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gluten free Thai, etc. ???

I recently found out I have celiac disease. It drastically cut my eating out options around here. I'm getting really tired of Mexican. Thai is supposed to be easy to get gluten free, but the yummy Thai place near my house uses soy sauce that has wheat in it. I also have a shrimp allergy, which eliminates most of their curries. I miss drunken noodles. Does anyone know of a "safe" Thai place? Or any other places I could try? I live in Takoma Park/Silver Spring area, but I'm always willing to travel for good food.

sunday brunch near dc/nova metro

I'm searching a good place to have a Sunday brunch for about 8 people that's near a dc/nova metro station. Someplace nice, reasonable, takes reservations, and preferrably doesn't just have a buffet would be awesome. We already tried Cafe Atlantico (heard good things about it), but they couldn't give us a reservation until the afternoon, which was too late for a few people. Thanks for any help!