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Charlotte, GFL Doing Dim Sum For Lunch

How was it? We love going there, half for the food and half for the experience of watching everyone else. You can make special requests if there's something you don't see and they'll usually cook it for you within minutes.

Jul 29, 2008
duke88 in General South Archive

Non-Q lunch off I-85, around Charlotte-Spartanburg-Greenville

I know it's a little late. This may be a bit out of the way, but the Rodi on Garrison Blvd. in Gastonia may fit the bill. (Then again, it's no further off I-85 then the Penguin in Charlotte.) They are definitely kid-friendly and always have vegetarian option. Right now they only do lunch Tues-Thurs .

Jul 29, 2008
duke88 in Southeast

Eating in Jackson: suggestions?

On a business trip last year I had a surprisingly wonderful meal at Walker's Drive-In. After I'd settled in and ordered a glass of wine, I looked at the menu... to find that it might be a tad too much for my expense account. It was late, I was tired and hungry, and the wine was really really good, so I decided to just go for it. Glad I stayed. I can't remember exactly what I ordered, except it was a veal dish with fresh grilled asparagus and I wanted to lick the plate clean....

Mar 21, 2008
duke88 in General South Archive

BBQ in Charolette

I have to second that; Charlotte is NOT the place for BBQ. A few notes:
Unless it's changed since Bill Spoon passed away, I believe Spoon's is only open for lunch, and only on weekdays.
Courtney's in Clover SC is OK, but the sauces are way too sweet for my taste. They are exceptionally busy, but since they have expanded about three times in the past year or so the wait's usually minima. Also, note that it's more than 25 minutes away from uptown, so plan accordingly.

Mar 15, 2008
duke88 in General South Archive

Vegetarian in Charlotte

Check out Carpe Diem on Elizabeth. They have a few vegetarian entrees, but their daily specials always include at least one vegetarian option. The decor inside is wonderful and service is always excellent. My only complaint is that the menu rarely (if ever) changes....

For the non-vegetarian, try the pork - it's stunning.

May 20, 2007
duke88 in General South Archive

Stop between Batesville MS and Gulfport... (Jackson? Hattiesburg? Somewhere else?)

Thanks. Looks like I'll be staying in Jackson two nights. However, I'll probably stop for dinner at Leatha's in Hattiesburg on the way back. Now, guess I'll toss a coin for the other night....

Apr 30, 2007
duke88 in General South Archive

Stop between Batesville MS and Gulfport... (Jackson? Hattiesburg? Somewhere else?)

I'm heading out on a business trip this week... driving from Batesville, MS to Gulfport and back again. I'm thinking that I may have a few long days of work and driving, so I'd like to split the driving and stop 1/2-way - probably Hattiesburg or Jackson. Any recommendations? Thanks.

Apr 29, 2007
duke88 in General South Archive