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August 2015 Openings and Closings

Great. So Shanti will open a previously unannounced location before they're able to open the long rumored spot in Dudley. I'm getting really skeptical about the resurgence of Dudley Sq. with The Ferdinand as the center piece. There has been very little progress on the two spots (Pizza and the Cafe) that are in process.

Really good hardwood charcoal in Lexington area?

Large chunks should be preferable as they allow for more airflow, quicker lighting time, higher heat and better temp control.

Best Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich around

The breakfast sandwiches at City Feed, the Centre St. location only, are fantastic.

Best sandwiches in Boston?

Turn me on to a better Torta.

Best sandwiches in Boston?

Decent list though I'd replace the Smoked Turkey Sandwich @ City Feed with the Farmers Lunch.
My other favorites:
1. The Steak and Blue at Daves Fresh Pasta
2. The Chicken Cheese Steak at Joe's Famous in Dudley
3. Pollo Torta at Tenoch
4. Roast Pork & Broccoli Rabe at Cuttys
5. Roast Beef at Flour
6. Chacarero (though I really think they've gone downhill since they were on Franklin St.)
7. Italian @ Coppa
8. Bahn Mi @ Myers and Chang

October 2014 Openings and Closings

Seems as though there is some disparity in what is being reported and your claims. Can you offer anymore information?

any one know if achiote rojo aka red achiote paste is readily available in the boston area and if so where ? Thanx !!!

I'd give Tropical foods in Dudley a try. I'm almos positive they've got it there.

May 2014 Openings and Closings

From scary biker bar to not so scary bike courier bar.

Chicken cheesesteak?

One of the best Chicken Cheesesteaks I've ever had, and I've had a bunch, is at Joe's Famous in Dudley Sq. I've had to limit myself to one or two a month. I'd eat one there everyday.

El Yucateco Green Hot Sauce - Where to Buy?

Tropical Foods in Dudley will meet all of your hot sauce needs. It's my go to for yucateco and Valentino as well as walkers wood jerk lasts.

Best Caesar Salad in Greater Boston?

I love Caesar salads in general and for my money the best I've had is at PICCO in the South End. Not overdressed, but tart and creamy with generous shavings of high quality parm. Also available with sardines.

Five Favorite Places to Eat Among Frequent/Veteran CH Posters?

What do you like at Yely's?

5 Guys on Huntington?

Is there a Five Guys on Huntington near Northeastern? I've seen a sign but haven't seen any traffic or heard a peep.

February 2013 Openings and Closings

The Newish building not the one currently under construction.

February 2013 Openings and Closings

Jamaica Plain. Odd spot for it to pop up but I'm really happy it did.

February 2013 Openings and Closings

Positively. Wife and I got subs last week. It was kinda bare bones as they'd only been open for a week but the subs seemed consistent with what I remember from the North End spot.

February 2013 Openings and Closings

Il Panino Express, recently closed in the North End, has reemerged in the new building by the Jackson Sq. train station. It takes over for a deli/diner type place that I never got around to trying.

Best Cheesesteak in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville

My vote is for Joe's Famous in Dudley. They also make a mean chicken cheese steak.

The *NEW* East Coast Grill

Totally agree, and totally what I expected. I'm heartbroken.

The *NEW* East Coast Grill

It is with great dismay that I now throw dirt on the grave of what was once among my favorite places in the city. I loved ECG, like with a passion. I loved the Mahi dish, the inner beauty, the Hell Bones and always loved the specials. I went recently, it was a rare night out as we now have two kids, and was so fired up that Jerk Chicken was a special. I thought if anyone in the city can do it right it's ECG.

What I got was two pathetic skinless, boneless breasts with a thin layer of flavorless jerk sauce. No heat, no flavor, no eye watering and no begging for a glass of milk. I couldn't have been more disappointed and I won't likely be going back any time soon.

I'm truly saddened by the precipitous fall of this place. I know that it had it's detractors on this board but there aren't too many places doing fish and southern food well in that kind of a setting. It was a nice balance between a dive bar and a very good restaurant. With nights out rare these days I simply can't waste them in uninspired food.

Ginger Chicken Jook (Rice Porridge)

Never had this until I made this recipe and I can't stop making it now. I have modified this quite a bit. I use four cups of chicken stock, two cups of coconut milk and two cups of water. I also add Star Anise and Thai Bird peppers. Now that it's winter it will continue to be a staple in the house and my two year old also takes it in her school lunch.

Dec 18, 2012
ChickenBrocandZiti in Recipes

Pepper & Egg Sandwich - A Lenten Special

The best I've had, and it's been a while, is the hidden gem of Sal and Betty's on L St. in Southie. Great pepper and egg, potato and egg and possibly the best eggplant parm I've ever had.

Anyone know where to get salt cod in the Boston area?

Whole Foods in JP has it as well.

March 2012 Openings and Closings

Ughh Guy Fieri? A bit of guilty pleasure as he showcases some interesting places but is a total DB.

March 2012 Openings and Closings

Does anyone know why the windows of Mikes City Diner are papered over?

Boston's best burger?

Where did you end up going and how was the burger?

Sweet Cheeks

In allowing us to modify the order they also dropped the price. It was either $360 or $390 total, I don't remember exactly. I didn't feel cheated that's for sure.

South End restaurants

I hear the Bissonnette/Oringer plan @ Columbus Cafe has fallen through.

Sweet Cheeks

Went last night with a group of eleven and we ordered what I think is called "The Big Rig," only we modified to remove some items including; pulled chicken, the short ribs and a few sides. Given all the chatter about conservative portions size and my fairly healthy appetite I was nervous about downsizing a meal that was designed to feed "No more than 10." So let me say this, if you felt cheated put together a group and order this family meal, you will not finish it.

Overall food was excellent.
Started with biscuits which are huge and moist and when paired with the honey butter they bring out they are fantastic. Fried Okra was also a big high point for me. I tried the black eyed peas which I liked well enough but not the much derided beans. Also pretty fantastic were the mac and cheese and the broccoli, though the broc may have been over salted.

Brisket: This was the low point and I though i was predisposed to believe this going in many of the other dinners, including one big time brisket lover, were disappointed. I tried to take the thinnest cut on the plate as the cuts did look to be thicker than any brisket I'd seen.

Smoked Chicken: Wow! best chicken I've ever had in out to dinner. Smokey and succulent, well after I'd decided I was full this was the plate I kept picking from. This was a shocking nice surprise. I love chicken and don't understand people who refuse to order chicken when they go out. I would order this in a hearbeat.

Pulled Pork: I thought this was incredible as well. Smokey, moist with some nice chunks of barky pieces. I love a good bark on BBQ and the PP had some really nice pieces like this. The Carolina sauce on the table, in my mind the only sauce you put on PP, was a little think and gloopy for my tastes but the flavor was decent.

Ribs: While I like a little more bark on my ribs the flavor of these was spot on. They were excellent. Not fall of the bone, as they shouldn't be, but tender none the less. They were very good. As a side note, Red Bones takes a lot of flack on this board and much of it is deserved but their baby back and St. Louis ribs still hold up and the ribs at Sweet Cheeks hold up nicely to those.

Pork Belly: Fatty, as it should be, but really amazing. I only ate on piece as it seemed really decadent and rich. The piece I had was fantastic, if you love BBQ'd pork belly than I'm guessing this is pretty close to as good as it gets.

Other stuff: I'm fired up that they have a very good beer list and good cocktails. $6 seems fair for a craft draft just realize that it's coming in a 12 oz. jelly jar.

The service was attentive and friendly though it did often take a while to get drinks to the table.

Didn't get the nutter butter as we had a Bday cake from flower, which was very good. I'll be back for the Nutter Butter cookie someday.
Overall I give the experience an A/A- and will be returning for sure. I no longer have to cross the river for BBQ, so Blue Ribbon, Redbones and even East Coast Grill take this as a shot across the bow. Step up your game as there is a new kid in town and she is getting after it.

Post Your Three Favorite Things You ate in Boston in 2011

I got nothing but my brother pulled a 42 inch striper out of a large whole on the north facing (?) shore of the pennnisula on a fly rod.