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Cooking for plain jane inlaws?

So just as a side note... the inlaws just left and complimented the meal about 100 times before they left- so it was a success! YAY!

Aug 29, 2008
lolaeatspickle in Home Cooking

Cooking for plain jane inlaws?

Thanks for all the suggestions. I decided to go with something grilled... I decided to do the blue cheese arugula salad to start and then mustard garlic chicken breasts that I got out of a Martha Stewart Cookbook (she's pretty Wasp-y so I think I should be OK ;) ), a steak pretty plain (just in case the other has too much flavor) , green beans with shallots and almonds, and a potato gratin. And of course those gorgeous cupcakes... now I have to find butane for my torch and clean the house (the really daunting task LOL) Thanks again for the ideas- I knew someone would suggest something great!

Aug 29, 2008
lolaeatspickle in Home Cooking

Cooking for plain jane inlaws?

I think they'll eat salad and stuff "supposed" to be raw- I meant raw as in fish, carpaccio, tartar etc... which I love, them, not so much.

O and btw, if you think potatoes in chicken fat are good (and I do too!!) you should try brussels sprouts with a sliced onion underneath the whole chicken. SOOOOO good.

I like both suggestions for grilling. My kitchen isn't huge, and it might be a little less stressful if I can pass out some wine/beer while we watch the food cook outside. :)

Aug 28, 2008
lolaeatspickle in Home Cooking

Cooking for plain jane inlaws?

Hi! I have the pleasure of cooking for the most boring inlaws ever... And I want to impress them (seeing as they have sent food up several times so we don't "starve") but I am at a loss as to what to make. They are pretty plain... here's some favorites.

lemon chicken,
steak (grilled with just salt and pepper)
pasta with tomato sauce.

They also seem to like all their side dishes with a ton of butter and salt and pepper and that's about it... meaning corn, green beans, rice with butter or pasta with butter. I know she won't eat anything raw, no avocado, no custards or puddings.

I think my father in law is dying to break out of the box, and I think she just doesn't know any better and sticks with what she knows she likes. My only for sure thing is dessert, I'm making a chocolate graham cracker cupcake with a meringue icing. Here's a link
Looks tasty and pretty impressive. I'm a pretty decent cook (IMHO) so difficulty is not a problem and I have 7 hours to prep before they arrive tomorrow... suggestions?

Aug 28, 2008
lolaeatspickle in Home Cooking

Best Farmers Market CT?

I tried the farmers market, and I have to agree that despite it still being early in the season the variety was great! We really had a lot of fun (even though the directions on City Seeds website brought us the completely WRONG way- just a heads up!)

I'll have to try the Simsbury, Ellington and Coventry soon as I just found out we're moving closer to "Canada" (ahem EastRocker ;) ) Thanks!

MGM GRAND-anyone been ?

Just as a disclaimer, I haven't been to Craftsteak, but have been to MGM...

I HATE Foxwoods, but went for a friend's graduation party (she wanted to drink and gamble) which happened to be the opening of MGM. Not worth the hype. Even the celebrities (who I'm sure they hired) looked bored and unimpressed.

Still haven't been to the restaurant because that night left such a bad taste in my mouth. Even if the restaurant was transcendent or life changing, it would take a lot to get me to go back to MGM.

Best Farmers Market CT?

Yeah I actually live about 5 minutes from Colchester... I love Cato Corner Farm's cheese!! They're so good. I've never been to Priam, but supposedly they have a little farmers market there too so I'll have to check it out..

I love to go to the actual farms, but with gas prices the way they are, its a little crazy to go to 5 different farms a week to get this and that... and I have no freezer really (I live in a teeny apartment) to stockpile what I do find... I'm trying to get away from the grocery store more and more with all the food borne illnesses. Plus I like to support my community so I'm thinking Farmers markets are a good way to go for what I can.

Thanks for all the help!

Best Farmers Market CT?

Coventry, that is practically Canada!

LOL!!! That cracked me up! Its actually right down the street from where my fiance works, so it doesn't seem that far to me :)

I noticed it was early in the season- most farmers markets don't even open for a few weeks nearby!

You know, I think Pepe's is the tiebreaker- even if I like the Coventry one better, New Haven has better pizza for sure!

Plan B in Glastonbury

I do love Catsup and Mustard! We stumbled on it one afternoon while apartment hunting. The burger was actually cooked the way we liked (which is a rarity no pun intended), and the waiter was really friendly. When he found out we were apartment hunting at the same complex as his buddy, he even told us some of the caveats of the apartment complex we were looking at.

O and btw, Harry's burgers ARE awesome too! Just get two if you're used to a "standard" size burger nowadays :) (Perfect size for me though!)

Best Farmers Market CT?

Thanks for the info. Have either of you tried the one in Coventry? Just curious, but I'll def. check out the one on Wooster Sq. this weekend.

The burgers are too big!

I hate it because I often try to eat off the kids menu and they don't let me- or worse yet, the kids menu assumes kids only want fried chicken nuggets and Mac and Cheese, but I guess that's another argument lol. I get weird looks when I say "half portion" and am willing to pay for the whole thing- cheaper than paying a cardiologist or a dr when I have diabetes!

Jun 18, 2008
lolaeatspickle in Not About Food

Best Farmers Market CT?

Hi! I'm looking for a big farmers market. I've been shopping around local farms all over the place, and am looking for a farmers market that has more than just fruits veg and flowers. I'd love to find a place that has vendors with local meats, cheeses and milk/dairy. I live right outside of Middletown CT, and am willing to drive up to an hour. Any suggestions?? TIA!

Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

I forgot about Haveli! They're super good and if you get the Thali special, you can try almost everything they do (or at least everything they do well).

Japanica is good too if you like sushi- Not the best, but cheap, fresh and good. I do miss the little old men who used to serve you... the stories they used to tell over the sake... made me blush ;)

Any Middletown, CT suggestions?

I have to second Eli's for an amazing tap list, and decent (though sometimes pricey) food. Atmosphere is fun, though they are VERY crowded on a Fri/Sat. night (though to be expected at a bar).

Pizza- I'd go First and Last. A bit expensive, but really really good. Jerry's is also very good, but as mentioned below, nothing to look at.

I too LOVE some ORourkes. Quite frankly I don't mind spending some dough for good food, and Brian, the owner is a great guy and someone who really truly cares about the NorthEnd of Middletown. Their Steamed Cheeseburgers are cheap and really good- they make their own cheese to put on them, kinda like a cross of homemade mozz. and the flavor of cheddar-ish? Very good.

Perfect Margarita

well, if the drinks that yall are talking about weren't so sweet, the salt is lovely to balance the sourness from the limes. I HATE a super sweet margarita... just asking for a headache. We tried these last night and they were delish and you actually taste tequila instead of syrup.

May 06, 2007
lolaeatspickle in Recipes