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wed nite happy hour with good to great food--anywhere???

would love to catch a wed nite happy hour anywhere
that has great drinks and even better happy hour food??
help me out foodies, please


Jun 02, 2010
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area

Flagels vs. Bagels less calories, less carbs or the same

I'm wondering does anyone know if flagels have less carbs, less calories or
are they the same amount as the normal bagels?
secondly do you think sandwiches are better on flagels b/c of more surface area
or bagels are better, sandwiches such as pastrami's and breakfast sandwiches like
ham, egg and cheese???

thanks NYC foodies

Apr 03, 2010
spicyfood in General Topics

best BAGEL in LA

any other versions of bagels at any of the places
mentioned such as biayls or rolls or something
else i might not have mentioned????

thanks foodies in LA for coming thru

Mar 07, 2010
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area

LA people coming into town 4 big EAST looking for FLAGELS???

cool thanks
just curious, do you or any other foodies
out there, know of FLAGELS anywhere
else in the states????????????

Mar 07, 2010
spicyfood in Manhattan

LA people coming into town 4 big EAST looking for FLAGELS???

i have friends going to NYC for the big east tourney.
i want them to try some flagels?
where are the best in manhattan??
maybe another borough, if so which one and where


Mar 06, 2010
spicyfood in Manhattan

best BAGEL in LA

I want to know who makes the best bagels and what makes a great bagel in your mind?
east coast New York bagels better? if so why?

Feb 21, 2010
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area

LA foodie to visit Bay area

Visiting the Bay area right after Labor Day and would like some recommendations for Italian, American, Seafood, Californian & Asian Fusion. Also interested in Greek or Mediterranean food as well. Not interested in taking out a second mortgage for places like the French Laundry And Gary Danko. Where do the locals go where they get consistently good food and service?

Looking for any feedback on Gallagher's in Las Vegas??

I have read some reviews about Gallager's Steakhouse in the NYNY Hotel, but I want to see what the real deal is from all you foodies out there on ChowHound. From what I have read is the food is great but service is hit or miss. Thank you all in advance!

Jun 24, 2009
spicyfood in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - Romantic Surf n Turf-75pp

Thank you kindly!

Jun 22, 2009
spicyfood in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - Romantic Surf n Turf-75pp

Thanks for your suggestions!

Jun 22, 2009
spicyfood in Las Vegas

Las Vegas - Romantic Surf n Turf-75pp

We are staying @ MGM on the Strip, my wife & I are looking for a place for our anniversary dinner. Looking for a great Romantic Steak & Seafood restaurant, any help would be much appreciated.

Jun 22, 2009
spicyfood in Las Vegas

Spicy Food to NYC

As far as seafood - what Manhattan recommendations with good food, good service, good value and not a gourmet rip-off? How about Aquagrill vs. Pearl Oyster Bar?

What comments on Blue Hill, Mas, Pylos? Breakfast or lunch at Russ & daughters? How about Katz's Deli - breakfast, lunch or dinner? I've heard there is protocol to ordering at Katz's - what needs to be done and what should not be done?

Getting to Brooklyn - How about Di Fara for pizza? Al Di La for a Saturday night dinner? Any problems getting in around 6 p.m. for a party of 2?

Jun 04, 2009
spicyfood in Manhattan

1st Timer from LA need help please

thank you.
much appreciated
looks like a lot of homework
but worth it
can't wait

Jun 01, 2009
spicyfood in Manhattan

1st Timer from LA need help please

my gf who's never been has a few issues
she doesn't eat meat & poultry

but loves seafood and veggies

i on the other hand LOVE IT ALL

i believe we will be staying near mid-town but
willing to go to all 5 burroughs(sp??)

looking for all types of cuisine--from street vendors to tiny neighborhood spots
love to find new spots
we don't like super-trendy spots have enough of that crap
here in Lala land.
not able to afford super high end

would love to showcase the bagel & flagel, pizza of course,
also if anyone has been to bourbon & branch in SF--anything similar for me and my bourbon love affair??
under 50 pp would be our limit

thanks foodies

May 31, 2009
spicyfood in Manhattan


thanks Kathryn, some good stuff here -look forward to trying a few.

May 27, 2009
spicyfood in Manhattan


We are in midtown looking for some can't miss eating places lunches and dinners funky is good, off the beaten path, don't want pricey over the top NY city more real local good food. We love italian, middle eastern, seafood, greek and french fusion but reasonable in price. Under 50 pp. thank you NYC foodies

May 26, 2009
spicyfood in Manhattan

First time in NY, good cheap eats.

I'm staying at 32nd and 5th avenue, im only there for one day but im looking for great street vendors, like pizza, bagels, hot dogs, chinese etc,etc. Looking to spend $20 max pp.

Thank you for your help.

May 25, 2009
spicyfood in Manhattan

been to BOURBON & BRANCH in SF, anything like it in LA?

I look forward to giving all a try
heard about 7 grand
so now i must officially give it a go

May 20, 2009
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area

been to BOURBON & BRANCH in SF, anything like it in LA?

went to BOURBON & BRANCH in San Fran it's in the mission district
supposed to be a speakeasy that features of course BOURBON.

Anything like that in LA?

thanks for the help

May 20, 2009
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area

LA hound just got back from SF

my girlfriend and I took a drive north from LA
we had a 24 hour window for food
it was her first time in SF

we stayed at the king george in UNION sq.

first stop into city

ferry building
we could both live in that building
we tried blue bottle coffee and acme
for a quick lunch--insanely good
clean building as well

next headed to the wharf got chowder in
a bread bowl, tasty as i remember
she loved it.

had ice cream at humphrey slocombe i think it was in the mission district
about 2 hours before dinner
should do that every damn day

had an incredible dinner at RADIO AFRICA which was
at the corner of florida & mariposa. I believe its also
called coffee bar during the day
apparently radio africa is a nomadic restaurant only opened
on thurs and fri for dinner and this is its second locale

food, service, music, vibe all well worth the drive alone
would love to dine there at least once a week, and considering
how expensive up north is this place was a steal at $100 incl.
tax, tip, corkage fee $15 2 entrees and 5 apps
cannot tell you how amazing this place is
RADIO AFRICA should be in every major city

for drinks BOURBON & BRANCH
I love bourbon and this place far exceeded
anything i could've imagined
and the most amazing part was my gf had
a cuccumber gimlet w/vodka and told me
it was the most amazing cocktail she ever had
so i had to get her another as well as another bourbon on the rocks
their selection is as good as it will get
it's a speakeasy from the 20's and the library in the back
was unreal.
an absolute treat!!!!!!!!!
need that in every major city as well

and to top it all off
the next morning
TARTINE bakery in the mission district
which is no surprise considering the line.

overall great city for food lived up to its hype
and the best part is there's more to try


i'll be up in SF for a day next week on a THURSDAY
staying in UNION SQ. but willing to go any where
for a decent to great HAPPY HOUR for the drinks
and or FOOD



looking for great deals and good food in the valley.
specifically studio city, sherman oaks areas
but the entire valley will suffice?

great deals on drinks is a plus but not my intention
i'm looking more for great deals on great food like
the cheesecake happy hour? anything similar or better?


Jul 12, 2008
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area

Sunday Night Prix-fixe in Seattle?

Any one know of a restaurant that offers a prix-fixe menu on Sundays?

May 12, 2008
spicyfood in Pacific Northwest

any food UNIQUE to SEATTLE?

curious about local food fare in Seattle.
any food or restuarant that is a must ?

Apr 24, 2008
spicyfood in Pacific Northwest

visiting SEATTLE any SUSHI recs?

visiting seattle mid-may for first time love sushi and good to great sushi recs?
i think we'll be staying in or around downtown. So walking or short cab ride in terms of


Apr 24, 2008
spicyfood in Pacific Northwest

BEST price-fixe in LA

looking for restaurants that have price-fixe menus either once-a-week or daily?
which ones offer either the best menu items or specials and of course best bang for your buck? flat-out any price-fixe not worth missing? thanks

Apr 19, 2008
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area

mexican but from NEW MEXICO

looking for mexican but the way they do it in the state of NEW MEXICO. I believe
green chile or something to that effect.
its not your typical mexican or cali-mex or tex-mex, its i guess something
of a niche, just wondering if there's anything like it in so. cal but especially
in the SFV, BURBANK, GLENDALE areas?

Apr 29, 2007
spicyfood in Los Angeles Area