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Best places to eat in Roatan, Honduras?

Nancy! Thank you so much for the reply. I also did not find the eats to be too spectacular overall in Roatan, but found a few jewels. I understand from regulars and residents that the ownership of restaurants changes quite frequently which is one reason why it's hard to pinpoint great dining establishments.

Our overall favorite was The Lighthouse in West End. Terrific, authentic, fresh food; great portions and friendly service. I note that we never found a place with great service; "island time" seems to be common.

Another high note was Angelo's Gelateria in West Bay Village. Alas, one cannot eat gelato for every meal.

The new deli in a shopping center just outside West Bay Village is terrif. It's called Mangiamo.

We alos enjoyed happy hour at Bite on theBeach. Very good fried calamari as in light on the fried and heavy on the calamari.

Il Pomodoro in West Bay Village gets lots of postive press for its pizza and I agree that it was tasty after a day on the water, but as far as pizza goes, it wasn't THAT great. (Washing it down with gelato seemed to make up for it.)

Festive options with tolerable food include Eagle Ray's in West End and and La Palapa in West Bay. I heard from the locals that Romeo's and Gio's (sp?) in French Harbour are both good. We never got around to that side of the island though.

We did notice that many restaurants smothered their food with garlic. The wise will inquire about the garlic on their entrees before ordering; having your own garlic breath come back at you through your regulator is pretty disgusting.

Best places to eat in Roatan, Honduras?

My search of the boards on this subject came up with only one recommendation. I'm hoping there are some hounds out there who may have some new info to share. Juts help me avoid the tourist traps, please. Thanks!

Good eats in San Diego's East County?

Wow! These are incredible lists. Thanks everyone. (We did find a very nice Middle Eastern restaurant called Sahara in Rancho San Diego a few doors down from Da Boyz Pizza in Rancho San Diego. Thanks again everyone! Happy chowing!

May 05, 2007
sushisioux in California

Good eats in San Diego's East County?

New to the area and desperate. Is there anything sublime in the El Cajon/Santee/Spring Valley/Rancho San Diego/Jamul/La Mesa/Bonita neighborhoods? Great mom'n'pop shops ideal. Ethnic = happiness. Mainly interested in weeknight eateries that can substitute for home cooking. Please help save us from Chili's/Olive Garden/Fuddruckers/Claim Jumper/Trophy's and other criminals in the chain-gang.

Apr 30, 2007
sushisioux in California