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Wait for 4 at SPQR/A16 tonight

well we tried to go at about 6pm. the wait was two hours so we went down the street instead. perhaps another time...

Wait for 4 at SPQR/A16 tonight


Haven't been to SPQR and wanted to go tonight. How long can we expect to wait. Also, can you go to a16 without a reservation? If so, would the wait be insufferable?


Pre-made puff pastry?

I am hoping to find pre-made hand-made puff pastry (i.e., not a brand name manufacturer). I know Bi-Rite sells this but I am not really close to them. Anyone know where else in the East Bay or Marin? Thanks.

Sicilian pistachios

Hi folks,

Where can I get Sicilian pistachios in the Bay Area? Actually online ordering is fine too if there's a site for that. Thanks!

Mother's Day Brunch near Sebastopol


We are looking for a place to take my grandmother for Mother's Day brunch near Occidental, Graton, Sebastopol, or even Santa Rosa. We've been to the places in downtown Occidental (am blanking but I think one was Negri's) and had a lackluster buffet so I was hoping for somehing better. Wildwood in Graton is one option. Any others?

Thanks a bunch!