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Sunday Specials?

Hey, what restaurants in LA & the Valley have special Sunday deals or special menus? I know of Palate Food + Wine & Ammo, but I'm looking for others. Thanks in advance for the help.

Any good dim sum places that take reservations?

I'm looking to take a large group (20-30) to a dim sum restaurant, or more likely, multiple dim sum restaurants. Are there any that take reservations?

Good (alcoholic) drink for a party?

My wife and I will be having a small New Year's Eve party and I'm looking for suggestions for a good drink that I can make a large amount of and not have to play bartender all night. I don't want anything too sweet or too strong, and I'd like to be able to make it a day or two before the actual party, because I have to work on the 31st. So, any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help.

Dec 09, 2009
skinny malinky in General Topics

What a beautiful way to spend an anniversry

Wow, it sounds like they really treated you right. Congrats on your anniversary.

Food Truck Review: Barbie's Q vs. Spring Street BBQ

Lately and thankfully, there are interesting places to get lunch right outside of my office now. We get lots of trucks: Bull Kogi (KBBQ), LA Fuxion (KBBQ), Bool (KBBQ), Barbie's Q (BBQ), Spring Street (BBQ), and a more traditonal burger/taco truck. Also seen: The Green Truck (Organic American), Fish Lips Sushi (, just kidding), Skewers on Wheels (something on skewers...I didn't really investigate), and others.

Being from Texas, I really miss good BBQ; the best place I've found in my neck of the woods (Burbank-ish) is Zeke's, which is decent, but their food tends to be too greasy and gloppy. So I was excited by these new contenders literally pulling up to my curb.

Barbie's Q was the first on the scene. They offer sandwiches (pulled pork , brisket, and chicken) as well as St. Louis ribs and cobbler. I got the brisket sandwich, which comes with a side. All the sandwiches are $7, tax included. The ribs are $2.25/rib, or $2 for 6 or more.

The brisket had really good beefy flavor; a little smoky (could probably use a a bit more smoke, actually, but that may just be my Texas-BBQ bias), not too salty, good texture (it's shredded and isn't too tender or fatty, but is still moist. I'd go so far as to call it toohsome. That's right, I said it). The sauce is a Texas-style sweet sauce; nothing remarkable but not bad, and used in moderation. It was served on a white roll which had a nice crust and stood up to the meat and sauce. The sandwich came with a small side (pretty small; it came in a plastic container about the size of one of the larger El Pollo Loco salsa containers), and I went with potato salad, which had a nice dill flavor, but overall could have used some more seasoning and/or potatos that weren't so mushy. Overall I thought the sandwich was pretty good, and I've since gone back for another, this time with an decent but unexciting cole slaw.

Today I went with Spring Street, again getting a brisket sandwich. It was also $7, tax included, and came with a small jalapeno cornbread muffin, pickle spear, and drink. There was also a little slaw topping the sandwich. The sandwich was way oversauced in a sweet sauce with enough vinegar to give it tanginess (that may have also come from the slaw). The brisket was chopped, with some pretty fatty pieces, and it was impossible to taste the meat; it was just swimming. The meat was also too tender, and the roll was too soft. The cornbread muffin was fine, not too sweet, but just a touch of jalapeno flavor and no heat. The pickle was a pickle.

Barbie's was definitely better. Nothing fancy, and I wouldn't call it a steal at $7, but good flavor and BBQ done right, in my humble, with the emphasis on the meat rather than the sauce. I'll be trying their pulled pork before too long, if I can resist the temptation of that good brisket.

fancy lunch on saturday in burbank area

It's not BBQ, it's upscale "southern" food. The menu isn't drastically different from French 75 and the decor is the same. It may be a good option, and it certainly isn't cheap.

I'm turning 30 in Burbank...

Vertical Wine looks pretty cool, but just how small are the plates? I don't want to get two $18 plates and still feel hungry.

I'm turning 30 in Burbank...

And need somewhere to eat. My priorities for dinner, in vague order:

1: Nice, but not apply-for-financing nice. Something in the $25/per entree range.
2: No need for a dictionary when reading the menu. I would love to eat food I've never heard of, but my wife's a bit pickier than me.
3: Not too far. Willing to go to Hollywood, maybe even Miracle Mile-ish, but I don't want to have to pack a canteen.
4: As mentioned, I'm turning 30, and don't want to be the oldest person in the room, because that'll just make me want to get drunk and surly. Or drunker and surlier.

Thanks in advance for the help.


I'd recommend Viva Cantina at Main & Riverside, right across from the Pickwick Entertainment Compound. It's not-bad Mexican with live, decent country bands on the weekend; it's a fun, divey place. Tapatio, a taqueria at Glen Oaks & Alameda is good too. Chadaka Thai on San Fernando downtown is pretty darn good, with a relaxed, sleek atmosphere. Also on San Fernando downtown, there's Seoul BBQ, which is more of a take out place, but it's family run and has pretty good food for the price.

Eating for One in Las Vegas?

So I'm making my semi-traditional solo Christmas-time trip in 10 days or so, and am looking for suggestions for good places to eat by myself, above and beyond fast food and buffets. What are some nicer restaurants that offer bar-top dining? Any good sushi bars you recommend? Thanks in advance for the help, as always.

Dec 12, 2007
skinny malinky in Southwest

$2 and under

Except you need an additional $3.50 to spend on the drink minimum. And I thought the food was priced right for the quality.

Best Chinese in Chinatown?

It seems like the best Chinese food is found in the SGV, but any good options for when I'm buying cheap clothes in Chinatown? Thanks for the help.

Embracing Burbank

NYPD Pizza: Not bad, but nothing to write home about.

One suggestion I would make is La Bamba on Glenoaks & Lamer. It's small and all outdoors, with really good chicken fajitas (huge portions) and fresh pico. It's tropical/Mexican food, for lack of a better term, with Cuban sandwiches & sweet potato french fries.

Also, for a quick meal or take out, Tokyo Yakitori on Glenoaks and...Angeleno maybe? has some good, cheap offerings. The chicken teriyaki with no skin is my standard, but they have a very spicy chicken dish (I think it's called spicy chicken) and a good beef curry & rice.

Real Watermelon?

Not to bogart off the other watermelon thread, but is it possible to find real watermelon out here? By which I mean big, honking, seeded watermelons, not the seedless hybrid things. They're just never as sweet as what we could get in Texas. Any suggestions?