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Haitian restaurants

Any really haitian restaurants in the mid tow area

Oct 21, 2009
pacer45 in Manhattan

Haitian restaurants

Are they any Haitian restautants in CT and what are some of the best ones in New york

Blood Sausage

I am trying to be adventurous and make my own blood sausage..where in CT can I get the main ingredient fresh pig's blood? I have seen blood in the Asisan market but it is congealed...if I heat that does it liquify........


Where can I buy uni in CT/ or boston area


I am planning a 8 day affordable trip to Morocco by Gateway1 travel...anyone done this trip? Please critique it

Apr 22, 2008
pacer45 in Middle East & Africa

Sea Urchin...UNI

Since this is becoming such a delicacy there anywhere in CT that I can buy it


Where in CT can you get English breakfast there an English gourmet shop in the area

Fresh Uni NY

Is there any place in CT that I can go buy fresh uni??..CT is first about NY as last resort

Fresh Uni NY

Is there any place in CT that I can go buy fresh uni??..CT is first about NY as last resort

Crepe Cake

I am somehow fascinated by the crepe the one from Lady M in NY...where in the CT can I find similar

New Years eve ..Sydney

Will be Down Under for New Years eve festivities...what is the best location to see the fireworks.. and what else should we do prior to the big reveal...nothing really formal

Dec 01, 2007
pacer45 in Australia/New Zealand


It is that time again...Which is the best pannetone you have tasted and where in CT you bought it...also where can I get Pandoro Classico

Turducken post mortem

Did you have turducken for thanksgiving...Was it good bad or indifferent

Nov 23, 2007
pacer45 in Home Cooking


So how was your turducken.......will you serve it again

Nov 22, 2007
pacer45 in General Topics

Order of Meat

When having a meal...should you eat evrything else first and then the meat husband thinks that is the best way since the meat takes longer to digest..or is that a myth...what do you think

Nov 22, 2007
pacer45 in General Topics


Where in CT can I find caul fat


What does one usual eat with this potato

Nov 07, 2007
pacer45 in Home Cooking


Where in CT specifically Hartford area can I get setian

Elvis Presley pound cake

I have tried it and it is just the texture I like....I have some sour cream which I want to use up and I was wondering if I can use that in place of the whipping cream..or am I courting disaster

Oct 23, 2007
pacer45 in Home Cooking

Turducken...just want to try it

Didi not know there were so many turduckens out there....Is it possible to to do the same process with with the breast of the turkey,duck and chicken

Turducken...just want to try it

Elizzie...I have a Stew Leonard pretty near to me...will try them..Thx for letting me know

Turducken...just want to try it

Thx lexpatti...How big was is just me and my husband if they are really big.I wouldl be eating it for a year...funny.... do you have a website for the company you bought it from

Turducken...just want to try it

Where can I try this gastronomical peice of...I do not know what....since I would never attempt to make....Is it worth trying ?

Puerto Rico

phelana...Thx for your reply..can I do OSJ and also try the Metropole...I have heard so much about the restuarant

Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico from 11am-6.00pm..What to do? Where to eat?

Mark Bittman bread

Can any one tell me where to find this recipe...I am intrigued

Oct 03, 2007
pacer45 in Home Cooking

Home Delivery Milk

Morganna....Hartford CT

Home Delivery Milk

Do you know of any farms in the Hartford are that will deliver milk in glass bottles on a weekly basis

Cast Iron [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

Fellow hounders..My cast iron of 20 years has accumalted a lot of baked on grease on the outside..waht is the best oway of getting rid of is now creating a dirty problem with my new flat stop softens up somewhat when it is heated up but I cant seem to get it all off...HELP!!!!

Aug 31, 2007
pacer45 in Cookware

Seltzer Water

Dies anyone out there know where in CT I can get a soda siphon and chargers so I can make my own seltzer water