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Event Location and Caterer for Baby Naming in Nassau

Turning to my fellow 'hounds for help with this one. I am planning a Hebrew baby naming party for my daughter. No date set yet, but sometime in Sept/Oct. I am trying to find a party room and caterer or a restaurant that can accomodate 50 or so guests (which is why I can't host at home). Close to Bethpage is ideal. Any suggestions?

Visiting next week - need recs

I will be in town next week with a group of women - all thirtysomething - and looking for some ideas for dinners and perhaps after-dinner drinks. staying near Grant Park and Millennium Park neighborhoods, but willing to travel for any great 'hoods, where we can stroll around, to experience all that chicago has to offer.

Jun 10, 2011
SarahSparkles in Chicago Area

ISO Great Lunch Spot Off I-95 Between RI and Upper Cape

Making our annual family pilgrimage to Upper Cape area this Saturday and expect to hit RI/MA by lunchtime. Any great casual spots off 95 to grab lunch with my 14 and 11 year-olds who are not that picky, but don't eat seafood?

Hunam Restaurant (Levittown, Long Island) Lives Again?

Does that mean that Hunan Dynasty is gone or are they merging? I love that place. Tried to go there on Sunday night with my in-laws and it said it was closed for renovations?

Hunan Dynasty Restaurant
2993 Hempstead Tpke, Levittown, NY 11756

In need of Silver Spring Rec's

My cousin and her husband just had their third child. I figured in lieu of a baby gift which they probably don't need, I would like to send them a meal or meals. Problem is, I am not from the area and have no idea what options there are in Silver Spring, where they live. Can anyone share suggestions? Take-out, food stores, or even a place where I can put together a gift basket would work. They are pretty healthy eaters and one is lactose intolerant. Thanks.

Best of the Cape 2009

Does Embargo offer a Tues. night special all through the summer (and what is the special)? Will be in Eastham area in one week (woo hoo!) and looking for good dining options - and if there are deals to be found, all the better!

Tupelo Honey, Seacliff - or Mimms, Roslyn

I think Mim's is a great standby. I like the huge menu selection since my husband and I tend to liek different things. We go there often.

Great Takeout near Bethpage, LI

Looking for recomendations for great takeout in the Bethpage, Hicksville, Plainview, Plainedge area. No preference on cuisine.

Suggestions for Weekend in Boston

New Yorker here heading to Boston with 5 of my college girlfriends for a Bachelorette Weekend in April.

Looking for restaurant and nightlife suggestions - I'm thinking a somewhat casual and relatively inexpensive dinner on Friday night and then something a bit nicer for Saturday. A few of the the women in our party do not eat fish, so seafood-centric places are out.

And of course, after dinner drinks are on the schedule! Looking for fun places with 30ish crowd.

We are staying at the Nine Zero hotel but would be willing to travel a short distance if it's worth it.

Great corn/tomatoes near Bethpage, NY

I have yet to come across any great summer produce this season - in particular corna nd tomatoes. I haven't been able to get to the East End this summer and I was wondering if any of my fellow hounds could reccomend any stores, farmstands, markets, closer to my home in Bethpage.

The corn I bought at Fairway last week can be summed up in one word -- bleeech.

ISO Slider Buns in Nassau County

Thought I would make homemade sliders for dinner this evening and I need to find mini-hamburger buns to serve them on. Any idea where I might find those in Nassau County?

LI Wedding Halls - What is a Foodie to do?

Have you had any luck with this? If not, i would check out the Old Field Club near Port Jefferson.

Huntington Farmers Market

I went about three weeks ago and I am ashamed to say I haven't made it back. I swear the head of lettuce I got there was good for two weeks or something. Also great radishes. I bought the farm fresh eggs too. Do you have any other recommendations?

blue mountain bistro catering

hi autumn queen,

wondering if you have any feedback to offer, as i too am a foodie using blue mountain for my upcoming onteora wedding, as well as my welcome dinner the evening before. any suggestions/options to stay away from?

Help - dinner tonight

I am DEFINITELY making this - thanks so much!

Sep 15, 2007
SarahSparkles in Home Cooking

Help - dinner tonight

Love all these suggestions - adding all to my arsenal! Any other ideas, I would be thrilled if you would send them my way!

Sep 15, 2007
SarahSparkles in Home Cooking

Help - dinner tonight

kids are big ground beef fans, but i don't think they would be into chili or anything spicy. i was also thinking some sort of baked pasta with a creamy sauce could be good.

Sep 15, 2007
SarahSparkles in Home Cooking

Help - dinner tonight

Making dinner for family tonight and I just cannot seem to figure out what to make. Some of the kids' favorites are pot roast, salisbury steak, meatballs, and chicken cutlets. I would like to do something different, but I'm stumped. Looking for any and all suggestions. Thanks!

Sep 15, 2007
SarahSparkles in Home Cooking

Non-Seafood Recs near Sandwich, Cape Cod

About two weeks away from a week-long stay in East Sandwich, Upper Cape. In terms of food preferences, we are a mixed group, including two kids, ages 8 and 11, with about half being non-fish or seafood eaters. While searching the boards, I found tons of rec's for the mid and outer cape, but not a lot in the area where we are staying. We can (and will) drive around to sightsee, so we will be sure to sample the top places out of our immediate area. But I would love to get some recommendations on upper Cape eats, particularly spots for the non-seafood eaters in the group.

Ina's Szechuan Noodles - need Sherry?

Making Barefoot Contessa Szechuan Noodles tonight, but I don't have Sherry OR Sherry Vinegar. Wondering if anyone has made these without either - how does it taste?

Jun 24, 2007
SarahSparkles in Home Cooking

Wedding on NE Coast

thanks...these are great suggestions. May I ask what you particularly enjoyed about these places?

Wedding on NE Coast

ISO a wedding venue, anywhere from Greenwich, CT to Cape Cod. I am looking for a place with great food, a venue that holds only one event at time, and one that is nice whether the event is inside or out. For 150 guest or so. I feel like I have been doing research like crazy, and nothing seems to have everything I want.

What do Chowhounds do for a living (besides eat of course)? [old]

I'm in media relations for a large coporation in the NY metro area. I love to cook and I love to go out for a great meal. I consider both of those activities to be my main interest outside of work and something of a hobby. I started cooking and experimenting with food at a young age. I think it was a reaction to my mom's healthy, well-intentioned, but horribly bland cooking. I was raised in Manhattan, so eating out was a part of my life since birth. What led me to to this amazing community was not budget exactly, but rather the idea that if I was going to go out, and spend time and money at a restaurant, or food store, etc., then I wanted that experience to be the best it could be. My first low-tech experince with this concept was Patricia Wells' "Food Lovers Guide to Paris" which I followed religiously while there. I didn't want to waste even a snack in that city without quality control assurance. To me, CH is the online equivalent of that book, except it never gets outdated, it covers the globe, and you have so many wonderful opinions at your fingertips, rather than just one!

Jun 07, 2007
SarahSparkles in Not About Food

Best rooftop bar in Manhattan?

Unfortunately, the rooftop terrace at the Metro Hotel is under construction and won't be open until July 4th...

Jun 07, 2007
SarahSparkles in Manhattan

Greek in Nassau

I like the salads at Zorba the Greek on S. Oyster Bay Road. Bethpage/Plainview border.

Downtown Trendy, Tasty, and Good for Groups

Dylan Prime is a great steakhouse in Tribeca. Very hip, modern, not your average steakhouse at all. Perry St. on West Street in the West Village is simply a gorgeous room. They have nice, big tables as I recall, so great for a group. Son Cubano in the meatpacking district is lively and fun, with great drinks.

One last suggestion -- I planned a bachelorette party for about 12 women at Flor de Sol, a tapas place in Tribeca. Same owners as Son Cubano, and they had a great group dinner deal. Unlimited tapas and sangria or beer for two hours or so. Came to about $75 per person, and well worth it. Constant flow of plates and (most importantly) sangria! We had a great time....

Jun 07, 2007
SarahSparkles in Manhattan

Comments on my choices for weekend with 2 10-year olds

Another fun stop for kids is Chelsea Market. They can watch the breadmakers from Amy's Bread at work in the concourse, and there's also an Eleni's cookie shop and Fatwitch Brownie's store. Eleni's can be expensive, but one or two (small) items won't break the bank. Also, if you go after 6pm, much of the baked goods are half price. Kids also love to climb on the scultures/benches in the market.

Jun 07, 2007
SarahSparkles in Manhattan

Best rooftop bar in Manhattan?

Rise Bar is amazing - the night I went, there was a thunder/lightning storm in NY harbor - it was amzing to watch from the windows!

I used to frequent Chelsea Brewing Company in Chelsea Piers for basic pub grub and beers al fresco. Again, it's not rooftop, but food is decent bugers/salads/sandwiches right on the Hudson River. A great place to sit outdoors in the summer without spending an arm and a leg.

Jun 07, 2007
SarahSparkles in Manhattan

Chicken cooking question (for chicken salad)

I have the same question as paprkutr...350 degrees for 45 minutes in the oven? How much heavy cream do you use? Just to cover the chicken? Do you use a lid? This sounds like a great way to cook chicken breasts -- I'm dying to try it!

Jun 01, 2007
SarahSparkles in Home Cooking

Local Produce - Meat - Dairy - Farmer's Markets

I'm in the Greenwich area and would love to know which farmers markets and which farmers specifically sell the best tomatoes and corn, when the time comes.