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For the most authentic, vinegar based NC BBQ in the area, try Garrett's in Georgetown. A place not necessarily known for its food, but the pork there is the real deal.

Ice cream in Augusta, ME

If you head toward the coast, don't miss Round Top Ice Cream in Damariscotta (on Business Route 1). About 30 minutes from Augusta.

Eats around Damiriscotta, ME

Larson's Lunch Box on Business Route 1 in Damariscotta always served the best lobster rolls (better than Red's) - my family moved away from the area a few years back but they were the absolute biggest for the $$$ then - easily 2 lobsters worth of meat in a $10 roll. You can never go wrong at the Sea Basket in Wiscasset (as someone else said). Don't miss Round Top Ice cream on Business Route 1 in Damariscotta either. Pacos Tacos was always very good as well. Maine Street Books has good coffee and Paige's Deli used to have good subs - haven't been back in a while though.

Ice Cream in DC

Giffords of Maine and Giffords down here are different companies (I'm a Mainer and was shocked when I heard they opened a "Giffords" on H Street and had to do my research). They are both good, but there are a lot of better places than Giffords of Maine back home!