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Superlative food near World Cafe Live (Philly)

DC gastrothusiast, musician, and Philly dining virgin seeks food Saturday afternoon-evening (pre-8 p.m.) in walking, trolley, or quick rail distance from the club. Not picky about location or price -- range may include anything from dirty-water street dogs to bar seating to haute cuisine to nouveaux international fusion deconstructions, so long as a.) the food rocks face and b.) it's Philly-original. No chains, please. Thanks in advance for the advice.

Thirty-four seconds of research leads me to solid reviews of the bar Good Dog, which looks like a short commute and has a nice bar-ry menu online. Is it can't-miss? If not, what is? And god, what of the cheesesteaks?

Jul 09, 2008
districtrock in Pennsylvania

Business lunch for 4 near Freer Gallery?

Any ideas for a nice place to host some clients around that area? (We're actually walking from the DOE on Independence and L'Enfant Promenade Considering Les Halles, but haven't been yet, and Capital Grille.

May 02, 2007
districtrock in Washington DC & Baltimore