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Alhamra - the Mission


New 'hound here. Just moved from the East Coast and will be eating my way through the Mission, Portero Hill and South Beach (to start...).

I tried Alhamra last night. It is located close to the corner of 16th and Mission in the Mission. I am somewhat new to Indian/Pakistani food. My exposure is limited to Naan N' Curry in the Inner Sunset and all the lunch buffets in Cambridge, MA.

Sorry, can't compare to Pakwan (yet).

Alhamra is BYOB. This made their reasonably priced food even better priced.

Their naan and rice were fine; not bad, not excellent. In the large group I went with, 2 dishes stood out to me. First, the lamb saag was delicious. The first thing I noticed was that they gave a fairly generous portion of lamb. Beyond this, it was delicious. I will order this again without a doubt. The second dish that stood out was their eggplant dish.

The major let down was the chicken tikka masala. On its own, the tandoori chicken looked great (I didn't try this). In the chicken tikka masala dish, the chicken was fine. But the tikka masala sauce was lacking. I would not order this again.

In the future, I plan to order delivery from this restaurant. Most definitely the lamb saag, eggplant and naan. I'll have to find one more (to meet the $15 minimum and my significant other's appetite). Perhaps the tandoori chicken.

Sadly, the restaurant was very empty during the dinner rush. By no means was the food excellent or brilliant, but for the price point it seemed spot on.

Pakwan is next!

SF to Point Reyes


For his birthday, I'm surprising my significant other with a convertible ride from SF, over the Golden Gate Bridge, to Point Reyes National Seashore for the day. We recently moved to the city (we live in South Beach; moved from the East Coast) so north of the Golden Gate is new territory for us.

I was planning on picking up picnic/snack foods from our (SOMA) Whole Foods to hold us over for the day. But maybe we have better options...

So what lies north of the Golden Gate Bridge up the road to Point Reyes? Anything that is easy and casual (we'll be dressed casually for hiking). We can sit down or take out. Could do lunch or dinner. Price can range, as long as its "worth it."

We love all types of food and will try anything.

Thank you in advance,

Lanai -- any recent experiences?

Hello all,

I'm headed to Lanai this summer for a week. Staying at the Manele Bay property.

Does anybody have any recent food experiences on this island? In particular, since the 4 Seasons took over the 2 major hotels?

Looking for all types of meals (casual, cheap, expensive, fancy, romantic, quick). Meals on or off the hotel properties.

Most important thing: value; whether its a $7 sandwich that was "worth it" or a $50 entree that was "worth it."

Thanks in advance.

Wedding gift help

Hi all,

I've been appointed by a group of friends to find a wine to accompany a larger wedding gift. We would like to give a bottle of wine for the newlyweds to drink on their first anniversary (mid-2008). I am still in the phase where I buy wine to drink that night so I know little to nothing about buying a wine for a year in advance.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Just some guidelines: we are looking to spend $55 (including taxes and shipping), so the bottle will probably run $30-38; will be shipping across state lines so hopefully the wine will be available from an online vendor.

As far as what the couple likes, I know they drink a lot of California pinot. But I think they are adventurous and willing to try new things.

I heard that 2004 Bordeaux is a safe bet. Any advice?

Thank you!

May 03, 2007
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