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Thanksgiving Turkey Nuggets

I had the idea that for Thanksgiving this year, I could be sacrilegious and serve turkey nuggets a la McDonald's. I decided to make a cranberry BBQ sauce to serve with them as well. Both elements have turned out fine for me, except that I'd like to "haute-ify" them if possible...

The problem is that the BBQ sauce has a very dominant flavor, so it drowns out other elements in the dish -- I was pairing it with tomato confit and potato blini (instead of french fries and ketchup), which is much subtler.

Does anyone have ideas for tweaks to assimilate BBQ sauce into larger dishes? Basic and advanced techniques/ideas welcome.

Nov 14, 2010
sfaok in Home Cooking

Mexican in Astoria?

I think the best Mexican place in Astoria is El Jarochito. For what it is, it's one of my favorite Mexican places in the city, along with Tortilleria Nixtamal in Corona and Mexicana Mama ( I haven't been in a while, is it still good? ) in the West Village. It's on 29th Street just off of 30th Ave (btw. 30th Ave and 30th Rd). Beyond having great tacos, you can actually purchase tons of Mexican ingredients there. I guess it's not very well known yet, and they just changed their name (I think). It can be particularly nice in the summer because you can eat at the window counter. I don't know if they do delivery.

Jul 19, 2009
sfaok in Outer Boroughs

Buenos Aires Overview

it's true that it's probably not farmers selling to you in belgrano, but the goods very fresh. pretty cheap too (everything here is if you're from the US or Europe), depending on the stall you use. in addition to the produce and fish stalls, there are also cheeses, breads, wines, meats, oils, etc.

anyhow, it's called la feria modelo belgrano, and it's one block west of the juramento stop on linea d at juramento and ciudad de la paz. i don't know exactly what the hours are, but i usually go between 5 and 8 in the evening. since i live off the linea d, this has been the most convenient for me, though the el gapon market sounds very intersting as well.

Buenos Aires Overview

a couple more restaurants to consider are:

nebula in villa crespo (just beyond cordoba).
nice back yard. cozy. good (not great) food with a bit more to it than a parilla. generally a younger though not obnoxious crowd.

de olivas i lustres in palermo viejo.
tapas with a nice price tag done well. nothing is going to blow your socks off, but the service is good, and the ambience is very nice. tapas tasting menu for two at a total of $28.50 pesos (or $9 US) per person.

azema exotic bistro in palermo hollywood.
french and international fusion. mmmm. decently priced as well.

la cabrera in palermo.
good meet. amazing amount of sides. nice atmosphere (unless they're showing how sausage gets made on the projector....). a favorite of many people i know

the most dependable and up-to-date restaurant guide for buenos aires is guia oleo ( really nice website. there are even english and portugese versions of it.

don't forget to eat ice cream in ba. volta, freddo, and persicco all have multiple locations and all are very good.

and if you like to cook, i highly recommend the produce at the farmer's market in belgrano off the juramento stop on linea d. outside of farmer's markets you're not going to have the best luck with produce variety or quality in ba, but all the stuff i've gotten from this particular one has been top top quality, especially the herbs.

the only other thing i recommend is that you go to buenos aires with annana ;)

DeStefano's in Willamsburg

i understand it is not cheap. expect $35 per steak

Jul 10, 2007
sfaok in Outer Boroughs

If I could eat at only 1 Italian Rest in Brooklyn . . .

definitely aurora. baci and abbracci i find to be sub-par, and everything at al di la, while good enough, seems to taste of too much rosemary. aurora does very well at cooking ingredients and matching flavors

Jul 10, 2007
sfaok in Outer Boroughs