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Knoxville Deli Meats

Anyone know of a place to buy good quality pastrami and other deli meats in Knoxville?

Authentic Mexican in Nashville

Along the lines of the general question regarding authentic Mexican food, all of the menus in town seem to be replicas of each other. Anyone know of a resto hat serves a good mole? I've never even seen in it in Nashville yet!

West Knoxville


You didn't mention what you've already tried, so you'll have to excuse if you've already tried these.

I have to 2nd the mention of Puleo's. It's a local chain that started in nearby Strawberry Plains, but I think they only have 4 or 5 locations now, so I still consider it a local resto. Fresh ingredients. Steaks are supposed to be good, but I've never tried one there. Can't beat the shrimp & grits and the fried green tomatoes.

If you enjoy Mexican, I like SoccerTaco. It's a horrible name, and I'll admit that it was the name that kept me from trying it for the first 2 years I lived in Knoxville. Since I disocvered it, I don't really bother with other Mexican places. The main location is on Bearden Hill, near the El Charro mentioned earlier. They also now have a location downtown in Market Square & a Maryville location as well.

The Holy Land middle eastern deli on Sutherland is a good spot. 5 different kinds of hummus, and a terrific reuben sammich are 2 of the highlights there.

Just down the street from Holy Land is Dead End BBQ, which is one of the better BBQ establishments locally. A little pricey for BBQ, but they try to run sort of an upper crust 'joint' there.

Relocating to Knoxville.... Good Restaurants? Grocery Stores? Pho? Sushi?

Sunrise Supermarket and Little Sichuan are owned by the same family. I'm not an expert on dim sum by any stretch (my only other dim sum experience was in Chinatown in SF), but I thought the dim sum at Little Sichuan was very good.

Brazeiros - Knoxville

I'm sure you planned to, but be sure to tell us where we can find your article.


Brazeiros - Knoxville

Has anyone seen the billboard on I-40 in Knoxville advertising a new restaurant coming to the Kingston Pike/Papermill intersection called Brazeiros? The name and the photo sure look and sound like a churrascaria to me! I've been craving one ever since I moved here from Dallas 5 years ago.

A quick Google search for Brazeiros yielded I'm wonderin if there is any resto insiders out there that have the scoop. It's obviously not Fogo de Chao, Texas de Brazil, etc.,, but is this an independent foray into the niche or a different corporation's entry? Finally, I wonder what the exact location will be. My guess is in the former disaster called Amerigo's location.

authentic (nonchain) Mexican food in Knoxville?

Never been to Senor Taco, but TN is the 1st state I've live in during the last 23 years that didn't border Mexico, so I think I'm a fair judge of Mexican food. Best I've found in the Knoxville area is SoccerTaco in the Bearden Hill area on Kingston Pike.

The name is TERRIBLE, and it too, is housed in what used to be a Pizza Hut. We drove by it for 2 years before giving it a try. But when the other fare in W. Knoxville just didn't deliver (El Charro, Cancun, Pelancho's) we had to check it out. I would say the combination of authentic Mexican with the typical gringo fare that is a must in a southern burg like Knoxville is a good mix.

My faves are the authentically Mexican items like the huaraches & sopes made with your choice of meat: cachete, buche, lengua, al pastor, cabeza (cheek, stomach, tongue, seasoned pork, head). It's not always available, but if you can catch them on a day whne pozole is available, it is also a favorite.

Senor Taco
3325 N Broadway St, Knoxville, TN 37917

605 N 12th St, Middlesboro, KY 40965

Top Chef- Bridal Shower

I think Eugene was on the lobster/shrimp sauce when he guessed fish sauce. I don't think he thought fish sauce was in the mole. But that's just my memory.

Dec 11, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

Atlanta Airport

Contrary to what another poster says, one of the airport locations of Paschal's is sit-down. I don't remember where exactly it is located, but I've eaten in both many times. I have little experience with Atlanta save for their airport, and the menu at Paschal's has always made me wonder what going to the original location would be like. Unfortunately, and I'm certain it's because of being at the airport, the menu over-promises and the restaurant under-delivers. At the end of the day, it's still airport food. But having said all that, I still go there, because so far as airport food is concerned, it's still a break from the norm.

I don't remember what terminal it was in, but last year I ate at a Baltimore-styled fish house, specializing in crab cakes. I remember thinking that the food there was pretty good, but again, still airport food.

Hong Kong House, Knoxville TN

My wife & I went to HKH a couple weeks back. We ordered the corned beef w/ cilantro appetizer, which I was surprised to find out was a cold dish. It was delicious with the perfect mix of spicy & sweet. I ordered a spicy pork dish w/ peppers which was also very tasty. The pork was not dredged & fried which was a nice change of pace for me. The wife ordered Mongolian Beef off the American section of the menu. She's not a very adventurous eater, but she reported that her dish was also very tasty. Since she usually just orders the standard beef & broccoli just about every time we've ever had Chinese food, I was impressed with her.

The restaurant is located in a crummy 1/2 occupied strip mall, and is hidden in a corner behind a brake shop at that. Sparse decorations aside, we'll definitely be going back!

TNFNS 7/20 (spoilers inside)

I keep hearing about Lisa's rants on blogs & boards et al. Can someone point me in the right direction? Chowhound is really the only food board I read.

Jul 22, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

TNFNS 7/20 (spoilers inside)

drb, I think you're referring to my post re: Nipa, but I'm not sure I feel like I was understood. Nipa would have filled a void in FN's lineup, but I didn't mean to suggest that Nipa would have been a good choice. Nipa came with too much baggage. Someone else with the same vision for a show would certainly be a good addition to the FN roster.

Jul 22, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

TNFNS 7/20 (spoilers inside)

I'm afraid I don't have an opinion too far off the beaten path, here. 3 contestants in the finale was very easy to see coming. And the reason is clear, the person that they want to win does not have what it takes to move himself to the front of the line!

I agree with the poster who said that "diversity" is probably playing too strong of a role in the judges' decision-making process. Hey, if they wanted diversity, they should have kept Nipa. Granted, she wasn't great in front of the camera, had a bad attitude, and couldn't cook good food, but let's not let details such as these get in the way of diversity!

I keep asking myself 2 questions: Do we know what the contestant's show would be about, and what demographic would the marketing department focus on? With Aaron, I have no idea what the answer is to either question. With Adam, it's not absolutely clear, but I can see a show featuring comfort foods (i.e. cheese fries, smoked meats, pizzas, etc.) that is kinda wacky that is geared towards young couples, soccer moms, and late 20-somethings. Problem is, isn't that what Guy's Big Bite is? Finally, we have Lisa...who I can't stand. However, her vision of her food has been clear since the 1st episode: Beautiful Basics (she even has a catchy/dorky name for it) She routinely puts out food that is better than most, if not all of the other competitors (last night's comments aside, I thought her menu was the best). And her show would probably appeal to the widest demographic range out there. Yes, she definitely needs some work. But they aren't left with a contestant who doesn't need some serious work. And right up through her singing buffet introduction last night, Lisa has shown us how bad she wants this and she is willing to put forth a maximum effort to win. I hate to say it, because beginning in the 1st episode, I just couldn't stand her, I think they need to give this thing to Lisa unless she just does something off the charts miserable next week to blow it.

Jul 21, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

Now this IS Lisa Garza for sure.

Since Gordo (his nickname in the DFW area) didn't get the title of the show right, I think it's fair to assume that he could have a technical term like "finalist" incorrect as well. "Finalist"..."contestant"...what's the diff?

Jul 05, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

Kelsey's White Chocolate Tilapia

Has anyone gone to a Red Lobster to try the dish that Kelsey created a couple weeks back on FN's Next Food Network Star? I was travelling for business this week & checked it out (since it wasn't my $ I'd be spending on such an item). Ordinarily, I avoid RL, but I saw one coming up on the road and thought I'd go in specifically to check this dish out.

Well, it was interesting to say the least. Very sweet, and not quite as heavy as I expected it to be, but certainly could not be considered light fare as most tilapia preparations would. The fillet is pan broiled and comes smothered in the sauce (nothing subtle about how RL presents its dishes) and is covered with crushed macadamia nuts. I seem to recall there being coconut in this dish from the show, and perhaps there was a very slight hint of coconut in the sauce, but I did not detect any actual coconut in the dish. Most likely any coconut flavor came from some coconut milk in the sauce.

My overall opinion was that if this sauce was used to complement a well-prepared piece of fish, it might actually be very good. But in the way that RL presents it, it's a bit over top and certainly made me feel as though it was covering up for a poorly cooked piece of fish, which mostly likely was the case! Of course, that probably accurately most of the other sauces that RL features on its menu. Anyone else?

Jul 03, 2008
BaseballNut in Chains

New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Just checked on this thread after a long break. Shallots, glad you were able to check out SoccerTaco. Since we discovered it last year, I don't think we have gone anywhere else for Mexican...well, except Mexico. :)

NFNS - Episode 4

A good explanation for how I think we're all feeling about the challenges.

Jun 25, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

NFNS - Episode 4

DD, I agree with your theme, but not sure I get your point. You mean, once a challenge has been given, a show isn't allowed to either repeat the challange, or create variations on a theme?

Doesn't TC have Restaurant Wars each season? That repetition doesn't seem to rankle too many on these boards.

Out of the food television arena, not sure how many Survivor fans there might be on this board, but I think it's safe to say that many of the challenges on that show involve races, puzzles, obstacle courses, gross food or memory...yet, somehow each season the producers seem to come up with a new wrinkle to keep it fresh. And at last look, Survivor's ratings were still pretty strong.

Repetition of the challenges is ok, IMHO, if they are good challenges to begin with. If the challenge was too contrived or unfair the 1st time, then it will still probably be so the 4th time.

Jun 24, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

NFNS - Episode 4

I've never watched NFNS before. As has been said many times over on these boards, it's no Top Chef, but I also think they aren't searching for the same thing. Top Chef is...well, a competition for chefs. NFNS is a search to find a compelling tv personality who can cook, right? That being said, it seems like none of these contestants, save for perhaps Shane, have the cooking chops to make it on a show like TC.

With that being considered, I think most of the challenges on NFNS this season have bordered, if not thundered into, the realm of ridiculous. The 1st challenge last night was more than tough, it was stupid. Let's see, they know the bios of all of these contestants, yet they gave them a challenge that there is a pretty good chance they aren't qualified to meet. Nipa never claimed to be a chef, nor does she claim to be an expert with seafood. (Of course, what she DOES claim to be is an expert at mixing spices and making curries, which doesn't seem to require all that much expertise, and I'm not sure she's demonstrated the expertise she claims to have anyways...but I digress) So, the producers set her up with squid. What did they expect?! Each contestant had very little time to prepare for their 60 second schpiel...again, what did they expect?!

Perhaps a more fair way to set up this challange would have been to give each contestant the same skill to demonstrate without having the benefit of watching the other presentations, or at least given each of them some time to rehearse their presentation. Does someone mean to tell me that all of Alton's clever little quips on his shows are completely ad lib? C'mon!

I had this competition narrowed down to Kelsey, Adam & Lisa after the 1st 15 minutes of episode 1. What do you think?

Jun 23, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

Will Eating Luna Bars Make a Guy Grow Breasts?

His own chest toys? Too much...

Jun 20, 2008
BaseballNut in Features

Top Chef-Reunion

Sorry, I'm a lurker. Been watching TC all season, and following along with this board as well. Thing is, I don't usually get to the board until the weekend, and by that point, any comment I might have is fairly irrelevant or has already been said. So, in many of your eyes, I may not have earned my stripes to even make a comment at this point...but, (doing my best Lisa impersonation) Whatever...

Anyway, I agree with some of the above posts regarding Andrew. I hated him at the beginning of the show. Potty mouth was all I could think of. As the season wore on, he grew on me. Lots of energy, and genuinely funny. As a sports guy (and Bears fan), I thought the "cooking is my sport" at the tailgating EC was a funny comment, as I just don't understand how a guy doesn't like sports. BUT, the ADD joke last night wasn't really that funny. Far too much time for rehearsal. In fact, I'm positive it's not the 1st (or 10th) time he's used it. Funny line, just not close to the best line of the night. Just my $0.02 worth...

Jun 19, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

Top Chef-Kids

I'm surprised nobody else has picked up on this, even though I'm sure everyone is aware...couscous is not a grain at all. It may be a common ingredient in Senegal, a staple, even. But it's not a grain.

May 02, 2008
BaseballNut in Food Media & News

New to Oak Ridge/Knoxville

Cookie, it's been a long time since I've read this thread, so this may have been mentioned already above, but I finally found a Mexican resto that quenched my need for some authentic Mexican dishes. Try SoccerTaco on Kingston Pike near Bearden Hill. Now, I think I remember that you're from SoCal, so don't get your hopes up. It's not a taco truck like you can find all over the place out there, but after you've been in Knoxville for awhile, and you have tried enough of the Cancun's, Pelancho's, and El Charro's that Knoxville has to offer, SoccerTaco is like oxygen.

$25K Chili Recipe [Moved from Texas board]

On a recent recipe post, a recipe was left by Speyerer for a chili that had won a chili contest in California where 1st prize was $25k. (link is below) I said to myself: I gotta try that chili! This Sunday, I'm having some folks over to watch the Super Bowl and thought I'd make a big batch of this chili. My problem is this: the recipe ingredient list contains Gebhardt's chili powder and "regular dark" cp. In step 8 of the prep. directions, a 3rd cp is mentioned: New Mexico cp, that is not listed in the ingredient list. Any idea how much of that powder was used in the winning recipe? Thanks in advance!

BTW, I have a hard time following directions to the absolute, so I plan to modify the recipe by grinding my own meat (except I don't have any home-ground pork sausage on-hand and I'm not going to make any just so I can have 3 oz of it,) and I think I'll add a chipotle pepper or 2, since I like a nice smoky flavor with my chili. Pintos and masa will be last-minute additions also.

Jan 30, 2008
BaseballNut in Home Cooking

Chili con Carne

I'm going to give the $25k chili recipe above a twirl this weekend. Spey, I hope you're still checking on this thread. Maybe I'll post on the Texas board to find you. Anyway, the recipe ingredient list contains Gebhardt's chili powder and "regular dark" cp. In step 8 of the prep. directions, a 3rd cp is mentioned: New Mexico cp that is not listed in the ingredient list. Any idea how much of that powder was used in the winning recipe? Thanks in advance!

Jan 30, 2008
BaseballNut in Recipes

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

Just thought of a couple of others that haven't been mentioned. Wondering what others' thoughts are. What about Burger Box? I think they had a Euless & Hurst location. Maybe Arlington? I thought their burger was better than fair.

And ok, I know this is a foodie faux pas, but we all stoop to fast food once in awhile, right? Anyway, I always thought that the Burger Street chain did a pretty good burger as far as fast food went.

Best Burger In Dallas/Fort Worth

I moved away from DFW in '05 and live in Knoxville, TN now. The nearest good burger that I know about is 6 hours away in Memphis at Dyer's. But when I lived in DFW, I lunched many times at Club Schmitz. Great burgers done very unpretentiously. Fried rather than char-broiled, but IMHO a well-seasoned grill outdoes a gas-fired flame broiler every time. Also, my mouth is watering just thinking about the flavorful beef used in a Chapp's burger. If could duplicate the seasonings they use for their beef, I would cook burgers once a week! Surprised neither of these locations are getting more mention than what they've gotten.

Been to the Angry Dog a couple of times and thought it was fine, but not as good as either of the above-mentioned.

Anyone looking for Bobbi's Hummus?

Pardon my ignorance. I love garlic & I love hummus, but I'm not familiar with Bobbi's hummus. Is this something that I might be able to get at a Whole Foods or Fresh Market in Knoxville?

Sep 18, 2007
BaseballNut in Pennsylvania

Visiting Atlanta: where should I go?

Oh, BTW, the Diamondbacks KILLED the Braves that night. Go DBacks!

Visiting Atlanta: where should I go?

Just a quick report: We ended up going to Harold's for 'cue. I was greeted by a very nice, outgoing young lady in the parking lot named Denise who was wondering if I might help her obtain some dinner for her and her 4 children. When I gladly offered to bring her out some food when we were done eating, she declined and said that she'd just prefer the money. (Harold's has been around since 1947 and has probably seen the neighborhood turn over a few times.)

I ordered the pork plate with the standard Brunswick stew, slaw & cornbread. As advertised, the stew is wonderful. On a cold rainy day, I could go through several bowls. On a hot steamy afternoon, it was still delicious. The pork was very serviceable. I had it chopped rather than sliced (an odd choice to me) and found it to be rather bland tasting by itself, but with their sauce improved quickly. I belong to the bbq school that says bbq that relies to heavily on its sauce isn't very good bbq, but that being said, the sauce finished off the meat very nicely. It seemed to me, almost a Carolina-style sauce: very thin, strong vinegar taste, and likely mustard based, although there was definitely tomato products in the sauce as well. It grew on me with each bite. By the end of the dish, each bite had me looking forward to the next. Finally, the idea of cracklin's in cornbread was a very intriguing idea to me...sounded wonderful. And that's all I have to say about that.