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Superlative food near World Cafe Live (Philly)

DC gastrothusiast, musician, and Philly dining virgin seeks food Saturday afternoon-evening (pre-8 p.m.) in walking, trolley, or quick rail distance from the club. Not picky about location or price -- range may include anything from dirty-water street dogs to bar seating to haute cuisine to nouveaux international fusion deconstructions, so long as a.) the food rocks face and b.) it's Philly-original. No chains, please. Thanks in advance for the advice.

Thirty-four seconds of research leads me to solid reviews of the bar Good Dog, which looks like a short commute and has a nice bar-ry menu online. Is it can't-miss? If not, what is? And god, what of the cheesesteaks?

Jul 09, 2008
districtrock in Pennsylvania

Business lunch for 4 near Freer Gallery?

Any ideas for a nice place to host some clients around that area? (We're actually walking from the DOE on Independence and L'Enfant Promenade Considering Les Halles, but haven't been yet, and Capital Grille.