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Best Place to find a Galette des Rois?

The Galette des Rois at the Riviera French bakery is THE can't find better!! You can buy it by the slice at this time of year...but if you want an entire cake...and you need to reserve one...REAlly delicious!! Reba

Jan 27, 2012
rebadrive in Houston

Help me choose a rice cooker!

Hi there...I have been looking for a recipe to make rice pudding...the kind they serve in Indian restaurants in a rice cooker? Do you have one? I would really appreciate it!! Thanks

Aug 03, 2010
rebadrive in Cookware

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Day....Yes, this competitive working Mother is in search of a knock out dessert to make for my son's 6th grade Teacher Appreciation Day. I always send something...but at the last PTO meeting my son's teacher said to another MOther standing next to me, "I hope you send those same amazing cookies next time...we were all talking about them.!!" That got my juices running...I am looking for an easy and amazing dessert to send along to WOW those wonderful teachers. Aany ideas/? thanks

May 04, 2007
rebadrive in Home Cooking

Tagine or Tajine

Thank you both...Maybe I'll try to resist the urge to get one of these...This was my first post on an internet board...and you both have really helped me...thanks

May 04, 2007
rebadrive in Cookware

Tagine or Tajine

I am an admitted cookware addict...and I am going to give in to my craving for a tajine. I have seen one I like by Emile Henry...but I am looking for a great price. I think that there are some Emile Henry outlets out there somewhere...but where? Of course I like the Le crueset one too...but the Emile Henry Flame design is really pretty. Does anybody have experience with either of these tagines...or others? Any input is welcomed...thanks ...this is my first post here~!! Thanks

May 03, 2007
rebadrive in Cookware