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Best rice & Asian grocery in Arlington area?

don't know anything about grocery stores in arlington - i only know of ones in richardson/plano/carrollton

Aug 24, 2015
gan911 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Worchestershire powderr

I saw it in the spices area. Could've sworn I saw wor...powder. Never seen it before. It was in the molecular gastronomy aisle, but wasn't with the rest, I brand name or anything

Jul 01, 2015
gan911 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Worchestershire powderr

Central market had it. Discovered the place considering I just moved here...first store I've ever seen to have maltodextrin on the shelf too...seriously overkill

Jun 30, 2015
gan911 in Dallas - Fort Worth

So is it just me, or did this spring's Detroit Restaurant Week go over like a lead balloon?

i would rather goto the food court at costco than cuisine. bad service, worse food. good thing i'm leaving dtw...

Jun 08, 2015
gan911 in Great Lakes

ISO Lamb ribs dtw

holy foods is not whole foods is it? :P

Mar 19, 2015
gan911 in Great Lakes

ISO Lamb ribs dtw

Anyone know where to purchase them in dtw?

Mar 19, 2015
gan911 in Great Lakes

What are the hot restaurants in Ann Arbor these days?

i mean thinking back to my trip to spain, the albondigas, pimenton, morcilla, and croquetas were all pretty much spot on flavor wise.
i've had some of their more 'adventurous' specials and a few has fallen flat, but the classic spanish dishes have yet to fail me

Feb 12, 2015
gan911 in Great Lakes

What are the hot restaurants in Ann Arbor these days?

LOVED aventura. best resto i've been to in michigan

Feb 09, 2015
gan911 in Great Lakes

Michigan Spanish purveyors of food

Great story, mediocre at best food. I honestly would turn down a free meal from here and drive to aventura in A2 before eating here again. I don't get the buzz, and I definitely don't feel like the chefs are doing Sevilla any justice. I feel like I'm back in Spain with the dishes at aventura, at la feria I feel like I've stepped into a restaurant geared to Americans in Spain.

My 2 cents? Save your $ and goto A2

Jan 19, 2015
gan911 in Great Lakes

Best Butchers/Fish Mongers in SE Michigan

reviving an old topic....
any place to get interesting cuts of meat like below??

Dec 01, 2014
gan911 in Great Lakes

Lockhart's BBQ finally open - Royal Oak, MI

Not worth it.

Sep 29, 2014
gan911 in Great Lakes

aventura in Ann arbor

fantastic meal and restaurant. had morcilla, fried artichokes, mussels, bacalao croquets, albondigas, pimiento de padron, cebada de jitomate (barley and tomatoes), a couple drinks...

Bacalao was over lemon'd and the barley/tomato dish wasn't that great. otherwise, all the spanish flavors were pretty spot on. I would drive to Ann arbor and have this food than to get La Feria for free...thats how much difference is in these two restaurants.

Jul 25, 2014
gan911 in Great Lakes

El Papa de los Pollitos - Detroit MI

Def closed called and they said they were closed last summer

May 28, 2014
gan911 in Great Lakes

Not to Miss Places - Cleveland, Detroit area, Columbus maybe?

if he's coming from LA, esp. glendale, he will not need to try the majority of those selections

i think the middle eastern food, esp the markets in dearborn are interesting. also interesting are the frozen custards up here...more eggy/creamy than regular ice cream.

only bakeries that are better than what you have in LA would be something like shatila (middle eastern)

Coneys for the cultural significance...

I don't know how much time you have, but the majority of stuff just listed are better in LA.

where r u going to in TN? there's always hot fried chicken in nashville....

May 17, 2014
gan911 in Great Lakes

Detroit Restaurant Week...nobody's gone anywhere besides me?

santorini was weak. out of lamb by 8p during restaurant week? no excuse for a dish that can be batch cooked and stored for a couple days

Apr 18, 2014
gan911 in Great Lakes

Wow...Royal Oak, MI Restaurant Week sounds *horrible*!

Hamlin's DINNER MENU - $15


With choice of fries or onion rings


why didn't i just go to the supermarket? i'd at least get a 4 pack of kielbasa and probably 6 ice cream sandwiches...

god this stuff sounds awful. couldn't they get the korean friend chicken place in on this?
a few wings, a bimbim bap, and a drink for 15?

Stella Trattoria Traverse City MI

that place was fantastic...probably best meal i've had in this state. def rec'd

Feb 09, 2014
gan911 in Great Lakes

The Stand; DTW/Birmingham

Yup, I know i highlighted some imperfections, however the menu is fairly ambitious. I think we should definitely reward ambition and effort in this community. We're not a top 20 dining destination. how do we expect restaurants to keep innovating and advancing if we don't reward them for their effort?
hell this place has a chefs table over an open kitchen. I don't know any other places in metro detroit that has one.
So the food may not be perfect, but even with my limited budget, i'd go back. I can't think of a better vote of confidence than that.

Dec 24, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

The Stand; DTW/Birmingham

well, its better than most places in metro dtw. the menu actually looks ambitious and makes me want to try it. majority of places thats higher end in the 'burbs are all steakhouses. I don't need someone to cook a steak for me.

Dec 23, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

The Stand; DTW/Birmingham

had dinner hear last night. seemed like a pretty cool setup with an open kitchen. food was definitely solid.

caesar salad was some romaine and some grilled radicchio. could use more dressing, but then it'd look sloppy. radicchio needed some more acidity or oil when grilled, still undercooked

apps were good...salmon is just like lox. not much beet flavor. short ribs were served with grits, and were severely under seasoned

olive oil poached filet with foie gras, leak n potatoes: can't really go wrong with filet and foie gras, though its small pieces instead of a solid piece of foie. otherwise good flavor and tender. leak n potatoes was definitely lacking salt.
wagyu sirloin strip, parsnip puree. i enjoyed the puree. the strip was surprisingly chewy for wagyu. Technique wise, you can definitely tell that the strip was carmelized well, with a solid crust and a small thin layer of 'grey' well done beef. technically good, but the beef is just not as tender as the sirloin i've had at capital grille.

50/50 potatoes: not bad, but then again i'm not a big mashed potato fan.

overall, i'd def come here and try out the rest of the menu. there's potential here. Bathrooms need a little TLC or better management - just messy compared to the class of the restaurant and the overall price range of the establishment

Dec 20, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

French bread loafs in DTW

crispellis at 12/woodward isn't bad or expensive. i hate it when people charge 3-4 bucks for a baguette...
or do you not mean baguettes??

Nov 05, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Cannelle Patisserie in Birmingham [DTW]

i had one of their 'baguettes' at RO farmers market. maybe their pastries are better, but the baguette was practically white bread in loaf form.

another try, another time...

Nov 03, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Donuts in Detroit area/Michigan

if ya haven't had a donut plant donut from NYC, you're missing out...its not just a breakfast food, its like a dessert to go. kinda like fancied up cupcakes ...
but nobody in the dtw area offers innovative desserts, not just donuts, so its not all that surprising

Sep 03, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Al-Ameer in Dearborn (Warren Ave.), MI

well i guess i went to the wrong one in the past too

Sep 01, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Al-Ameer in Dearborn (Warren Ave.), MI

which one is the right one, which one is the wrong one? addresses?

Sep 01, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Fusion cuisine in Detroit?

They can't get a lot of the basics tasting right...fusion is just an excuse to some place an Asian bistro. What's next? A French cantina?
I mean, why can't someone make a chicken schwarma pizza with toum?

Jul 28, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Thoughts on Fresh Choice Marketplace DTW

no idea, i think the big box store has pretty cheap prices on meats...depending on what you need. If you're looking for cheap meat, just get cheaper cuts and cook em better...and i mean in theory red meat isn't all that healthy for you right?

or stock up and get a box freezer when things go on sale. cheapest prices in town is during sales...

as far as markets are concerned, i'm pretty happy with meijer as far as prices of groceries goes...but i only buy a few cuts from them anyways. The way i look at it is like the people who wait 15 min in line at costco to buy gas. there might be a 20-30 cent difference, but its only 3 bucks if you get a 15 gal tanks worth, but you lost 15 min. of gas and your day. so i mean that means your time is only 12 bucks an hour.

Jun 11, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Traverse City, MI & Glen Arbor, MI casual dining spots?

^ that is the best suggestion so far. definitely a don't miss

Apr 30, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Aji peppers dtw

Anyone know where I can find them?

Apr 22, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes

Carnival (Mexican) Market’s food counter in Pontiac, MI

agreed, went this last weekend, definitely best mexican food i've had so far in michigan. though the menudo was missing hominy

Mar 04, 2013
gan911 in Great Lakes