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Private dining room for party of 13

Good suggestions! We just went to Jefferie's for Mother's Day and Perry's for Father's Day.

Uchiko is a possibility...

Aug 17, 2013
clockwork in Austin

Private dining room for party of 13

Looking for a place to have a bday dinner for 13 people somewhere near north austin or downtown preferably.

We want something a little nicer than chuy's.

Our first choice was Jack Allen's Kitchen but our guests are coming from Pflugerville and south austin so each location would be super convenient for half the group, and a pain to get to for the other half.

Help y'all! :)

Aug 16, 2013
clockwork in Austin

Fogo De Chow vs. Estancia Churrascaria

They have delicious dessert called Papaya Cream. It is papaya blended with ice cream served in what looks like a giant brandy snifter. They offer to top it off with a blackberry currant liqueur which in my opinion, makes the dessert.

This is a great dessert to follow dinner because papaya has a natural enzyme called papain that helps to break down meat. Papain is actually used in some meat tenderizers for this very reason.

After trying this dessert, I've never even considered looking at the dessert menu to see what else they have. I do know that they also have creme brulee, a strawberry cream (prepared just like the papaya cream), and I'm almost certain they have flan.

FDC is one of my favorite restaurants, and until the papaya cream, I never thought I could even look at dessert. Now this is what I order everytime I visit.

Jul 09, 2008
clockwork in Austin


I went there yesterday. I had the sujuk (hot and spicy beef). I got the meat plate for 8.95 which included 4 heaping sides. Hummus, rice and lentils, falafel, and salad. The salad was surprisingly full of flavor - very good. Hummus and falafel was excellent. The rice with lentils was good, but compared to everything else, had little flavor. The meat however was great! It was very spicy. Byblos was probably the best Mediterranean food I had ever had. Blows Tino's out of the water.

Oct 28, 2007
clockwork in Austin

Casey's New Orleans Sno-Balls

Oh! I agree! I regularly ordered the blackberry and cream for a while...but the wedding cake with cream is by far my favorite!

Sour apple with caramel is good too.

Jun 29, 2007
clockwork in Austin

Calling All Black Rice Recipes

Thanks for that post. I will have to try that. I just made my first black rice pudding yesterday. It was a basic recipe from the back of the bag. Boil the black rice with water for 30min, then mix in 1/3c brown sugar, 1/4c white sugar, and 1/2inch piece of ginger, boil for another 10min. The flavor was awesome, but the directions didn't say to soak the black rice beforehand so the rice wasn't very soft. I think i'll try you're recipe, but try soaking it next time.

Jun 20, 2007
clockwork in Home Cooking

Great Burger

Mmm... now I haven't tried the burgers at Lucy's, but I must say, Hoover's has some of the best burgers I've ever tried. Their H2A2 burger is awesome! Their burgers are smoked so they have a great flavor and they're served on kolache buns. Waterloo Icehouse also has good burgers. I must say though, that the somewhat sweet bread makes the burger.

Jun 19, 2007
clockwork in Austin

Good Indian Food in Austin

So I like Indian food. I used to like airport haven until they closed. Since they closed, I've tried a handful of Indian restaurants but have yet to be wowed. I went to Bombay Express on 135 & Parmer and was extremely impressed with the service, and although the food wasn't bad, I still miss Airport Haven. Anyone have any suggestions?

May 19, 2007
clockwork in Austin

Alvin's Sandwich Shop

I've heard a couple of good things about this place, but what are the best things to order here. I couldn't find an online menu so does anyone have any suggestions on what to order?

May 07, 2007
clockwork in Austin

Austin crawfish

Joe's on Duval & 183 has crawfish on the weekends for 4.99/lb - add potatoes and corn for $2

May 05, 2007
clockwork in Austin

Are Iron Works' Beef Ribs still Yummy?

I was told by a co-worker that Iron Works had the best BBQ in Austin. So earlier this week my boyfriend and I made the trip and decided to give it a whirl. I got the brisket plate and he got the sampler. The brisket was good, but i thought the brisket from Rudy's was much better. Then I tried some of my boyfriends ribs, and they were phenomenal! The best I had ever had. I was impressed. So juicy, tender, and full of flavor! Even the sausage there was exceptional. I normally don't like sausage but the sausage there at Iron Works was excellent!

May 05, 2007
clockwork in Austin

Favorite Ice cream, Sno Cone, or Gelato??

I agree with bookgrrl - Casey's New Orelans Snowballs on Airport & 51st is the best snow cone stand I've ever been to.. Shaved ice with some unique flavors such as Chocolate, Boston Cream Pie, Egg Nogg, and Wedding Cake (that tastes just like the real thing). Their toppings include condensed milk, cream, caramel, whipped cream, etc. Wedding cake with cream is one of my favorite flavor/topping combinations. Apple and caramel is close second. This place is awesome. I HIGHLY recommend trying their snow cones.

Apr 30, 2007
clockwork in Austin