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Coffee [split from The Restaurant David Toutain thread]

Really? I live in portland oregon USA and I would say that it's standard to grind right before the shot here though many restaurants only serve French press or drip coffee because people are suspicious otherwise. I am spoiled with my espresso drinking though and won't order one unless I think there is someone serious about it making it.

Jan 14, 2014
beme in France

No Mi Casa: the real scoop on Cabo eating.

loved your pictures they made me hungry! the pics help.. gonna find some of those places when we go down after christmas! that goat looked so good i think i am gonna try it.

Dec 22, 2008
beme in Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

I hear ya on the places down there by the beach. Plus it might have gotten better (I've been going down there once a year or more for 20 years), but its always killed me how all that fresh seafood is mercilessly overcooked.

Ya gotta eat like the locals to do okay. they love grilled chicken in baja, so if you see a chicken restaurant, give it a try! Those places are swarming with locals,and I havent been to a bad one yet. Its simple grilled chickens with beans, tortillas and salsa. You can get it to go, and eat with Pacifico.. There is super chicken, golden chicken.. i never had a bad meal tho its simple.

My parents have taken me to one touristy place that was overpriced, but at least tasty. Its called Mama's and is on the west side of the touristy area roughly across the street from the place that has a giant ship coming out of it.

Dec 22, 2008
beme in Mexico