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Suggestions for our driving trip [I-90 and I-94 west of Milwaukee]

Not an eatery, but in Austin MN, there is the Spam Museum. If you are passing by it's worth 45 minutes.

May 06, 2013
DaKing in Great Lakes

Friday Lunch

How about Hudson's San Pedro Cafe?

Apr 22, 2013
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Best Selection of Olives in TC

Well, what is 'pretty good'? :)

Surdyk's always has about a dozen olive choices in bulk.

Mar 16, 2013
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

IPA lover needs new beer

Thanks for the ideas!

(I am in the Twin Cities area....far east :), as in WI)

Sep 20, 2012
DaKing in Beer

IPA lover needs new beer

What beer should an IPA lover try if he wants to try something new ? Moretti's LaRossa is one I like when I try something different.....

Separately, is there an IPA style where the aftertaste is sharply bitter, or is it a poorly made beer? I much prefer the rounded, sweeter aftertaste of Bell's Two Hearted, for example.

I'm not as well versed on lingo as many here, so apologies if I'm not being as descriptive as you'd like.....

Sep 18, 2012
DaKing in Beer

Fish Fry and other eats in Milwaukee area

The EAA is a huge event yet the OP is uncertain where he will be staying....if you don't have a room booked now, you may not find one that is convenient. It's not unheard of for EAA attendees to drive 2 hours 1 way to attend. Find a room, then look for food is my recommendation.

Jul 02, 2012
DaKing in Great Lakes

Wisconsin good stuff - Chicago to Oshkosh to Manitowoc?

The New York Times had an article a few years ago about candy/chocolate shops...there were one or two in both Oshkosh and Manitowoc. These places are 'step back in time' places where you may find things you don't elsewhere.

Friar Tuck's would be wasted time..please don't go.

May 29, 2012
DaKing in Great Lakes

Source for buffalo mozzarella and OO flour

Burrata is quite similar...I got it recently at the St. Paul Byerly's on Suburban Ave....approx Ruth St./94.

Apr 02, 2012
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to get Pineapple Bratwurst in the cities?

Enso---No trick question; it's just that combinations involving lettuce and beef in the same dish are not appealing to me. I like both, but not together, same with chocolate and gin, or meat and fruit, long history notwithstanding.

If it's like soupkitten suggests with a Hawaiian pizza and pineapple brats, then it makes a little sense...........but mustard and pineapple...? No way.

Mar 28, 2012
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Where to get Pineapple Bratwurst in the cities?

I'm trying to stay open minded here, but I can't figure out what the attraction is for such a concoction. Please explain. Do you dress it with mustard and onions? Or?

Seems like a chocolate martini, or meat on a salad....

Mar 27, 2012
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Suggestions for dining in Red Wing, please! [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

Hmmmm...quirky is kind of tough to find in Red Wing right now. If I can assume it's a gal's outing then The Smoky Row Cafe across the street from Pottery Place might fit your needs for's a bakery, too. Bev's, downtown for lunch might work for you as well. about the St. James? Jimmy's on top for cocktails, then downstairs for dinner. Rumor is that Sarah of now-closed Sarah's, nee Norton's, is cooking there now. 15 miles out of town, Shady Grove north of Ellsworth on 65 is good.

Mar 21, 2012
DaKing in Great Lakes

What's with the salt & pepper shakers and Sriracha at every table in MSP?

Yes, if only because our propensity to move away from 'home' is less than other areas means there is greater social cohesiveness.

Jan 20, 2012
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

What's with the salt & pepper shakers and Sriracha at every table in MSP?

Loss from theft....that's one thing no one has brought up. If having S & P shakers on the table is a Midwest thing, it could be because we are less likely to walk off with them.

Jan 20, 2012
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Can anyone tell me where to find a knish in la crosse Wisconsin

I'll tell you where to find a knish in LaX if you tell me where to find lefse in Florida.

Seriously, I'd bet 99.5% of LaCrosse residents don't know what a knish is. Maybe a church has a yearly fund-raising dinner that includes knish.....

Jan 18, 2012
DaKing in Great Lakes

Norton's- Red Wing Minnesota

Sarah is Greg Norton's ex-wife; rumor is that Greg joined a band coinciding with the divorce. Sarah was the chef at Norton's/Sarah's. Around 1-1-2012, Sarah's closed. 'Mixed reviews' might be fair, but the room was huge for big city, much less a small town like Red Wing.....I saw it as a tough nut before it even opened.

Jan 12, 2012
DaKing in Great Lakes

MSP: T-shirt 'You have a friend in cheeses' where find?

Have any of the Chowhounds spotted one at a local retailer? I'd like to get one for the Missus.......

Dec 09, 2009
DaKing in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Advertising in restaurants ... Good idea? Bad idea? Inevitable?

Ads on table and chairs would be over the top past a certain price point.

A new one for me in NYC last week was a plastic container for the urinal puck that was plugging a TV show.

Jun 16, 2009
DaKing in Not About Food

should beer ever be served in a sopping wet glass?

I'm with L home I don't use soap when washing beer mugs in the hope that the head will last a while. This is for bottled/canned beer.

May 22, 2009
DaKing in Beer

Northern Wisconsin Supper Clubs

You can do it in St. Francis WI at Dobie's on Kinnickinnic! There's review in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel today.....relish tray and all.......

Five Guys (MSP) [Moved from Midwest Board]

What is the address for Edina's Five Guys?

Apr 28, 2009
DaKing in Chains

MSP-Porcini Mushrooms

Does anybody know where to find them in the Twin Cities?

Never had them, so wondering if they are that much different than other kinds...?

Raw bar in MSP

3-4 hours to Milwaukee Ann is driving 87 to 115'll never get there alive or without being incarcerated. It's a 5-5.5 hour drive.

Best Wine Book for Novice

I, too like Andrea Immer's books.

Oct 17, 2008
DaKing in Wine

Opinions on The Norton's, Red Wing, MN?

Our September 27th visit to Norton's was much different than jre1578's...the staff was inobtrusive and helpful; the prices were great, especially for the 'small' entrees, and the food was mighty fine.....the Vietnamese meatballs and chicken wing apps were good, both served with some kind of red hot sause in a swirl on the plate; my Williamette(sp) salad was great, and the jamabalya, and pork dishes were pretty darn good.

I wonder if the inevitable problems of a much bigger enterprise starting up have been corrected?

For the those gobsmacked by the sight of Mr. Norton, he was nowhere in sight on a busy Saturday night, maybe a weekday visit would be rewarded.

Session Beers in The Midwest

The New York Times reports today that some craft brewers are seeing the high ABV beers as opportunity to make some tasty low ABVs...that's a notion thats new to me. What are some good session beers from the Midwest?

Aug 27, 2008
DaKing in Beer


Good to know there is a decent place in Marshall. Years ago, before Applebee's became the 'fine dining' destination in Marshall, and before Schwan's employees had to live in Marshall(many commuted from the TC, some by co. jet), a colleague and I arrived after 8 PM and asked for the 'best place in town'; we were directed to a bar that served burgers. Lotsa potential still in Marshall!

Roadtrip from MPLS to Door County, WI

Not a restaurant, but Nueske's just E of Wittenberg on Old 29 has smoked meats, slab bacon, pork chops, brats, etc. along with a whole array of snacks and specialty items.

In Abbotsford, there's The Abby Cafe for good old fashioned food......I haven't been past there however since 29 became 4 lane

Best fish fry in Milwaukee?

Kegel's is continually rated high. 5901 W National I believe

MSP...Where Can I Buy Chunk Hardwood for Smoking / Grilling?

You are right! OCS is closed. The owner still may be selling lump charcoal....Northwest Charcoal 612 879 8044

MSP...Where Can I Buy Chunk Hardwood for Smoking / Grilling?

I think it's The Outdoor Cooking Store in WBL that is at the State Fair. They also make a market in charcoal. As intimated, you may need only a few water soaked small pieces to get the flavor you are looking for. FWIW, tho I have a 1 chamber grill, I use just a small handful of pieces for a chicken, and that is just in the 1st hour of a 2 hour cook.

At above's cooking class, they recommend for a brisket 6 hours on the smoker, then finish it off in the oven for a similar time, if I remember.