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Berkeley Springs, WV? [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

Thanks! I had no idea Berkeley Springs was anywhere near the route between Pittsburgh and DC. The things you learn from Chowhound...

Berkeley Springs, WV? [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

Anyone been? My husband and I will be going in a few weeks for our anniversary, and were wondering if anyone had recommendations for a good place to go for dinner. No special requests other than good food.


Grocery Shopping in Baltimore

I have to disagree with Pool Boy on SuperFresh. I have gotten some SuperRotten groceries there (including a bag of shredded mozzarella that actually had blue clumps of mold in it), to the point that I refuse to buy anything there--I don't know if the locations vary in terms of quality, though.

And I love My Organic Market.

Grocery Shopping in Baltimore

I'd say you want Shoppers Food Warehouse for discount groceries. Sorry to say, but Safeway and Giant are both pretty high-priced, and neither is all that high in quality, in my opinion. I never lived in the Canton area, so maybe others have hidden gems to share.

Tosca Restaurant Week Reviews?

Hi Dave! As far as I can remember they had veal ravioli available last night. I ate at 6, so I don't know if they ran out of anything later, but everything was available when I was there. And it was delicious! I had the heirloom tomato salad, the med. sea bass, and the chilled peach soup, and they were all note-perfect. The service was great (my food came out with little space between courses, but I think that was the kitchen trying to stay on top of things, and not them trying to rush me out). Have a great time, and let us know how your experience was!

Tosca Restaurant Week Reviews?

You can order pasta as a first course or a main course. I haven't eaten there yet, but I'm going tonight, so I'll let you know tomorrow!

Lunch Near Ball Park - Baltimore

If you're willing to walk a few blocks, there's a great falafel/Greek place in the SunTrust Building at the corner of Baltimore an Calvert streets. Always a favorite with me when I'm in town. It's called Cypriana.

Girls' Night Out in CT: suggestions?

I'm trying to plan a bachelorette party for a bride who's not really into the whole male-stripper, getting-wildly-drunk thing. I was thinking of maybe a more low-key wine bar or other place where drinking and fun can be had without outright raucousness. Adding to the mix, one of the invitees is probably underage. Can anyone help me out? My friend is right between New Haven and Hartford, so places in either metro area would work for us. Thanks!

Rockville Town Square -- New Stuff

We ended up at LaTasca last weekend, and it was a disaster. Everything was underseasoned and doused with olive oil, the sangria was close to nonalcoholic (and I'm not a heavy drinker by any means), and we had a really unpleasant experience with a dish that purported to be a goat cheese sand tomato salad--I'm not entirely sure what kind of repulsive cheese was actually layered in with the tomatoes, but it was like no goat cheese I'd ever eaten. Sent it back and got more of the same. On the plus, our waitress was nice.

Lunch in Annapolis near Court of Appeals?

Thanks! I guess you can see that I do know very little about Annapolis. Harry browne's sounds perfect.

Lunch in Annapolis near Court of Appeals?

I'm being admitted to the MD bar in June, and thought that I would probably want to treat myself to a nice lunch afterward. I am not so familiar with Annapolis, though. Can anyone recommend a restaurant, preferably within walking distance of the Court of Appeals? I don't eat meat or poultry (do eat fish), and would ideally like it to be moderately priced. Thanks!

Indian in southern MoCo?

My husband and I (recent transplants) are looking for leads on the tastiest Indian in southern Montgomery county (we're in Rockville, but we're willing to drive a bit if it's really good). thanks!

DC/MoCo dinner recs for birthday dinner?

My parents are visiting me in a few weeks, and I'm looking for somewhere nice (but not TOO nice) to take them to dinner, as they both have birthdays around now. Our requirements are exhaustive :)

-We'll be bringing a well-behaved toddler with us, but she's still a toddler.

-My parents do not like "hot" food (e.g., not jalepeno lovers)

-We live in southern rockville, so I'm looking for recs in the District or southern Montgomery County

-Indian is out, as is Mexican; my parents really loved having tapas the one time we took them out for it (my dad used to be pretty picky, but has gotten more adventurous as he ages).

-I'm looking for something ideally $30/entree or under

-I don't eat meat, but will eat fish

If anyone out there can recommend a place that meets all of these requirements, I will be both amazed and delighted. Thanks!

Tea house/tea room in New Haven/Hartford area?

Thanks so much!

Tea house/tea room in New Haven/Hartford area?

I'm in charge of planning a bridal shower for my very best friend, and am interested in recommendations for a place where we could do a tea party. She's in Wallingford, so metro New Haven or Hartford areas are ideal. Thanks!