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Good dinner near Rosemont?

I have a doc appointment in rosemont at 6pm...gonna grab dinner after...any great spots.

I'd like to hear all levels of dining...from pizza and chinese to fine dining suggestions...

light me up

Feb 17, 2009
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Old City romantic dinner on Saturday night?

Go to Xochitl. Its a Oaxcan Style Mexican food...very refined, not like Chi Chis or something....its at 2nd and Lombard on headhouse square.

big flavors, great staff,

gaucamole is a must made table side....

good drinks, awesome tequila list

Have fun

Feb 17, 2009
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Super-special and memorable restaurant in Philly or surrounding areas?

110 seems low....I thinks its closer to 200 with drinks

Feb 04, 2009
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Recession hits the restaurant industry

definitely in for the dead pool.

Jan 24, 2009
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Imported beers by the bottle?

Its called Wells Banana Bread and from what I hear its like eating the real thing!

Oct 31, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Where you watching the game tonight Philly?

I wanna know where everyone is watching the game. I'm in Center City...where's the party at????

Oct 29, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

TiedHouse at 21st and Hamilton, Fairmount

What do people think?

I ate there last night during game 4...I heard it was a good place to watch a game and I hadn't tried it yet...took the oppurtunity.

Food was so so. I was with a party of 4...shared 4 apps....mexican meatballs were dried out and the "spicy ragout" wasn't spicy and tasted very close to Ragu sauce. The tandoori chicken wings were overcooked and underspiced...kind of unforgivable for dry rubbed wings...the chicken skewers were good...nice and moist, not tons of flavor, but good. The rock shrimp app was flavorless...they should season the batter or at least season the shrimp when they come out of the fryer.

I had a was decent...not anything i'll need to eat ever again...but satisfying. My wife had the roasted turkey sandwich. dry dry dry....probably one of the worst executed sandwiches I seen in a while. I regret not getting an entree...i wish I had seen if there was better execution than with the apps and sandwiches.

As far as the beer, i was shocked. I'd never been to Gen. Layfette Inn. I had heard the beers were good. They are ok...the ones I tasted anyway. they were out of 3 of the 5 TiedHouse Standards. really? these are beers that are supposed to define you and be available all the time. ok, so maybe you were really busy and ran out...i don't buy that, but maybe.
the prices were crazy. 8.50 for an 8 ounce pour of a Raspberry Tripel. 9.00 for Allagash Tripel (10oz).

I wasn't teribbly impressed with the house brewed stuff and the beers from outside were for the most part drastically over priced....a big mistake for a fairmount bar....a neighborhood which has more than its share of great beer bars with better pricing and more selection.

I don't think i'll be back...I wanted to like it. The service behind the bar was ok...but the bartender seemed like she didn't even really want to be there. No interaction from management (even after my wife told the bartender she didn't enjoy the dry turkey sandwich)...just a blah exeperience.

At least the Phils won.

Oct 27, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Phillies game+Taste of Philly

taste of Philly starts at 7ish...i think...go for a while then walk to Cherry St Tavern and watch the game.

Oct 16, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

gastropub with tv?

for Pete's Sake at Front and Christian.....a little more low key than Good Dog anyway....or try the new Tiedhouse at 21st and Hamilton in Fairmount

Oct 16, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

want food input for a Philly wedding

charles roman catering

Sep 16, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Mini Key Lime Pies - Philadelphia

Wildflour bakery, these guys do mostly wholesale, but they are very good, family owned good pedigree (orginal pastry chef at Striped Bass)....they aren't cheap...prolly about 2.25 each,but maybe theyd cut you a break if you were getting a ton of them. they are on the web, but their number is 215 624 3300...ask for Laura......

Sep 09, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Bachelor party weekend

Coming out to Chicago this weekend for a Cubs v Phillies well as some bachelor party festivities!!!! need some recs for 10 guys, not afraid to spend money, looking for a great steak dinner with good wine as well as good bar and hot spots to get a little crazy. looking forward to some good recs and when you come to Philly i'll take care of you!

Aug 26, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Chicago Area

burgers in Philly

they are partners

Aug 18, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

burgers in Philly

keep your pants of Chinon00. Is it a good burger...yes, of course. Is it usually refered to as the benchmark in Philadelphia...yes, recently...although Rouge held the benchmark up until recently.

I have always felt that burgers, much more than cheesesteaks in some way, are a very arbitrary food item. Maybe it's due to the endless combination of toppings, the thickness, the different forms and combinations of meat that could be used. All that aside...good dogs burger is a bit of a novelty...of five times I have had it, which in my opinion is enough to have a good idea of the consistency, it has been cooked over my desired temp. This in my opinion is that first cardinal sin of a good burger. If it's not medium and that the way i like it, its a turn off. Anyone can stuff a burger with cheese....but cook it to my desired medium temperature.

I have burgers that have been on par with Good dogs at the Dark Horse, Smith and Wollensky, Aspen (as recently mentioned), Moriarty's and Public House (pre english muffin, which I just don't get), and Grace Tavern.

Here's my beef, pardon the pun, with Good Dog lovers....many of these threads read as though if you don't have a burger at Good Dog then you are wasting your time.....thats ridiculous....its a burger....

Do yourself a favor...go to Grace or The Black Sheep or even go to the supermarket and buy some good ground beef, caramelize some onions, some good bleu cheese and stop at a good bakery and buy a nice brioche bun....Good Dog is not the best...their is no best.....try different might even find something better than a burger

Aug 15, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

visiting scranton

carmen's at the radisson is decent upscale...actually very good for the price...but scranton is the bermuda triangle as far as superior food. head to coopers for good beers. cara mia's in dunmore has excellent deli sandwiches.

Aug 15, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

burgers in Philly

i had a burger Aspen (25th and Aspen) in fairmount last nite and found it to be very satisfying. Bacon, Bleu, caramelized onions...lots going on but was really good....i'm tried of hearing about good dog...i don't think that burger is all that good.....its such an arbitrary thing anyway

Aug 15, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Very exciting - lots of new bar and restaurant openings in MontCo

hopefully the solaris at center square is more focused than the chestnut hill location...that place is such a consistent dissapointment among CHer's and anyone i talk to who has is always average at best and the service is a diaster

Aug 08, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Main Line Bar/Lounge

go to Flemings for the Cougars

Jul 29, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Scranton, PA eats?

does anyone read USA today? Revellos is across the street and is just as good...and Maroni's is in West Side Scranton and is far better

Jul 18, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Best Rabbit in Philly?

paradiso's rabbit is my favorite, hands down.

Jul 15, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Summer Reading for the Food Obsessed

Daniel Boulud...Letters to a Young Chef....good stuff...i find myself re-reading it all the time

Jul 12, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Features

Having a birthday - Solaris Grille?

I seriously thought i was alone in thinking that SOLARIS is TERRIBLE. love that chowers back me up on this...thought i was being too hard.

Jul 11, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Having a birthday - Solaris Grille?

agreed...seems like a great idea and you'll never be so disappointed! take the train into the city...lots more options and no need for a DD

Jul 11, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Bags of ice in CC?

Jim's Dry Ice, south of all kind's...they deliver...215 462 4000

Jul 02, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Fairmount Bars and Restaurants

Just recently moved into the neighborhoof and have been doing quite a bit of bar hopping over the past few weeks.

I've found London Grill to consistently be a let down, although I like the space...I wish I could go there for any reason other than there cheap happy hour...but i can't.

Rembrants is nice, consistent, decent staff...but somewhat stuffy

Zorbas Gyro and Soufalki (spelling?) are off the hook. great little spot.

The Bishop's Collar is great. good staff, good food, out door seating is always packed, but if you can get it and camp out for a couple hours, its one of Farirmounts best spots.

Belgian Cafe is good, but doesn't blow me anyway like my first time at Monk's did years ago...I think my expectations were too high. I go back often to see there draft list,

Bridgid's is my favorite new little spot. Great food, the best and most consistent in the neighborhood for a good price. Nice rotation of drafts, although I'd like to see some more consistency. Anyone else feel like some of their drafts are a buck too pricy?!?

Aspen is a great bet for a late night burger and cold cold miller high life.

Haven't hit Urban Saloon or St Stephen up yet, but they are my list of things to do.

Is there any good pizza in this neighborhood??? or do I have to go all the way to Lazaro's to get my fix?

Jun 30, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Good Food on the Main Line

Nudy's in Strafford...maybe it's Berwyn...excellent breakfast or brunch

Jun 28, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Dakota Pizza on Lancaster Ave?

their cheesesteak is very good. chopped up, lots of cheese- I think they use american, not sure if other options, but I'd imagine so- great semolina roll. Worth a astop for a cheesesteak eater if you're on or near Lancaster Ave.

Piaaz is ok. best if eaten in house, doesn't hold up to well for a trip home or re heat

Jun 28, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Chima Philadelphia

I haven't heard a ba dreview about Chima yet. You are the first and you seem to be complaining about an 18 percent tip on a dinner for two, that without drink would have run you 46 bucks. Are you serious? How bad could it have been for that price? I think you set your bar too high.

Jun 20, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Need recs near the Mann

a good dinner at bridgid's on 24th st in Fairmount You can work up a good buzz from some big belgian beers too. always my plan before I head to the Mann.

Jun 18, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania

Freehouse in Wayne

Its always just a little Blah...service is friendly...but the food and drink are nothing special. Teresa's next door is a better bet for an all around experience. i feel like freehouse is very cliqish

Jun 11, 2008
EastCoastWineMan in Pennsylvania