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Go Ahead, Store Onions in the Fridge

Also storing onions in the fridge is supposed to minimise the stinging sensation in your eyes when chopping them. I have experienced some improvement. I store them airtight to avoid the fridge to smell like onions.

May 18, 2012
caroceren in Features

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup

There are scientific studies that show that olive oil is one of the best sources of the Omega oils that we need for a healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system, but what they often neglect to tell you is that those wonderful benefits are almost complely destroyed once we heat the oil, incredible, but find out for yourselves if this topic is of interest. It's much healthier to fry and cook with other oils such as corn or sunflower oils and add olive oil only at the end of the cooking for health and flavour or in salads, dressings, etc

Apr 22, 2008
caroceren in Recipes