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Best St. Louis Mo. Ribs - Mom & Pop or Hole in the Wall

I"m going to the NCAA Wrestling National Championships in St. Louis in Mid March. We've got a large group with some friends from the east coast.

We're from So. Cal so we only know BBQ from the Southern California area. I'm looking for some great BBQ ribs, but from Mom & Pops and Hole in the Walls preferable.

I'm not looking for nay-sayers and put downs. I'm looking for foodies with something intelligent to say.

Set us up with some lunches and dinner places.

I've been looking on this site for about an hour and can't find the answers that I'm looking for.

Any help out there?

Monterey Bay Eats...HELP! [moved from SF Bay board]

Vivolo's Chowder house was quiet good. I like the garlic cheese bread top option. The chowder had (I believe) rosemary in it. The chowder could do without rosemary.

Hula's Island Grill - This was a 100% winner for the whole family. Camille had the seered scallops and they were great. Her Asapragus was cooked perfectly! My wife's baby back ribs with sweat potato fries were both great! My New York steak and wasabi mashed potatoes were fantastic. Go with the seered mushrooms on top. Thier tropical drinks were great too! My son who only eats about 4 different things loved his burger!

We'll do this place again when we are in town next time!

Alot of people on different threads mention FIRST AWAKENINGS. I believe we're going to eat there on the way out of town tomorrow morning. I'll check back in when we get back home.

Aug 24, 2008
Cali Boy in California

Monterey Bay Eats...HELP! [moved from SF Bay board]

We ended up knocking around in Carmel yesterday morning. You were absolutely correct about Katy's Place. There crepes are something to behold.

I highly recomend this place.

A note of warning though...It was Sunday morning, and as we were leaving every top was full, and there must have been 40-50 people waiting in line to get in.

Aug 24, 2008
Cali Boy in California

Monterey Bay Eats...HELP! [moved from SF Bay board]

We're going up to the Monterey bay area (near the pier and the aquarium this weekend.

We're looking for the best breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Who's got the best chowder in the bread bowl?

Thanks for the help!

Aug 19, 2008
Cali Boy in California

4 Days in NYC - 1st Timers - Want the BEST

I've got the Low Down on Bagels and Pizzas from other posts...Thanks for the direction!

We'll likely be staying in the Mid-Town area

How about the best
Dessert Place
Breakfast Place
Cocktail place that doesn't have a cover charge {I don't pay to get in to buy drinks...That's just stupid!}
Italian Deli
Jewish Deli
Cheese cake place

Anything you think is a "Don't Miss" on our first trip to Gothem.

Jun 05, 2008
Cali Boy in Manhattan

Costa Rica Eats

One of our best meals was an outdoor make shift restraunt near the entrance to Manuel Antonio Park. They BBQ chicken, do the black beans with rice, and make their own BBQ sauce that is to die for. It was cheap, and as I said one of the best meals we had in Costa Rica.

Food aside, that is the moat beautiful place that I've been. Much nicer than the spots in Mexico or Hawaii. Come to think of it...I'll likely never go to Hawaii again.

We're thinking maybe Nicaragua next!

Costa Rica Eats


Thanks for the tips!

El Avion was good food, OK prices, and my son went nuts to have dinner in the cargo plane. It was a nice experience.

La Cantina BBQ was a beautiful restraunt, but had very midocre food for the family, and my medium steak wasn't even cooked enough to be rare. The waiter after being asked to put it back on the grill for a few minutes left the table and never returned. Unfortunately the manager of the restraunt had no intention of correcting the problem. Just a flat out...bad experience.

Never made it to the Tropical Sushi...maybe next time!

Costa Rica Eats


Since you have been to Manuel Antonio I have a quick question.

Aside from the restraunts mentioned above. What does the local area have in the way of markets, or places to buy food to keep or prepare in ones room?

Anyone elso who has local knowledge is welcome to chime in!



Best BBQ in South O.C. or North Co. SD

Where is the best Bar-B-Q in South Orange County (Irvine South), to North San Diego Co. (Oceanside area). Ribs are what I'm looking for, but am open to other items! I'm not interested in hot wings.

Good places that I know of are Bad to the Bone in San Juan and Lucilles on El Toro Road.

Is there anywhere better in the zone I mentioned?

Feb 20, 2008
Cali Boy in Los Angeles Area

Costa Rica Eats

I believe we will be staying in the Hotel Costa Verde...Good tip!

I'm liking the talk of the tuna!

One more request. We will likely have one dinner in San Jose. Is there one DON'T MISS restraunt for dinner in the big city?

Great Food, Reasonable Price in Anaheim

We're thinking $100 range for the two of us.

Aug 08, 2007
Cali Boy in Los Angeles Area

Costa Rica Eats

Next April ('08) I'm taking the family to Costa Rica. Mostly Manuel Antonio. Do any of you know of good places to eat. Or better yet, regional favoriets in the area that the family will eat. My kids (8 & 11) are finicky. I also would like regional delacicies that are unusual for myself.

Thanks for the help.

p.s. Yes I know that Costa Rica isn't in South America, but there isn't a Central America heading on the boards.



Great Food, Reasonable Price in Anaheim

We're going to see Squeeze at The Grove on Sunday night and want to have dinner. We're looking for very good food at a reasonable price.

We're from south county and don't often get north of Irvine.

Thanks for your help!


Aug 07, 2007
Cali Boy in Los Angeles Area

Salt Creek Grille opening on Sepulveda near Manhattan Beach - any bets on it?

The one time I ate at the one by Salt Creed it was mediocre food and poor service. 5 years ago and never went back!

May 12, 2007
Cali Boy in Los Angeles Area

Mexican Food in Mission Viejo/RSM

Las Golandrinas has amazing tamales. Try the Rajas Tamales too! Their asada or shredded beef quesadillas are good too. I like their chile rellano burrito too!

Albertacos across from Saddleback College has the best carne asada burrito north of San Deigo. Their rolled tacos are also pretty good.

Both places are take out, but better than the sit down places in the area and much cheaper.

May 12, 2007
Cali Boy in Los Angeles Area

Best Thin pizza near O'Hare after midnight

I'm leaving my computer behind and only have 4 more hours!

If you are waiting to answer, please throw it up now. It's 8:19am in San Clemente right now. In case you were wondering...the water is 58 degrees and the waves are 2-3' and clean!

May 03, 2007
Cali Boy in Chicago Area

Best Thin pizza near O'Hare after midnight

Here's the situation;

We fly into OHare tonight at midnight. I don't want to wait until Friday to start experiencing the food of Chicago, as we're only in for the weekend. Where can I go after midnight on a Thursday night for the best thin pizza? We are staying in Oak Brook, but as long as it's close to O'Hare...We're in!

Thanks in advance.

May 03, 2007
Cali Boy in Chicago Area

Is Mamukas sp? still in Maztalan?

I ate there in 1979, and was wondering if it was still in business.

May 01, 2007
Cali Boy in Mexico

Best Stove - Gas

Installed a Thermador last year when we re-did our kitchen. I absolutely love it. One of my favorite features is the super low heat on two of the burners. It cycles on and off by itself ranging from {on 54 seconds and off 6 seconds} to {on 6 seconds and off 54 seconds}. This allows you to cook sauces with out burning, and do the same with cheese and chocolate. It's just a great stove!

May 01, 2007
Cali Boy in Cookware

Best dinner in Laguna Beach?

Best view with dinner - Las Brisas - decent food
Great food and ambiance - French 75 - ask for Marcos. They have an amazing champagne bar
Best Cesar Salad - Ritz Carlton - Club Grill - ask for Extra Anchovy & Garlic!!!!!!! If you like that sort of thing.
Sword Fish - Try Cafe Zulu. Wow!
Best Prime Rib - Savana Chop House (Laguna Niguel),Jalapeno Au Groten potatos are awsome. Try the chocolate martini too!
Stay away from the Rib Joint in Dana Point.
Steak - Flemings (Newport Beach), great wine menu

Just a few quick thoughts!

Apr 30, 2007
Cali Boy in Los Angeles Area

Italian? Rose Bud?

I've got a question for you locals.

Any comments on Italian at Rose Bud?
My brother ate there last year and said it was some of the best Italian food he's ever eaten.

In your opinion who's got the best italian food? Especially stuffed pasts, like Lasagne, Shells, Canneloni, etc.

Apr 30, 2007
Cali Boy in Chicago Area

Parents visiting SD: hotel and food recommendations

I believe it's called Hob Knob on the Hill. In SD.
Went there a couple year ago. Maybe the best breakfast ever!

Apr 30, 2007
Cali Boy in California

OC's better HHs?

Fishermans on the San Clemente Pier.

Apr 30, 2007
Cali Boy in Los Angeles Area

Best Hot Dog - Locals View

What is the flat out best hot dog place in Chicago. Mom & Pop, not chains!
If I were to poll 100 locals what would they say is the best?

I've never been to Chicago, and will be there this weekend.

Apr 30, 2007
Cali Boy in Chicago Area