cooked in a tandoori oven and the Asian aromatic seafood were wonderful. The starters: cerviche,mussels and the clay oven bread were also excellent. There was a decent reasonably priced wine selection.

Noodlicious Is Gone

Noodle House now open!

May 10, 2014
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Whole Foods opening in Metuchen

Opening in Metuchen. ? when

May 10, 2014
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Noodlicious Is Gone

It looks like a new restaurant , Edison Noodle House,is opening where Noodlicious was.

May 06, 2014
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Caribbean babymoon - hotel/resort recommendations? Need great food!

The difference between Grand Cayman and the other places you listed (except for Bermuda) is that in Grand Cayman you are not confined to your hotel. The island is very safe so it gives you the ability to go to every good restaurant on the island. Most of the good restaurants are on Seven Mile Beach or less than a 10 minute drive away. If you stay at the Ritz-Carlton or if you are more budget minded, the Westin you will be able to enjoy a great dining experience. You can look at my other posts to see my dining recommendations.

If you are looking for amazing dining you can go to Blue at the Ritz-Carlton.

Brunch/lunch spots around Menlo Park or Edison NJ?

Given that you are coming from Philadelphia, you will find the non-Chinese, non-Indian food in Edison to be relatively mediocre. You could try Wonder Seafood on Route 27. Its known for its Dim Sum. Otherwise I would recommend eating in New Brunswick.

Apr 06, 2014
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Two Bells for Avance

I agree with Laban review. After eating there 2 weeks ago I found the room to be exactly as he described, nothing special. The service was also pretentious, a tasting of bread and the coffee service. Also, beets were prevalent, I can not say that I am a fan of beet sorbet.
I found the food preparation to be ambitious but the food was no more enjoyable than Serpico or Will.

Apr 06, 2014
BigGeorge in Philadelphia

Cayman Birthday dinner

Blue is worth the money, but I can understand why someone would not want to spend the money.Osetra Bay has good food and an over the top atmosphere, like South Beach in Miami. It would be a good choice for a birthday. Ortanique is also an excellent choice, but I would recommend going later, because there are many children running around in Camana Bay in the early evening. Brasserie has excellent food, but it is not on the water. If you want great food, but a relatively plain room, I would go to this restaurant. Grand Old House has a beautiful location on the water.

Foodie Spots in Princeton

Another place to consider for dinner just north of Princeton is Eno Terra, which is open to 11pm on Friday and Saturdays. Much better than Ruth's Chris. If you get out a little earlier and like fish, Blue Point Grill is a casual place with good food open to 10pm. During the day you can get take-out from their fish market next door (Nassau Street Seafood).

Mar 11, 2014
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Grand Cayman Itinerary.....Please critique

I believe that you have made many good choices. I would not bother going to Pappagallos, instead I would substitute La Dulce Vita or Ragazzi. I agree that Osetra Bay and Blue are excellent choices, as is the Brasserie, but they really aren't toddler places. Blue is very expensive but worth every penny.

I would also consider the Ritz-Carlton for Sunday brunch if you are not going to Luca's brunch.

For informal lunch, Cimboco, Chicken-Chicken, Duke's and Sunshine Grill are good choices as is Coconut Joe's.
Morgan's Harbour will be closing this year, I believe their rent was raised, so it will your last chance to dine in their current location.

One place you must go to is the new gelato place in Camana Bay called Gelato & Co. It is owned by an Italian couple and just opened in December. It is located in the crescent area of Camana Bay not far from Michael's. I would recommend skipping dessert at Michael's and Ortanique and having the gelato or sorbet from the new place.

Any updates/new comments regarding Sunday Brunch in Grand Cayman?

The Ritz-Carlton, Luca and the Westin all have good brunch. Reservations are necessary. Brunch is very popular on the island. I have never been to the brunch at Michael's or Ortanique, the dinners that I have had there have been good.
If you are coming from a cruise ship, and want to try a number of restaurants, you may want to go to Camana Bay where you can go to Michael's, Ortanique, Karoo , Abacus and Mizu. All of these are very close to each other. There is also a wine tasting store and a gelato place in Camana Bay.
Otherwise, if you have a number of stops, taxi fare can add up.

Wedding Catering for 150 people

The best way to save money at a catering location is to book in the slow season, the winter would probably be the cheapest. Also, have the party mid-week not on the weekend.
There is no such thing as a fair price. I know people who spent 10 thousand and others who spent over 200 thousand.
Go to the locations you are considering and they will be able take you through the process. If are really at a loss where to start, hire a wedding planner.

Jan 01, 2014
BigGeorge in Philadelphia

How many pizzerias in your town? Do we need that many in NJ?

A relatively new trend in Middlesex County are Indian pizza shops where you can get Masala chicken pizza and chicken tikka pizza.

Nov 22, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Big decision! Agricola or Mistral?

Choice for me would be easy. I like Agricola's warmer atmosphere. The food is good but not outstanding. There is a decent wine list and good mixed drinks. Mistral's room is not very welcoming. In the colder weather you can't eat outside. The food is hit or miss. Of the 6 plates we ordered last time, I only liked 3.
My overall answer would be none of the above. I would go to Elements instead.

Nov 22, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Windsor Grand Cafe, Rt 130 East Windsor

Windsor Grand cafe is owned by Basil Karakatsanis, the former owner of Legends Grill. Since it just opened, I would give him the benefit of doubt since he has been successful in the past.
I looked at the menu on line and it does not look that expensive.

Jul 20, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

New Brunswick, near train station

I agree Due Mari and Daryl's are your best choices. The other upscale restaurants in town have seen better days.
Bashful, you most have been in New Brunswick a long time ago, La Fontana has been closed for at least ten years.

Jul 17, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Business Dinner in Princeton for 20-30 people?

Eno Terra would be a good place for your dinner. Their second floor is used for groups on weekdays. They have excellent food. They are located in Kingston which is slightly north of Princeton.

Jul 12, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey


The first place that comes to mind is Agricola. Further from the university, Peacock Inn and Elements

Jul 07, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey


I am from out of town, and I am going to Fiola on Friday. If it wasn't the summer, I probably would be wearing a jacket for dinner. Given the hot weather, I would like to know how most men dress for dinner at Fiola and if I should wear a jacket on Friday.

BBQ Cafe & Sports Bar - Highland Park (Old Charlie Brown's)

The restaurant is a franchise of a Korean restaurant chain.
I am curious to see how well it will do in Highland Park given that it is not kosher. and also that it has competition a few miles north from Picnic Garden and Paris Baguette.

Apr 24, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Sunday Brunch not at a "brunch" place?

I had brunch at Amada last Sunday.The food was good as always although it was more lunch than brunch.

Apr 09, 2013
BigGeorge in Philadelphia

Best formal/semi-formal restaurant in Mercer county?

Peacock Inn in Princeton would be my first choice

Mar 12, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Agricola Restaurant to open Sunday in Princeton

I was looking forward to this type of restaurant opening in Princeton. I was hoping it would be is like Talulia's Garden Philadelphia. However ,the initial menu on-line appears to be limited menu.

Mar 08, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Noodles & Co. coming to East Brunswick

This looks like the height of mediocrity. No wonder they are in Hartford and Wilmington. A place that serves mac & cheese, meatballs and spaghetti, pad thai and Japanese noodles must be catering to the lowest common demoninator. Why would anyone eat there when there are so many asia and and Italian restaurants in Mddlesex county.

Jan 21, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey

Robert Parker's reported investor has close ties to fine wine merchant

He's 65 years old and probably looking for an exit strategy.

Jan 09, 2013
BigGeorge in Wine

Champagne Sales Down for 2012

Lot of mediocre Champagne selling for high prices where I live.Some of the large producers non-vintage products seem to have declined in quality. It is hard to get bottles from small vineyards unless you are in a large city or have a good wine store nearby.Costly to order on-line for 1 or 2 bottles. I'd rather pay $10 for a bottle of good Prosecco than $40 for a bottle of mediocre Champagne.

Jan 09, 2013
BigGeorge in Wine

Costco is coming to North Brunswick

Looks like it is comingin 2014 or later.

Jan 09, 2013
BigGeorge in New Jersey