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philly cheesesteak!

cannot believe what i just ate at philly west. the worst philly cheesesteak i have had in my life. they loaded it with more bell peppers than meat. there was probabably .50 grams of steak in the whole sandwich. save yourself the disappointment. i will never go back. too bad, because its so close to home

Mar 27, 2008
YYZ2LAX in Los Angeles Area

Your favorites in Little Tokyo?

Daikokuya's ramen has been sliding down the scale as of late, watered down broth just doesnt cut it

Jan 28, 2008
YYZ2LAX in Los Angeles Area

Eat cheap everyday?

Currently looking for a contributing writer in LA to work together on a site/blog. We will be building a site around Cheap Eats. Ideal candidate eats out at least once every two days for a meal around $10 or under. Any inquirys please contact me via email at pushat223atmsndotcom, thanks guys!

Jan 21, 2008
YYZ2LAX in Los Angeles Area

Original Canadian Foods? Eh!

great thread, and i miss poutine and beavertails oh so much right now. being in southern california i have substituted beavertails with the occasional churros but they dont have options for toppings like nutella and powdered sugar unfortunately over here. still have not found a substitute for poutine. i remember fondly going to st lawrence market for back bacon on a bun sandwiches, i shall return soon!

Jan 12, 2008
YYZ2LAX in General Topics

I'm Writing A Taco Book-Need Help

Santa Barbara - Lilly's Taqueria, literally next to the 101
LA - Acosta on imperial, a few blocks from the 405

Dec 17, 2007
YYZ2LAX in Los Angeles Area

Should I talk them out of LICK's?

ahhh the memories of california sandwiches (right beside the licks on queensway). well, im in california right now and let me tell you i havent found a single veal worth mentioning, outright wrong!

Phillipe's Famous French Dip

To me the beef dip (I don't eat lamb or pork)meat is tasteless and even with the au jus still leaves me wanting something better.

Exactly. Thing is TASTELESS, only spicy mustard makes it edible!

Sep 18, 2007
YYZ2LAX in Los Angeles Area

Best All You Can Eat Japanese in Toronto GTA

if the last 3 posts arent from sushi d staff my instincts are terrible

Terrible Experience at Ghandi on Queen

As I'm walking by, I go in to grab something to eat, remembering they supposedly have an amazing butter chicken roti. I decide on one of the butter chicken rolls instead as I'm not so hungry. The lady working the register appears to have never touched a till before, entering 1 number at a time in a very reluctant and scattered manner. Next she throws the roll in the microwave, not such a big deal, though i hate microwaving food, and proceeds to take another order of 6 guys (which takes all of about 10 min just to order), completely forgetting my roll is in the microwave though i am standing right in front of her being patient. i quietly remind her as i am waiting after she has accepted payment from the other group. so with the 20 bill in hand from the other party she removes the roll from the microwave with the same hand as the moneys in and proceeds to add some chutney onto the plate WITH the 20 bill rubbing all over my fucking butter chicken roll. i have never been so disgusted in my life. never will go back there and hope you guys dont either

Want good mexican? Don't go to Mexitaco

where the hell can i get horchata in toronto?

Want good mexican? Don't go to Mexitaco

Had possibly the worst tacos ever there. The carnitas seemed to have been bathing in salt, steak tacos were flavorless, and the corn tortillas were nice and soft in the middle and hard as rock nearing the edges, fresh from the freezer via the microwave.

Looking for roti in Santa Barbara

looks to be indian, the roti im looking for is either trinidadian or jamaican

Jun 12, 2007
YYZ2LAX in California

Toronto's Best Mexican?

will be returning home from southern california, will have to try some of these places out, though i hope im not going to be disappointed

Looking for roti in Santa Barbara

Been to most of the recommended places in town, was hoping to find something different. Is there any west indian food here? Im dying for some roti! anything else thats not on the beaten path worth checking out?

May 04, 2007
YYZ2LAX in California