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Where to buy VerJus in Manhattan (or Brooklyn)?

thanks for the suggestions!

Nov 03, 2010
radioactivebetty in Manhattan

Where to buy VerJus in Manhattan (or Brooklyn)?

am looking to find where i can buy a bottle of verjus to use for a party tomorrow. any ideas or suggestions are super appreciated!


Oct 15, 2010
radioactivebetty in Manhattan

Ginger Beer in Park Slope

looking to see where I can get 2 six packs of ginger beer (preferably Reed's). know there's ginger beer at Grab but it doesn't look like it's sold in six packs...checked Bierkraft's website and it doesn't look like it's there either. any suggestions?


191 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Local, Best, Etc. IN NC


Going to Nebo, NC for memorial day weekend (fri-tues). willing to travel around the state. want amazing bbq and anything else that can be offered...especially if it's locally produced and is delicious! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

best sangria-manhattan

looking for really good sangria in the city (preferably manhattan). like it a little on the sweet side. good food is definitely a bonus...especially if they have great gazpacho.

Apr 28, 2009
radioactivebetty in Manhattan

best sangria in nyc

looking for "the best" sangria in the city (preferably manhattan). good food is definitely a bonus...especially if they have great gazpacho.

Apr 27, 2009
radioactivebetty in Manhattan

Looking For Hyde Park Recommendation

i like terrapin

hudson valley smoothies

is there anywhere around in the hudson valley (preferably around the hyde park/poughkeepsie/rhinebeck area) to get a fresh fruit smoothie?


does anyone know where to find the lorina? preferably in NY?

May 11, 2008
radioactivebetty in Recipes

CIA Restaurants

just about every 3 weeks a new set of students are rotated into the kitchens and front of the house. if you're looking based on "experienced" students, the last place they go before graduation is either american bounty or escoffier. caterina and st. andrew's cafe are the first stops of restaurant row where students in the kitchen are rotated every 7 days. it depends on what kind of resturant you're looking to eat at. for a day trip, eating at st. andy's would be nice. it's formal yet informal and i enjoy their menu. i'm kind of biased though, as a current student there, i just got out of front of the house st. andy's and into back of the house bounty.

thai--north shore suffolk county

thai angel is in islandia off of vets highway in the same shopping center as wal-mart and dave and busters.

Who are the great food writers, past & present?

my two favorites are most definitely calvin trillin and anthony bourdain. i love everything they write.

smoked tofu on l.i. or hudson valley

was able to find some today at rhinebeck health foods. it's under the brand soy boy.

smoked tofu on l.i. or hudson valley

does anyone know where i might be able to find smoked tofu on long island? preferably suffolk but i'd be willing to go to nassau. i'm in hyde park until friday so if anyone knows anywhere i can find it up here, that would be great! i'd be willing to drive, but preferably around the hyde park area. thanks in advance!

Restaurants in the New Year...

you will not be disappointed by the eveready diner! still has mostly diner food, but it is delicious! favorites are definitely the disco fries with all the fixings and gravy on the side, all desserts are great, and my personal favorite is the reuben, which is delicious.

gelatin sheets

is there anywhere on long island where i can buy gelatin sheets? thanks in advance!

hudson valley "gourmet" markets

i'm willing to travel, so basically anywhere. preferably in the hyde park/rhinebeck/new paltz area though. any suggestions had are welcome though, i still am not too familiar with what's around.

hudson valley "gourmet" markets

i was wondering where there are some more "gourmet" markets/groceries in the hudson valley area. i leave back for long island on thursday and i'm looking to get some stuff before i leave. i know all about the amish market, just wondering if there is anything else to check out!

thanks in advance!

loose peach tea

anyone know where to buy some good loose peach tea on long island? preferably suffolk but i'd be willing to drive. i just have had this craving lately and want it for when i move upstate in a few weeks.

Long Island Ice Cream Spots?

newsday actually just did a story on local ice cream parlors

Looking for good pizza in the Hudson Valley

it's right off of route 9. it's actually pretty convienent. i actually go to the cia so it's minutes away. depending on which direction your coming from on route 9 you'll be making a left or right onto west dorsey lane. you'll then take that straight up until you hit violet avenue (there will be a stop light) and make a left. it'll be on your right hand side. you'll probably miss it the first time you pass it since it's very modest looking on the outside. for a hint, it's right next to a dunkin' donuts. if you love pizza, you'll really love this place.

Looking for good pizza in the Hudson Valley

upstate has a lot of good food but one thing i have found is it's lacking in pizza. there is one place though, a touch of naples on violet ave. in poughkeepsie. it's truly delicious; the pizza slices are huge but it's authentic pizza that's comparable to pizza in brooklyn. when you're really missing "real pizza" this is definitely the place to go.

Ginger ice cream

i know it's not in nassau county nor is it available by the pint but the stone creek inn in east quogue has ginger ice cream on it's menu and it's delicious!

Specialty Groceries on LI

looking for specialty grocery stores on long island, specifically "ethnic" grocers. i know there are a lot of italian grocers across long island but i'm looking for spanish/mexican groceries or asian groceries. i'd prefer suffolk county, but am willing to drive to nassau. the more diverse and authentic the products/produce are the better! any specialty grocers of any kind known of that can be reccomended would be great too!

Oaxacan in Poughkeepsie? Looking in Dutchess or Columbia Cty

if you go anywhere, go to tacocina. it's on route 9 in wappinger falls and it is delicious. don't be fooled by the appearance, the food is amazing! it's a small family-owned mexican grocery but in the back is a small kitchen where you can order a variety of things which are made fresh. grandma is literally rolling out your tortillas. i highly reccomend it.

"Must Read" books for chowhounds?

kitchen confidential really is a basic. i know before i started culinary school i read michael ruhlman's making of a chef about the culinary institute of america's culinary program and then followed up with his soul of a chef, about the CMC exam. i just got his third book, the reach of a chef but haven't been able to begin reading it yet. i really love his dedication and his true curiosity into the industry. i would definitely get into reading those. if you're up for blogging on there was a whole little "blog series" on students who go to the cia. other than that, this really doesn't have to do much with the industry, but the book julie and julia was awesome, i literally couldn't put it down. if you have any interest in italian cooking and the workings of a big kitchen, heat was also a great book.