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Anyone been to the Italian Cafe on Lee Highway?

Hi I just moved to Falls Church and live not far from this place, the Italian Cafe on Lee Highway. It is near the original German Gourmet. Also next to it is the Milan Bakery. Could it be true that there is a good Italian restaurant and an Italian bakery near me? Ruth

Good Huevos Rancheros in Santa Fe

I will be in Santa Fe for 4 days mid-September and would like a recommendation for a place with good huevos rancheros. We will be staying at Ten Thousand Waves so any other restaurant recs near there would be great. (Obviously we are spending the big bucks on lodging and spa instead of dining out, ha ha, so inexpensive recs would be nice).

Sep 07, 2009
geling in Southwest

Good place to stop between Arlington and Bethany Beach

Ideally some place half way between Bethany and DC/Arlington. I know about a place in Denton MD. (Can't remember name but it is in an old house with large porch). We will have a dog with us so outdoor seating is a must. We are adventurous eaters. Thanks in advance!

CakeLove in Tysons Corner

I noticed the Cake Love place in Tysons corner last week also. I tried the raspberry cake, called something like Susan's cake. It had raspberry buttercream with real raspberries in it and yellow cake. Very tasty. My mom had a slice of lemon, which was good, but not as good as the raspberry, somehow the buttercream worked better with raspberries than the lemon. In the interest of research I bought a cupcake to take home, chocolate with vanilla icing. Not that good, surprisingly. The cake was a bit dry and the vanilla buttercream not very flavorful. I did not let it get to room temp, as they suggest, so perhaps the chocolate flavor would emerge, but there was very little chocolate taste in the cupcake. But I might try some flavors.

Vihn Loi---Pho is Bailey's

I have eaten there a few times and really like it. Their pho with meatbals is good, I like their broth better than Pho 75. Also some other dishes are good, such as the grilled pork and Vietnamese spring rolls on rice vermicelli.

Where's the Best Soup in Arlington??

I love the soups at My Bakery a small Bolivian restaurant bakery just off of Columbia Pike (actually a small street off of Columbia Pike after the Chicken Campero on the same side). They sometimes have a peanut soup that is very good. It doesn't taste like peanuts to me, more like a kind of grain, and they have other soups that are very good, especially on a cold day. They other dishes and they have baked goods as well.

Dizi at Mirage Cafe, Bailey's X-Roads

Where exactly is the mirage Cafe? Ruth (a.ka. Geling)

Serenity in Vienna--does anyone read Chinese?

Hi, I read and speak Chinese, but am unfamiliar with Vienna. Could you give more specific directions? I'd love to find another good Chinese place. I live in Arlington so it might be a bit far for me, but if it turns out to be good its worth the trip. Also, I like to find out where the chef and owners are from so I only order that cuisine!

Jerusalem restaurant in Baileys Xrd

I seem to remember hearing that the Jerusalem Restaurant in Bailey's Crossroads has new owners and has discontinued the Friday buffet lunch? Is that true? I loved their bread and some of the other dishes and the buffet lunch was a real deal.

Hong Kong Palace - CUKE in the stir-fry???

I ate at HKP a couple of months ago with my parents and we had a dish that was very good but different, in the sense that I have only seen similar dishes in China. It's the potatoes and peppers. The potatoes are thinly sliced julienne and stir-fried with the peppers. Very nice and different take on the spud.

Hong Kong Palace - CUKE in the stir-fry???

Don't feel silly. The menu is in a loose leaf binder and has English as well as Chinese. The Chinese dishes on the board/wall are usually the same as in the menu but are what they have available that day. The note book also has the Sichuan dishes which are the specialty of the house. The owner is from Sichuan, so you can be sure the food is authentic, in a good way.

Hong Kong Palace - CUKE in the stir-fry???

Yes, cooked cucumbers are very authentic Chinese food. In fact they are more often cooked than not, in my experience. I think it is the sanitation thing. They are safer to eat cooked with the skin on and why waste the skin?

Navigating Fu Mei Cafe (at Great Wall - Falls Church)

Let's get a Chow lunch together and give it a try. I speak Mandarin so that might help. How does next week look for you Wednesday or THursday? Ruth

Chow Lunch at Hong Kong Palace

I am surprised it wasn't hot enough for you. The dish of mapo doufu we had the other day was very good, although it did not have the Sichuan perppercorns sprinkled on top as it should. Perhaps it was a bad day. Ruth

Vietnamese in Falls Church or Arlington

Eden Center off of Wilson Blvd. near Seven Corners is a Vietnamese shopping center. There are a few good restaruants there, including Four Sisters. There is a small one I like there too, but can't remember the name, it is something like Hong Viet sorry. Other Chowhounds help me out? Ruth

Lily Bulbs

At first I thought you were talking about lily buds too ( actually day lily buds), but then you said they were like shallots. Onions are in the lily family so perhaps it is a kind of "onion"? Technically one could call any onion a "lily bulb"! Ruth

Chow Lunch at Hong Kong Palace

Sorry about the vague directions. I am unclear what the address is, and that is a somewhat confusing place. Anyone else have clearer directions?

Chow Lunch at Hong Kong Palace

There is a small neon sign that reads in Chinese from top to bottom. That is the sign that says "Chengdu House". I think the point Steve makes about the liquor license is a good one.

Chow Lunch at Hong Kong Palace

Hal, yes Virginia, near Seven Corners, from Rte 7 turn into entrance to shopping area across from Sears, on the right is a short strip mall, with a bank and a small post office, it is there. Ruth

Chow Lunch at Hong Kong Palace

Nine Chowhounds met for lunch on Thursday at Hong Kong Palace, a Sichuan Restaurant just off of Rte. 7 in the same shopping center as Shoppers Food Warehouse, but in a small strip mall off to the side, where there is a Chevy Chase Bank.

Sichuan food at a place called Hong Kong Palace? It used to be an actual Cantonese restaurant but was purchased by someone from Sichuan, thank goodness, because it is now possible to get good Sichuan food in No. Va. The sign in Chinese says Chengdu House, I wonder if they just didn't feel like changing the sign in English? In any case the food is delicious and very hot. Under the leadership of Steve Siegel we ordered several dishes, I hope I can remember all of them. The dishes, in no particular order, were the cumin lamb, a cold cucumber dish, fried flounder, chicken with garlic sauce (also called yuxiang sauce), Mapo Doufu, Chengdu dumplings, Chengdu noodles and a cold cucmber dish. They were all very good, only one dish while good, the cold chicken touched by hot oil, was a bit too oily (more drowned than touched). We also had fried rice with shrimp and smoked pork (very intersting smoky flavor), twice cooked pork, a a seasonal green/vegetable that I think is called something like ma cai in English, and dan dan noodles. A dish that no one had seen any where else was the fried corn. Individual corn kernels in a batter and fried. Slightly sweet it is almost like a dessert. Only order one dish though, it is a huge amount of corn. The service was fast and very friendly. When we asked about the seasonal green, the waitress went in to the kitchen and brought out a stalk of the leafy green to show us what it would look like in the Asian grocery store. An excellent experience.