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Dear RGR,

Your reaction to Primo is similar to mine about Fore Street, another much-lauded New American restaurant in Portland, Maine. I always anticipate it being better than it is. Thank you for the suggestion about elevenmadisonpark and maybe I will give Daniel another chance.

May 17, 2008
patfoody in Manhattan


Yes, I have noted, and been surprised at, Picholine's recent ascendency on the Chowhound board. My husband and I used to feel that we were in on a secret when we considered it the best French restaurant in town. Boring is exactly the word I would use to describe it in recent months. Some restaurants in Maine that rival any upscale ones I've tried in Manhattan are Primo, Francine Bistro, Hartstone Inn and Chase's Daily in the midcoast region, and Burning Tree near Bar Harbor. Hope you can find your way to them sometime soon!

May 14, 2008
patfoody in Manhattan


Because this board's been so helpful to me in the past, I'm happy to report on my recent visit to the city. One of the best meals of my life was at the Benoit in Paris many years ago so I was really looking forward to trying Benoit in NYC. The interior was lovely, reminiscent of the parent restaurant. But when the food started coming all the promise of magic disappeared. The food overall was such a disappointment. We ordered oeufs a la mayo and it actually came as a hardboiled egg (stuffed with something mediocre) sliced in half on a plate. Nothing else. The duck a la orange -- not golden brown and only fair tasting according to my husband-- was a few pieces of duck with desultory slices of orange on top. The cassoulet and mashed potatoes were excellent. The desserts-- ordered on the suggestion of the very nice waitress-- were only fair. Either Alain Ducasse is seriously overrated by a lot of people, or he had nothing to do with the food in this restaurant.

By contrast, the new Turkish restaurant Savronna was excellent as was the newish turkish restaurant further uptown, Peri Ela, on a previous visit of a few months ago.

Also, what gives with New York City and its French restaurants? I try and try and have not yet found one that even comes close to its hype. The food at Daniel and Chanterelle was not as good as my neighborhood upscale restaurant in Maine. Grenouille has gone seriously downhill since shedding its French menus and Picholine the same direction since changing its decor.

May 13, 2008
patfoody in Manhattan


Hi! I need a recommendation for a great bakery in Montreal with great French pastry, but not part of the chain (can't remember the name but they have one in Westmount) that is very good. Thanks!


Hi. Any suggestions for good Chinese in Chinatown? Thanks!

Indian restaurants

Hi! I'm looking for an authentic and very tasty Indian restaurants in Montreal. Any suggestions? Thanks!