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$.79 Burgers, Shakes, Lexington, KY

Yes, that's right, I said seventy-nine CENTS! For a hamburger! And it's not one of those small, disgusting sliders from that *other* burger place <<shudder>>. Locals know, this place is AMAZING!! For west coast transplants, it's as close as you can get to an In-N-Out burger this side of the Mississippi. The menu is just as simple (hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, milkshakes, period. Ok, I lied, they also have chicken and fish sandwiches.), and the food is just as good. They only start cooking your burger after you've ordered it, and the fries always come out PIPING hot, because they toss them into the fryer after you place your order (incredible, I know!). Everything tastes fresh, and the preparation is simple and delicious so you taste the meat! A perfect place for anyone looking for a fast (and cheap!)burger that's far from fast-food "quality."

Burger Shake
219 E New Circle Rd
Lexington, KY 40505

(859) 299-4113

Places to eat in Oceanside

Teri Cafe--excellent noodles, Sushi, and Hawaiian food; adjacent to the Target off El Camino Real (and the 78?).

For GREAT greasy spoon Mexican, try Kotija's in the Dollar Tree shopping Center, off Marron (it's off the Jefferson offramp of the 78, south towards Carlsbad).

The Hunter Steakhouse has great steaks for a reasonable price. They are consistently rated Best Prime Rib in town by the Best of San Diego people. If you go there, ask if Steve is bartending, and if he is be SURE to have one of his Lemon Drops! Yummy!!

Gotta put in another vote for the Beach Break Cafe--really creative French toasts/pancakes and classic omelettes! The stuff dreams are made of, with a really chill, surfer vibe.

Oooooh, Anita's is another great Mexican restaurant that happens to be in the same shoppping center as the Teri Cafe! It's a sit-down place, but the food is still REALLY cheap.

Jun 18, 2007
CatePoole in California

Your top ten favorite Sacramento dining places

Oh yeah, gotta second Gunther's ice cream and third Jim Boy's tacos! There's something about Jim Boy's fresh, crunchy, and salty taco shells that make you want to WEEP! About as far from Taco Bell as you can get!

May 29, 2007
CatePoole in California

Looking for tasty Asian soup noodles in San Diego

I don't know how far north you're willing to venture, but the Teri Cafe in Oceanside is a great Hawaiian/Japanese noodle place. They make their own noodles (my fave is the Yaki Soba), and they serve a plate lunch, too.

May 25, 2007
CatePoole in California

Lunch List - North County SD

I LOVE the Hunter Steakhouse's burgers. 1/2 lb of succulent, well-seasoned beef on a roll that's been lightly buttered with garlic butter!! You can add sauteed mushrooms or onions. I like mine with a nice slice of Jack cheese. YUM!! They'll even cook it medium-rare if you ask nicely. And they're cheap! I think it's $6.99 for a burger and fries! IMHO, they blow Fudruckers out of the water.

May 25, 2007
CatePoole in California

Where can i find a decent meatball sub in SD?

If you're ever tooling down El Camino Real in La Costa, go to Allen's New York Pizza. It's just opposite the new library, and the meatball subs are DIVINE! I love the bread--not too crispy/crunchy so you can bite through it without all of the meatlballs and cheese squoging out, but it still stands up to the sauce. YUMMY sauce, and cheese, and meat. They also have great gourmet pizzas.

May 25, 2007
CatePoole in San Diego

steak with wild mushroom sauce in San Diego?

The Hunter Steakhouse in Oceanside (intersection of the 78 and the 5) has a mean forest mushroom sauce that you can pair with any of their steaks (good for dipping fries in, too!). They're no Ruth's Chris, but if you're looking for excellent prime rib and nice, USDA choice steaks for a reasonable price, they're a very safe bet!

May 25, 2007
CatePoole in California

Carlsbad restaurant advice needed for a gift

If they like Szechwan, they have GOT to check out Chin's Szechwan. They're family-owned, and they have several locations in Carlsbad and Oceanside. Definitely a nicer restaurant, but not fine dining by any stretch.
Fish House Vera Cruz always has SUPER fresh fish; it's located right in downtown Carlsbad, and they are pretty kid-friendly.
If they like Sushi, Katsu in San Marcos (about 15 miles inland of C'bad--a hop skip and a jump for Californians) is one of the best around.
As seafood lovers, they have GOT to try a Rubio's fish taco. Yes, it's Mexican, but Rubio's is known for cooking in more of a Baja style, which is lighter and less cheese-laden.
For an informal, but DELICIOUS Hawaiian/Japanese meal, have them check out the Teri Cafe in Oceanside.
Ela's right about there not being any homemade ice cream places around, HOWEVER, Coldstone does make all of their ice cream onsite, fresh every day or so.
Also, Vinaka's in the Neiman's center has Niederfranks ice cream, which is rich and creamy... MUCH better than chain stuff!
If they like Thai food, I'm always impressed by Lotus Thai, right off of Carlsbad Village Drive--casual, but delicious, and the service is very attentive!
Wish them luck for me! :)

May 25, 2007
CatePoole in California

Two lunches - San Diego to Carlsbad?

There's Le Passage French Bistro in Carlsbad--very yummy and only about 2 streets down from coast highway.
Bellefleur in the outlet mall off of Paseo del Norte serves a bitchin' Sunday brunch well into the afternoon.
For the best Chimichanga (I'm talking greasy spoon, here) in town, head to Kotija's on the Oceanside/Carlsbad border in the Marshalls/Dollar Tree shopping center off of Marron Road.
Don's Country Kitchen in Carlsbad Village serves breakfast till 2pm and has some of the best biscuits around!
I'm not sure if they're open for lunch, but Vigilucci's is RIGHT on Coast Highway and has great steaks.
I positively DREAM about Pizza Shuttle... it must be the sauce! Great pizza, just off the freeway on Tamarack. Not a sit-down place, but great to take out and eat on the beach.


May 24, 2007
CatePoole in San Diego

Need a good breakfast place in Lex, KY

Those all sounds great! Thanks everyone! Can't wait to try them!

Need a good breakfast place in Lex, KY

Can anyone help this transplant from California find a great breakfast joint in Lexington? I've seen the other posts about Holly Hill Inn, and I'm dying to try it, but I'd LOVE to find a place closer to downtown to just outside of the circle. And please, no chains (I love it, but I've just about HAD it with Cracker Barrel). Aren't there any great mom and pop places that serve a good breakfast? I'm not looking for anything fancy--pancakes, biscuits, maybe an omelette or two and I'm happy! :) Any tips are appreciated!

BBQ or Taco Caterer for Beach Party - Carlsbad/Oceanside

Mmmmm, carne... :) That DOES sound good!

May 11, 2007
CatePoole in California

Frozen Fage yogurt

Do you have an ice cream maker? If so, you should check out this SUPER simple but delicious recipe that calls for Greek-style yogurt: The result is a wonderfully refreshing and light frozen yogurt!

May 10, 2007
CatePoole in General Topics

"Great Fresh Tasty Buffalo Mozzerella" Where??

I've had it from Wild Oats, but I don't see one in Canada :( You might want to try Whole Foods?

Ice Cream "blasts," "blizzards"...which chain has the best?

Have you ever had a "Blast" from Baskin-Robbins? They have a few different flavors, but my absolute FAVE (the one I positively DREAM about) is the Mocha Blast--coffee, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup... YUM!! VERY refreshing AND you get a nice little caffeine high, too! :)

May 10, 2007
CatePoole in Chains

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner - Fallbrook - Suggestions?

If you want the best tortilla chips you'll ever eat, try Mi Guadalajara in Escondido. Nothing innovative or anything, they just serve damn good Mexican food. Their prices are reasonable (DEFINITELY under $30) and the restaurant itself is one of the more unique buildings in Escondido (or North County, for that matter). They have a large seating area upstairs, which I would imagine would be at least semi-private. Good luck!

May 10, 2007
CatePoole in California

Cheap Buffets in SD?

I have to agree with geekyfoodie. I typically steer clear of buffets, but the Valley View one has some GOOD STUFF!! I mean, you can't beat a chocolate fountain 7days a week!! They rotate what they serve, so check them out online to make sure they're serving what you're craving :)

The BEST breakfast buffet I've been to is at Bellefleur in the Carlsbad Premium Outlet Mall. I think they only do it on Sundays, but it's $19.95, and you get unlimited champagne/Mimosas. They have a raw bar, custom omelette station, waffles, pastries, etc. Plus, it's excellent people watching and the service is great.

May 04, 2007
CatePoole in California

BBQ or Taco Caterer for Beach Party - Carlsbad/Oceanside

OH MY GOSH!! You have GOT to call the Hunter Steakhouse in Oceanside (760-433-2633, ask for John or Darlene). They do everything from rolling out the buckboard and grilling up quarter chickens and tri-tip (on the beach, in fact; they cater the Carlsbad Marathon/Triathlon every year) to catering upscale affairs with nice appetizers and salmon as an entree option (they catered my friend's wedding). Their prices are reasonable, too, and they offer all levels of service (everything from food drop-off to full service with linens). They do a Santa Maria style barbecue, and it's just damn good! Plus, on Wednesdays (call and check to see if they still do this), they offer the Santa Maria barbecue as an entree option at dinner, so you can sample the chicken, tri-tip, potato salad, pequinto beans, and cookie that they offer on their catering menu. Yum, yum YUM!!

May 04, 2007
CatePoole in California

Need Some Good Cake in Carlsbad

Gotta second The Carlsbad French Pastry Cafe (the one kitchenhag recommends). Real, authentic French pastries. YUM! Also, the Danish Bakery downtown (off of Roosevelt?) may make cakes, though I haven't been there in YEARS!

May 04, 2007
CatePoole in California

What's your favorite sweet in San Diego?

I have to second (third?) Extraordinary Desserts. They have two locations, and the Union Street store sells food (sandwiches, salads, etc.), though I have to admit I haven't tried their savory offerings. Not to be missed!

May 04, 2007
CatePoole in California

Looking for AMAZING Chinese in Lexington, KY?

Then look no further than Panda Garden on New Circle Road (between Broadway and Russell Cave). It's a good sign when even the English menu (yes, they have a Chinese menu, too) is in Chinese! It's an even better sign when 3 out of your group of nine are from mainland China, and they all RAVE about the place. Panda Garden is where they go for special celebrations. Avoid the buffet completely; sit down at a big round table in the back and order from the menu--you won't be disappointed! Try to go with a big group so that you can sample lots of things. We had fantastic veggie dishes, cod cheek soup (subversively spicy), and beef and chicken dishes that were unlike ANYTHING you'll find at the local Fast Wok. A blessing and a curse to going with native Chinese is that they took care of ordering (in Chinese), so the food was SPECTACULAR, but I couldn't tell you what any of the entrees we had were called! But that's the beauty of Panda Garden--it's a pretty safe bet that anything on the menu is delicious. Go when you're feeling adventurous. Prices: $6.95-$13.95 per entree for lunch. They're open for dinner, too. Four stars out of four.

Cuban or Spanish places in KY

Hi adhow,

Though I haven't tried it yet myself, Old San Juan (247 Surfside Dr, Lexington, KY, 40503, (859) 278-2682) seems like one of those deli/restaurant combo-type places were the food is simple but excellent. They have Cuban food. Happy eating!

GREAT new restaurant in the heart of Lexington!

I'm SURE they do, but I can't remember any specific dishes off the top of my head. They have a good selection of salads, which could be ordered without meat and still be FABULOUS (they're ok to eat goat cheese, right? :). You may want to call to confirm: 859.255.0709.

Dinner in Lexington, KY

Two words: Woodland Grill!! They have great burgers and sandwiches, salads, and a nice selection of fish, steak, and pasta entrees. Fine dining in a bistro setting; fresh, regional ingredients; and great service! Best part is, there's nothing on the menu over $25! They're open for lunch and dinner, Mon.-Sat. (double check their weekend lunch hours).

I'd definitely second the Sal's reco. below. Try their Caprese Salad with a Halibut fillet... to DIE for!

There's also Malone's/Harry's/Aqua (three restaurants in one building) in the Hamburg area. They're owned by the same people as Sal's. Aqua has some of the best Sushi around (and I'm from Southern California, so I know good Sushi!); Harry's is a fun bar to hang out in; and Malone's has great steaks and burgers!

Good luck! Have fun!

GREAT new restaurant in the heart of Lexington!

The Woodland Grill on Richmond Road may just be Lexington's gustatory salvation. In a sea of run-of-the-mill and mediocre chain restaurants, The Woodland Grill is a shining beacon of hope for foodies in the Bluegrass. This new venture by Jonathan Lundy, executive chef of Jonathan at Gratz Park, hosts a quirky mix of home-style-inspired and fine dining fare and utilizes the freshest regional ingredients (Bison Reuben, anyone?).

The first time I ate there, I ordered the Woodland Grill Salad and a side of their Smoked Cheddar Macaroni and Cheese. After that I was hooked, and their sensational Mac and Cheese became the subject of many waking dreams :) The flavors in the salad went together beautifully and positively DANCED on my tongue! Dried fruit, a grilled chicken breast, and goat cheese all tossed on a bed of baby spinach--you can't beat that! My husband ordered their cheeseburger, which was also delicious (and a perfect medium rare, I might add. Shhhhh, don't tell the food police). We also tried their Cherry Cheesecake with a Cola syrup. The cheesecake was light, and the combination of the cake and syrup tasted like a Cherry Coke! They also have a refried Spalding's donut topped with ice cream on the menu that we haven't been brave enough to try (for those of you who don't know, Spalding's is a mom and pop donut INSTITUTION in Lexington. If you come here, you've GOTTA go to Spalding's!!).

The next time we went, I had their fried chicken, which, although blander than the fabulous salad, was the BEST fried chicken I have ever eaten. It was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the chicken actually tasted like good, moist, well-seasoned chicken, as opposed to being completely overshadowed by the breading! This time, hubby got the Bison Reuben with fries, and we both loved their interpretation on the classic sandwich.

Their service is excellent, and they have innovative drink specials. Their prices are exceedingly reasonable: $8-$17 for lunch and $10-$25 for dinner.
Four stars out of four, two thumbs up, etc.