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Izakaya in the East Bay - Kiraku vs. Ippuku?

How do they compare??

Any others of mention?

2130 Center St, Berkeley, CA 94704

2566B Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Oct 06, 2011
DMB in San Francisco Bay Area


hi, can you provide more information about your statement that searing meat does NOT seal in its juices? that is something i have always believed to be true.


Dec 29, 2010
DMB in Home Cooking

kobe beef in SF

thank you!


May 23, 2010
DMB in San Francisco Bay Area

kobe beef in SF

hi, looking for a good steak restaurant that serves (japanese bred) kobe beef.


May 22, 2010
DMB in San Francisco Bay Area

Copper vs. Copper Core

thanks for your reply.

i will be using primarily fry pans and saute pans - i.e. few if any pots. i will be frying meat, making sauces, stir-frying vegetables, etc.

i will be cooking on the stove-top primarily. i have two dutch ovens, so don't necessarily need something that can go in the oven, too.

i have a gas stove.

the responsiveness of tin is nice, but not a must-have. also, ease of cleaning is nice, but i'd take on more laborious cleaning if it was worth it.

i don't care what the pans look like - i care about how well, how predictably, and how reliably they cook food. if i got a copper pan, i may or may not polish it religiously - pretty much know one will see it, other than me.

heavy pots/pans can be a pain (especially for a small petite woman), but i adjusted to that a long time ago. :o)

i will be cooking for myself/boyfriend - and sometimes guests. i.e. not catering or professional cooking, if that's what you're getting at.

i will read the link you suggested on eGCI.

thanks for your input!

Apr 30, 2009
DMB in Cookware

Copper vs. Copper Core

Thanks so much for your reply. Very helpful.

Here's a direct question for you: Which would you recommend higher? All-Clad Copper Core or Falk? (and why?)



Apr 29, 2009
DMB in Cookware

Copper vs. Copper Core

Copper/Tin combo versus Copper Core (with stainless)

Which is better?

I've seen this topic touched on in other posts, or raised tangentially, but haven't seen a formulated opinion. Anyone have one?


Apr 29, 2009
DMB in Cookware

Copper cookware - Falk vs. Bourgeat

What do folks think about All-Clad Copper Core?

Apr 29, 2009
DMB in Cookware

Clay Pot or Dutch Oven?

This is a reply to Todao's response:

Thanks so much for your explanation; that is very helpful.

So, I guess you wouldn't cook anything with a sauce in a clay pot? E.G. Vietnamese Caramel Fish or Coq au Vin???

Thanks again.

Apr 29, 2009
DMB in Home Cooking

Clay Pot or Dutch Oven?

What does a clay pot (e.g. Romertopf) have over a dutch oven (e.g. Le Creuset)? Why buy one versus the other? Do you really need both?

Apr 29, 2009
DMB in Home Cooking

dining in anaheim, CA

are there *any* good restaurants in anaheim???

Sep 13, 2007
DMB in Los Angeles Area