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Downtown Salt Lake City breakfast

Some that come to mind...

Lambs Grill

Market Street

And for sure Bambara.

Feb 24, 2009
hellolisakitty in Southwest

Salt Lake City Pizza

For sure the Pie... and Wasatch is good as well. There is a Cottonwood location and a Sandy/Draper location that both deliver.

Feb 24, 2009
hellolisakitty in Southwest

Bambara, Mazza, Aristo's - Salt Lake

The problem you ran into with wine prices is quite typical in this city. They already have a high mark up (thanks to the DABC-state controlled liquor and wine stores). By the time you get to a dining establishment the prices have gone through the roof. I went to Melting Pot one night, the same cheap $19.00 bottle of wine I buy at the liquor store was priced at $35.00. All we can do is hope someday these crazy laws with wine will change and we can pay reasonable prices.

Bambara has a new executive chef... have not checked it out since the change... hope to soon.

Feb 14, 2008
hellolisakitty in Southwest

PHX for a week, alone.

In a couple weeks I will be in Phoenix for business. 2 nights I have a friend taking me out, otherwise I am on my own. I will have a car and a navigation system, so the sky is the limit (so to speak). I live in Salt Lake City... so I would like to try and experience things that we do not have here... Like wine bars with yummy food, good mexican food with real margaritas. Anything unique that I can keep a meal for 1 at around 25.00 (not including spirits).

I have been to Phoenix many times, lived there until 1985. Obviously things have changed. With all my previous vists the last couple years I was with someone that stuck to the familiar... Cheesecake Factory and Claim Jumper type places. I would like to experience all the great things I hear about your dining out there.

I will be staying at the Sheraton Cresent (not a great location from what I hear-but it is by work)... but I can venture out.

My main issue is somewhere that I will feel comfortable dining alone.

I am pretty sure I am being taken to Kazimierz Wine Bar one night.

Thank you in advance!

Feb 07, 2008
hellolisakitty in Southwest

Annual SLC trip.

If you are staying on Foothill Dr. Ruth's Diner is not far at all (just a few minutes up Emigration Canyon past the zoo) and for sure a *not miss* for breakfast. Lunch and dinner are good as well, but I prefer the breakfast and/or brunch experience.

Jan 15, 2008
hellolisakitty in Southwest

Butterfly-Salt Lake City

I was thinking of trying this place out as part of the Dine O' Round next month. I heard mixed reviews when it first opened... now you cannot even pull up a menu on their site. Is it similar to their location in San Francisco? Or maybe they are going through changes? Any input would be appreciated.

Apr 30, 2007
hellolisakitty in Southwest