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Searching: Red Velvet...

Thanks so much for sending the info - I am DEFINITELY a cupcake lover...will report back once I do!

Searching: Red Velvet...

A good friend's aunt makes this super red, super rich, the best icing...I'm trying to find the best in San Francisco. Thanks Chowhounders!!

"They (new york steak & rib eye) were found or something," Says TWO waitress

Hello Chowhounders!

I wanted to report the strangest (but delicious) dining experience from last night. I have to admit, I am a native San Franciscan that had never dined at the old Hawthorne Lane, but being impressed with the website and menu (with the apple pate' luring me there) that I decided to take one of best friends to TWO at hawthorne lane.

We were seated in the 2nd room which was great for us as the bar room (love the decor and the music was great....though I hear that there is resistance with old time diners at Hawthorne and yes, it's more of a fancy schmancy hipster vibe now). Our waitress (which is 50% of a dining experience...) seemed a bit frazzled because of a large party that was also dining in the 2nd room, we hear that it was actually a slow night though - but we stayed patient. She disappears after taking down our wine, but doesn't ask for any appetizers (which we already knew what we wanted)....she makes it back and as we ask for the pate' - it's no longer on the menu - we removed it a week and a half ago. THE WEBSITE needs to be updated for an upscale place trying to keep up with it's old predecessor.

Anyhow, the worst part is that she FINALLY returns this time taking our order (she seems very insecure....not sure of her waitressing that night). And our hearts were excited about the steak - ribeye with bleu cheese butter on....."I'm sorry, we just ran out - the big party before you. took the last....we don't even have ny strip about our COWBOY steak? enough for two?).

She disappears again. Comes back and actually says, "Ok. (as if nothing had happened). We found them. They must have been hidin or something."

Needless to say, it was a strange dining experience and I am exhausted writing this, but it's a story that HAD to be told.

Now with the food raiting scale of 1-10:

Biscuits and flatbread that come before your meal - 10+++
Summer vegetable salad with tomatoes, avocado and parmesan - 8
Sardines with cucumber....salad - 8
Bone Marrow - 10
Creamy Polenta (side) - 10+
Brussel sprouts with caremelized onions - 7
Rib Eye with bleu cheese butter - 7 (would have been a 10+ had it actually been served medium rare as we ordered)

the ice cream sandwiches are 8.5, definitely a treat.........

We'll be in Fayetteville, North Carolina

I am a native San Franciscan heading to Fayetteville for a quick visit (my new niece!).
I am hoping those of you who respond can help me, I'll be there 6/14-19.

Please reply with your top 3 must eat here places in or around Fayetteville. Thanks so much chowhounders!!!

Authentic San Francisco dining

I'm a native San Franciscan gal and so I hope to make it simple while knowing you can google these places:
Zazi - a total must. cute neighborhood. outside seating!!! amazing food. Bring your own wine Tuesday's, no corkage
The best burrito (and tacos, get the double decker one!) - La Taqueria on Mission between 24th and 25th
Belden Lane - I agree...perfect for the girls....
Ferry Building - daytime fun
Best pizza - just kidding, i fly to NYC for that
Limon - yes.

hope you make it to some of these!!!

Brunch near SF Centre...Saturday, need recs

I love having that extra special brunch with mom at the Rotunda in Neiman Marcus. BEAUTIFUL. Great food. And definitely a good stop while shopping!

Where would you go for a baby shower on a Saturday afternoon in the city?

Let's see. Don't know what your budget is, but ones us 30 somethings (and the little ones, if you have toys to entertain with you) here in the city love is Lovejoy's Tea Room.

I can help more if you have other "specifics" you are looking for!

Dinner before the Ballet

Stelline's Italian. THE Best Spaghetti and meatballs (portion perfect) I have ever had. Light options, seafood options. Wine selections are superb. Staff extremely friendly. I have been going here for years.....330 Gough Street
(between Fell St & Hayes St)
San Francisco, CA 94102

I heard about a "cupcake war." Here are my results

I just came back from my 7 day trip to NYC. I was on a mission. A cupcake a day. Thank god I didn't actually do this (though it was my bday week so I deserved it).

The BEST cake. Pricey, but enough for 2. Dean & Deluca's. My best friend introduced me to the yellow cake with white frosting. That cake. Oh my god. It was even better when I had the last bite in the afternoon. (Make sure that they are the cupcakes made by D&D- they also sell crumbs which i did not try and Little Red Hens which had really great cream cheese frosting, but the cake on the dry side; not as dry as Buttercup though).

Buttercup Cafe. Dry. Would not go back. Had the red velvet. Good Icing though.

Sugarsweet sunshine. AAAAHHH. The perfect little cupcake. $1.50. Reminded me of cupcake wednesdays in grade school.

Magnolia. I didn't make it this trip. Which I have for the last 4 years or so. They still have the best Banana Pudding.

May 04, 2007
mynameisolivia in Manhattan

Best small plates in SF?

As a native san franciscan, I have mixed feelings about "the Marina." But for really is a great part of the city. Small plates. Hands down. Terzo in the Marina. EXCELLENT small plates. wine selections to perfection. You'll feel extra classy.

For a more budget conscious, extremely crowded, fast paced with amazing food and drink options at Cha Cha Cha's (there is one on Haight Street and one in the Mission).

And if your party can take a BART ride to the ever SO cute neighborhood of Rockridge (on the Pittsburg/Bay Point train) a MUST is A Cote