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Perfect Margarita

That IS going to be extremely sour. And yes, Cointreu, while good, shouldn't be mixed - its too expensive and tit-for-tat triple-sec does the trick in mixed drinks. Putting Cointreau in a maragarita is kind of like making a top-shelf Long Island Ice-tea. Basically a waste of expensive stuff.

Consider this: One average lime yields roughly one ounce of lime juice if its well squeezed. Here's what I do: Put ice in a shaker, squeeze two fresh limes into the shaker over the ice; add 1oz simple syrup, 2oz Jose Cuervo Gold 1800; 1oz white tequila (for bite),1 oz triple-sec, 1/2oz orange curacao, 1/4oz Grand Marnier (literally, a SPLASH)

It'll definitely straighten out your day! Enjoy.

Sep 15, 2007
graytiger11 in Recipes

There are no truly authentic Buffalo wings in California.

I am from Boston, MA and am a wing snob. I have to agree that most of the wing places in Los Angeles suck - but there are a few that I'd rank as an 8.5 or so on the scale, which coming from me isn't too bad. (If you've been to Ye Rustic Inn, I'd give that place a generous 7). Try Hot Wings Cafe on Colorado Blvd in Pasadena CA (across from Hooters, eep). I'd give their wings an 8.5, and they make thier own bleu cheese, which says something. They've also got a great selection of East-coast food; they make a pretty damn good philly cheese steak too. Also, try Wingstop in Monrovia - they're a franchise, but since all they do is wings, they'd better be good at it. I'd give their wings an 8. Nothing, however, comes close to either the Anchor Bar or the Hangar in Amherst MA. Happy Hunting.


May 01, 2007
graytiger11 in Los Angeles Area