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Best Single Slice of Cheesecake in Toronto

Wagamama does slices and currently has ontario peach topping!

Zucchini blossoms (squash blossoms) in GTA

at the david pecault farmer's market at a couple stalls for $5

Help please: seeking SUMAC spice in downtown Toronto

I've bought it at Spice Trader on Queen West

Where to buy Mexican Chocolate?

I want to like them too, but the coconut chocolate bar/square was not great... :(

Sandwich bread

Wagamama on King west and Tecumseth is $6.50 a loaf I think but you have to order 24hr in advance

Strata 241

I've been for the buck a shuck which was fine. The calamari was amazing and the pizza's looked good. I hope to go back.

fried calamari

Strada 241 in Chinatown has a very good fried calamari. It's not from frozen and the pieces are a good size. An order is 10 pcs for $12. They also have a grilled version I have not tried.

Yakitori Bar and Seoul Food, Baldwin Street’s two-in-one Korean restaurant

I went pretty soon after they opened and found the meats chewy and the banchan flavourless and dry. I'd go for drinks and the idea is fun but as it was, I wouldn't go again.

ISO: good fresh soft tofu

go to sanko Helen!
They sell by the pc in the back room.

The County General - simple food, prepared beautifully

Went for lunch and the food was pretty bad. In the past I've tried a very good brunch, tasty mini pork sandwiches and a delicious serano gin and tonic. Maybe today was just not the day, maybe a lot has changed since I have not been since summer, however I won't be back for food until I hear otherwise.

The posole - not nearly as tasty as my favourite one at Tacos El Slavador. The meat was flavourless and overall just boring. I give them credit for hominy not from a can.

Pork sandwich with fries - Passable.Toasted bread with the same tasteless pork. Fries were soggy.

Big salad - I found it a bit overdressed/oily for my taste and the raw red onion overpowered even when pushed to the side. I liked the butter lettuce leaves and not finding any rotting spring mix (which is too often the case everywhere!) though the cheap flabby cheese made not sense and the radishes were watery without bite.

Overall sad.

A-ok foods (ramen by yours truly)

new favourite! dan dan mien and bulgogi torta. Had them twice now and I'm glad to find things I like other than the shoyu ramen and pork ssam :)

Winterlicious Menus are up: Jan 25 - Feb 7, 2013...

We tried Crush as walk in at lunch. The room seemed dated but cozy and there were enough other tables to consider it busy.

The 'licious menus were not given out unless requested though otherwise service was very attentive and genuinely friendly.

Comped bread quality was only ok but at least warm.
Starter soup and salad well portioned and certainly better than average.
Main beef cheek on barley risotto with sweet potato was definitely the highlight and perfectly executed.
Sticky toffee dessert was not too sweet which i generally prefer, but needed more spice or sweet (!)

The suggested red was well chosen as well.

For $20 Crush was worth it.

Uses for Hot Pepper Jelly

i agree with all the cheese combos mentioned and would also recommend it on a breakfast sandwich; english muffin, fried egg, process cheese slice.

Dec 23, 2012
chocabot in Home Cooking

A-ok foods (ramen by yours truly)

The tsukemen was ok. Think of the ramen bowl contents drained and in a plate with a warm bowl of oily sichuan peppercorn, chinese bean sauce on the side. Spicing was ok for me and I'd consider it a standard "medium hot" plus the tingle of the crushed peppercorn. (Again to compare to a similar Momofuku's similar dish, it's not as nuanced and seemingly oilier. At Momo they add candied cashews and spinach to the cold dish so it seems more of a noodle salad.) I prefer A-Ok's Shoyu ramen dish to this one.

The snail salad, fried rice and duck san choi bao are off the current menu and they added a ox tongue salad, fish in the weeds (sounds like a sashimi on seaweed salad) and a pork ssam.

The pork ssam is a huge improvement on the duck as it wasn't as saucy messy and the salt was under control. Belly was used here and grilled pork shoulder for the tsukemen.

A-ok foods (ramen by yours truly)

there is only one ramen and it is chicken based

A-ok foods (ramen by yours truly)

I have not. I tried the Momofuku noodle dish that's similar and while that one was good I got bored half way through...

Totally gree about the snail salad.

A-ok foods (ramen by yours truly)

Had the ramen a second time and noticed the pork slice was different. Shoulder this time instead of belly? I enjoyed it but not consistent.
Snail salad was ok but wouldn't order again. Noodles with noodles if you're having ramen....
Fried rice was kind of standard issue. It came with a hot sauce that was interesting but overall didn't care for it.
So far only the shoyu ramen has been worth it for me...

Kawartha Dairy egg nog

Saw bottles at Mabel's Bakery on Queen W just yesterday!

A-ok foods (ramen by yours truly)

Ramen at Yours Truly owned A-OK is sooo good and non conventional. The noodles are Korean styles so more like mein and less bouncy and chewy which is okaaay. The broth is chicken based and the yuzu element makes is Momofukuesque. The soy tea egg actually tastes of soy and tea (hallelujah) so I'm a big fan.

The San Choi Bao duck lettuce wraps were way too saucy and SALTY. Mentioned that to them but hey it's 2nd night out of the gate.

Bonus they're up the street from me, downer, it's a small place so it'll get busy fast.
Service was great, and love the simple fun design isn't "reclaimed" or as dim as a cave!

Vietnamese food : which one?

I quickly passed just today and the paper on the window says they are renovating. Maybe changing name if I understood correctly.

Kanji sushi parkdale

yes. - Friday past when Chantecler was too packed.

The decor is beautiful and large. At best it restaurant was 40% full. The service was pleasant.
We sat at the sushi bar.
Overall the food was well presented. The sushi when plain as basic sashimi were noticeably fresh, but the fancy rolls and cold foods were passable suffering from too sweet sauces or blandness. The kitchen is very good at deep frying.
If you like desserts they have a few interesting choices, though we were too full to try any.

I wouldn't go back though I'd rate it above Hapa Izakaya which was disappointing and nothing like it's Vancouver counterpart.

ISO whole wheat raisin bread

That's good to know. I know the brand but haven't seen the variety. Do you remember where you have seen this one?

ISO whole wheat raisin bread


Day of the Dead/ Dia de los Muertes

Maizcal in Liberty Village has a table set and they are offering special food this week. There are pictures on their Facebook site.

ISO whole wheat raisin bread

Has anyone seen any Whole Wheat Raisin Bread in Downtown?

Bent at 777 Dundas West ready to open?

Tried Bent and Susur was around near closing :)

Had the most AMAZING $38 sparkling sake not on LCBO list :(
Ate 3 things:

Nigiri tasting
hamachi, salmon, snapper and tuna.
generous cuts and quality accompaniments. The pickled ginger had a more familiar "chinese" pickling taste i liked and thought homemade, the wasabi was likely a blend of real and fake and the soy was higher quality.
Favourites were the hamachi (can't remember garnish) and salmon w/ yuzu. Snapper w/ shiso and tuna w/red powder (smokey?) were only ok.

Shaoxing Braised Pork Belly with daikon puree.
Found this surprisingly subtle as the shaoxing wasn't detectable and the dish was neither sweet nor salty. The pork taste did come through and the texture was beautiful.

Duck Salad
Bent's rendition of Lee's Singapore Slaw. I still prefer the SS but it's nice that this is different. The duck meat was tender and in small strips oppose to how some places with do chewy slices. There were fried noodles and dried taro chip shreds for crunch. I would have preferred less red onion and green onions but that's just my taste.

Dessert is a free amuse that changes daily
Today was a cilantro chocolate mousse with crunchy honeycomb-like peanut crumb, a lemon gelee w/ blueberry compote and foam, almond wafer
Couldn't taste cilantro in the chocolate but texture contrast was good. I envisioned a chocolate black bean (as in sauce) combo could be cool. Lemon was nice but not terribly exciting and the almond wafer was not sweet with a delightful toastiness.

I quite like the decor though found it more King West shiny than Dundas West rustic.

momofuku toronto

quick 2 cents

momofuku pork buns are awesome as NY usual but the ones at 416 snackbar are right up there.

the ramen was ok. didn't care for the pulled chicken, the pork was the same as in the buns. shoyu broth was nice not too salty and the egg perfect. fishcake is same anywhere and the pickled kimchi veg were a nice touch. overall not something i'd pay that much for or make the trek.

had the chilled spicy noodles. had chicken and candied cashews and spinach. like a black bean sauce but slightly citrusy and lighter so clearly thought out but i thought the spinach annoying and the tasty meat and nut bits didn't make up for it. spicy is not really spicy at all. good dan dan would have been just as good.

lemongrass iced tea was not sweet so thumbs up in my books.

i'd go back to try the fried chicken dinner or other things at the other restaurants but overall i was underwhelmed because of the name. sounds way negative since nothing was bad but maybe based on brand expectation...?

service was scattered bc it was busy. seemed like they were delivering dishes at random to wrong tables because they only knew the vague direction they were going.
place is nice looking though.

North of Brooklyn Pizza (Queen West)

I went last night at around 9:30pm and the pizza was hot and fresh. I'm not sure what kind it was because it had the milkiest mozza and pancetta (? a fatty, crispy pork bits that could best be described like that on chinese roast pork from the bbq shops). I liked that they had sesame seeds on the thin crust. Based on that experience I'll certainly be back to try more.

You have $10 for a meal, where do you go in Toronto?

Agree with justxpete that this is a great deal. I used to go every week.
Some of the guest chefs (like Khao San Road) were amazing and only one time, it was actually just bad (Istanbul's Beef and Lamb kofta was like pasty raw meat.)
I stopped going though because I found the sandwich fillings always soft or mushy despite a great bun and ok taste.
If anyone's been lately, please report otherwise and I'll be back in a heartbeat.

La Bella Managua

Last night, the fried fish was as delicious as usual.
Steak in the Carne Asada was a bit more too well done, though I realize this is traditional.
Glad to see it was busy during the street festival.