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Wine Classes in LA/OC Area?

The best wine classes are at The Wine Country in the Long Beach area - here is their schedule:

TAKAMI - disappointment

Irene Virbila's reviews are not that dead-on anyway (to me).

Night out in Long Beach?

Next door to the Creperie is Yen, a yummy sushi restaurant. Runs about $80 to $90 for 2 people.

Alpine Village Octoberfest 2007

I have also heard their German sausages are great there, but the German wine is quite God-awful.

No More Wine @ Cuvee on Robertson

LOL - you had me there for a moment. I almost posted "What?? I didn't hear that The Lobster stopped serving lobster!"

Review- The Winery Restaurant, The District, Tustin

Hee - I also wondered about that, though I thought maybe OP meant because it is not West LA etc hence lower expectations. I like Tustin (live in Long Beach), and recently had a really nice meal at Black Sheep Bistro.

Review- The Winery Restaurant, The District, Tustin

Agree with all of this. Also, I have noticed that restaurants are all too eager to capitalize on the recent interest in wine (and calling their restaurant The Winery), while they couldn't give a crap about wine and just want to buy everything off one distributor (read Southern or Youngs).

Any recs for buying crates of Beaujolais Nouveau next month?

You can get Beaujolais Nouveau from The Wine Country in Signal Hill (Long Beach, basically) Thursday Nov 15 - and in fact there is a tasting of these from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Yes, I work there. :)

Looking to improve my LA food expereinces

Great thread and discussion of what is good LA food!

No More Wine @ Cuvee on Robertson

Also, after a bit I felt their food was a bit overpriced for what it was.

No More Wine @ Cuvee on Robertson

That is a silly way to lose $$$ on their part!

Sounds like the place has a few internal problems - consistent with my observations and those of the original poster!!

New and exciting in Long Beach? Also, any cochinita pibil close by?

I like:

1) Fora in Naples on 2nd Street (upscale but not pretentious food - creative, chef is Austrian)

2) Yen in Belmont Shore on 2nd Street (Japanese food - sushi and sake)

3) Delius on Cherry (new location) - contemporary

No More Wine @ Cuvee on Robertson

Just wanted to chime in that I used to like this place, but last couple of times I went in, I did not get a great vibe either. I would just stop going if I were you, after that experience - doesn't sound like its particularly worth it!

Crunchie: a candy bar from the UK...

Coffee Crisps are great too!

I just tried a little bit of heaven

Great review - wow!

OK to bring my own wine from Trader Joe's? [moved from LA board]

Glad you had an awesome meal! Your description makes me want to go there!

Aug 12, 2007
littlefrenchgirl in Wine

OK to bring my own wine from Trader Joe's? [moved from LA board]

>>>Just tell the sommlier straight up that you are looking for something "modest" & feel free to balk at something too is his job to suit you.

I have done something like this before at an expensive restaurant (Melisse) and the result was not a happy one for me - I ended up with a $80 Bordeaux that I didn't particularly like (the sommelier recommended a $130 Chateauneuf du Pape).

I am much happier with the wine when I bring it. This is mostly why I bring wine and pay corkage. I don't have to stress over the wine list and ask for a recommendation and get one for a bottle well over $100, thereby making my dinner receipt for 2 up in the $400 range (I cannot do this all the time, naturally).

Aug 12, 2007
littlefrenchgirl in Wine

Have you researched your local "boutique" wine store?

Well said, Midlife!

Aug 12, 2007
littlefrenchgirl in Wine

Chardonnay--no oak

I like Trevor Jones Virgin Chardonnay from Australia. Unoaked, but lots of lees stirring to create full flavor and mouthfeel without the need for heavy oak. Also definitely fruit forward.

Retails for just under $20.

Aug 12, 2007
littlefrenchgirl in Wine

Toronto Hound Excited to Visit Vancouver

Rain City Grill is nice though I didn't find it stunning or anything. Hip though.

Toronto Hound Excited to Visit Vancouver

I recommended to a coworker visiting Vancouver to go to Joe Fortes on Robson and he liked it. Fresh fish, oysters, etc.

Okanagan/Penticton/Naramata vacation report

Awesome report, thank you. Honestly, I cannot wait to go. I live in California, but have family in Vancouver. Would love to make this trip and check out the wine, the wineries, and the restaurants you listed above, especially Naramata Heritage Inn, whose description above just seems to sing to me.

Did you taste any awesome Pinot Noirs?

Okanagan Food

WOW! Great review - thank you!!!

Vancouver: Differences b/w Szechuan Chongqing (Commercial) and Szechuan Chongqing (Broadway)

I usually go to the one on Commercial when I am in Vancouver, and my family who lives there are regulars at the Commercial one.

Not sure about the Broadway one though.

The Commercial one is awesome!!! IMO

Saddlepeak Lodge or Morton's?


Pink Taco -- Century City Not Bad

Thank you both for your posts and reviews. I'm meeting a friend there tomorrow evening (her suggestion) - I've never heard of it and am looking forward to seeing what it's like!

La Restaurants with Oxtail

LOVE the sauteed/braised oxtain at Versailles. Love the sides that go with it too, the rice, plantains, beans. :)

If only I still lived near one........

Wedding Gift: Online shop to buy mixed case

Jun 03, 2007
littlefrenchgirl in Wine

Wedding Gift: Online shop to buy mixed case

These guys will ship to AZ - shipping is not free but lots of cool wine under $50.

Jun 03, 2007
littlefrenchgirl in Wine

Any wine pairing recs for diver scallops, crispy...

I would suggest a Mersault or Craggy Range Les Beaux Callioux (Chardonnay that mimicks a white Burgundy) (from New Zealand). These would be both in the $50 range.

These are buttery wines that are not overly oaky or overly buttery but just perfectly so.

Jun 03, 2007
littlefrenchgirl in Wine