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Summerlicious: To avoid or not to avoid

gloriana232, with some restos your comments ring true, but others are totally ripping you off. I have heard from industry friends that the food cost is only 20-25% plus you can tell the labor portion is also lower with brownies for dessert.

That being said, I still enjoy going with my girlfriends as they are not foodies.

I want to eat good food for once with my coworkers downtown!

Hi all!

I have been given the responsibilty to find a lunch spot for a company celebration. The problem is there are many variables and I just can't decide. That's why I turn to all of you!

So here are issues:
- 14 people
- some vegetarian
- multicultural (south asian, european, latin american, asian, american, plus) coworkers with little culinary adventure
- located on bay street, but will travel for the right food
- we did firkin last time and it was ok, but for me the food was mediocre
-priced under $20, prefered under $15

Some suggestions from them so far are kama, the host, spring rolls, and thai dish. Some ideas i have are: xacutti, beer bistro, metropolitan, siddhartha.


- Kelly


I'm sooo looking forward to seeing this movie! I love pixar, disney and of course FOOD!

Anyway, I'm planning to do a group outting with a bunch of foodie friends and am wanting to make some food to sample before we go.

Can anyone tell me what dishes are prepared in the movie (other than the obvious rattouille)? Do you happen to know a good recipe as well?

Does anyone know what kind of soup was being prepared? What was in the omelette? How about types of cheeses or wines?


- Kelly

Secret Food Festivals

Some I've found enjoyed in the past

African, Queens Park, mid July
Hot & Spicy, Harbourfront, mid August
Latin American, Corso Italia, mid July
Caribana, Lower Eglinton, early August

Mila, when is the portugese one?

- Kelly

3 Weeks in Toronto on an Expense Account

Have you been? How was it? What did they serve?

- Kelly

3 Weeks in Toronto on an Expense Account

There is also a place I wish I could afford that gets great reviews. Its called Eigensinn Farm. I'm not sure if you can get a reservation this late but its worth a try.

- Kelly

3 Weeks in Toronto on an Expense Account

Oh, I forgot to add my list of upscale favourites.

Chiado, Canoe, Via Allegro, Kaji, Lai Wah Heen, Colborne Lane, Susur, Thuet, Truffles, 360 (just for the views and maybe a drink), Ultra Supper Club, Rain, Senses, Host, Rosebud, Mildred Pierce, Torito, JKWB, Perigee, Starfish.

That's a list I would love to hit in a single month!

- Kelly

3 Weeks in Toronto on an Expense Account

Do you think you will ever return to our fair city? On your own dime? If so, I would do the upscale Toronto thing on this trip and do the cheaper things next time round.

Either way I think this city has a lot to offer a NYC hound and you will thoroughly enjoy your 3 weeks here. Happy eating!

- Kelly

3 Weeks in Toronto on an Expense Account

I'm sooo jealous as well!

Where are you coming from? Will you be here for the weekends too? Do you have any preferences?

- Kelly

Toronto's Best Food Neighbourhoods?

Have you decided where to move yet? I have enjoyed reading this but was wondering if you wanted to know about the best neighbourhood or best location? As answers have come in for both.

By the way, Kensington gets my vote for single neighbourhood. Cheese, fresh veggies, fish, unique restaurants, butchers, bread. All great!

- Kelly