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Best Gumbo to be had for Lunch??

Stanley on Jackson Square has good gumbo. They also have boudin that they pick up at Charlie T's over in Breaux Bridge. A side isn't on the menu, but you can order it.

Mar 20, 2010
haywire in New Orleans

Can you eat at the bar at Stella?

Stella! doesn't serve at the bar.

Feb 15, 2010
haywire in New Orleans

Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans?

I dunno, was in the neighborhood went there on Sunday before the game (maybe the sixth or seventh time) and it was still just OK. It's pretty cheap which is nice, and they have A&W, which is my favorite root beer... but it's kind of flavorless.

A year later, and probably over 30 fried chicken meals out and Brother's is still the best value in New Orleans.

Willie Mae's in a vacuum is ok... but when you consider the service and price... it significantly drops it down the list.

Dec 29, 2009
haywire in New Orleans

boston chef wants to know top 5 fine dining restaurants to visit in NO

When you say "that high up" do you mean it literally? The list is alphabetical and in no particular order. I'm only chiming in because at the office on Friday when this came out folks were commenting on the fact that Stella and August "just made the top 10" and they went on and on for hours until someone looked at it and pointed it out.

Anyway... that is all.

Oct 29, 2009
haywire in New Orleans

Squeal BBQ


Pretty mediocre, IMO. Had BBQ all over Texas, up in Memphis and KC... and NO. I know NO isn't a big BBQ place, but Squeal was on the lower end of my spectrum overall.

Aug 10, 2009
haywire in New Orleans

Looking for a study nook

Cafe Envie on Decatur / Barracks is pretty good. decent sized tables and nobody cares if you sit there all day... I used to pull 6+ hour solo study sessions there when I was in school.

Jun 27, 2009
haywire in New Orleans

cochon's Butcher - take 2

100% Agreed.

I've been there three times and had the muffaletta, pork belly, and pastrami.

The only one that I *really* liked was the muffaletta. The rest were good, but not $10 good. As someone who can't get enough of the Lilette pork belly entree, I was incredibly bummed on the pork belly sandwich at Butcher; my hopes were so high...

The deli, though, is pretty good. I spend at least two months a year in Vicenza, Italy so I'm pretty familiar with what they're going for. When I first went there--about three weeks after they opened--I got a few slices of each preparation. Some were near perfect (sopressata, mortadella) and some were overly salted (coppa) compared to what I've lived off in Italy. I will say, the standout was their mortadella style sausage (no cubed fat). It was really good.

I'll probably go back in the next week and try the same sampler and see how consistent they are in their preparations.

I find myself looking forward to their canned goodies included with each sandwich, rather than the sandwich... they're top notch.

Mar 29, 2009
haywire in New Orleans

Late Night Dining at Yo Mama's

Yo Mamas' is probably the best burger in NO proper (tied with The Harbor out in Metairie) when overall value is taken into account. In six years I've never had to wait more than five minutes to be seated, the service is quick and the food is delicious. POC, the wait is SOOOOO bogus and the burgers are dry. YM all the way, no question.

Blue cheese or PB are the best... second place to the BBQ.

Mar 27, 2009
haywire in New Orleans

Best Fried Chicken in New Orleans?

Been to each of those places at least once and half the list a dozen times, and some more. I for sure agree with the list but one of my favorites not on the list is Brother's on Carondelet and Common, one block up from Canal. Not dripping grease, perfect spiciness and usually have chicken until 3-4am. It is a convenience store so you have to take it away... you can either eat it on the paper boxes outside (which is totally normal) or you can walk the six blocks to the river and eat it on the grass. Either way, some of the better fried chicken in the city based on value and taste.

Nov 23, 2008
haywire in New Orleans

Is Slice Pizzeria still open?

Slice bums me out. The service is so slow and the pizza is disappointing. I've never experienced a pizza that wasn't already congealed when it arrived at the table, maybe it would be good if it were served right out of the oven; who knows? After living three blocks away from Deflina and Little Star in SF, then sampling the best "hip" and "fresh" pizza offerings, I've resorted to making my own, and I'm pretty damn lazy so that says a lot. That's how much disdain I have for this place. With that said, I have been taken to Theo's once and it was good for what it was.

Nov 03, 2007
haywire in New Orleans

Where's STANLEY?

Second that, word from the Boswell camp yesterday says they'll be going hard this Winter to prepare for an early '08 opening. They've got some big things planned, it'll definitely be super to have them back.

Oct 12, 2007
haywire in New Orleans

Any pub / British food here?

Thanks for the leads even though it appears we're out of luck. I guess that's my cue to messy up the kitchen a bit. If I come up on anything I'll post back.

Oct 12, 2007
haywire in New Orleans

Any pub / British food here?

Moved here full time about four months ago and have yet to find any place that serves any kind of British fare. I'm especially looking for Sunday dinner (roast, yorkshire pudding, potatoes, gravy etc.). I'll settle for anything really though, meat pies, steak sandwiches with mash or chips and so on.

Any tips?

Oct 04, 2007
haywire in New Orleans

Buffalo Meat in SF

Any of the Wholefoods markets in the bay have buffalo meat. I'm a big fan of their buffalo new yorks.

I'm booked - what do I order?

Stella: either "duck five ways" or the "surf and turf" both are excellent. the other night for an app he was making a BLT with goose liver patte' and a foie gras, it was delicious. the oysters/caviar app is also good. my two favorite desserts are the peanut butter parfait and the grilled cheese sandwich with the runner up going to the avocado shake.

May 03, 2007
haywire in New Orleans