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Best Gnocchi in SF?

Hi all! I will be in San Fran for a conference starting tomorrow. I plan on checking out farmerbrown, Dosa, and either Millennium or Greens. I was hoping my fellow chowhounds in SF could help me find the Italian restaurant with the best Gnocchi in town. North Beach would be nice but not required. The places I have looked at on yelp are: Firenze, Osteria, Da Flora, Franchino, Ristorante Milano and Frascati.

Thanks in advance!!!

Chocolate Chip Pancakes in DC area

Try Steak & Egg Kitchen near the Tenleytown Metro. They have chocolate chip pancakes or better yet, chocolate chip waffles which you can get with a scoop of ice cream on top of.

Sunday Dinner Specials in DC? Dinner with friend from out of town.

Hi all!

My best friend is coming into town from MI to run the Marine Corp Half marathon. My budget is tight right now and I was hoping some of you know of any chowhound places in DC that offer dinner specials on Sunday. I know Dino has one on Monday and Tuesday nights but she will be gone by then.

Sunday is the only option as she gets in late Friday night so we are going to do something quick and easy by my house and Sat we will be stuck dining in Fredericksburg on Saturday night where the race is Sunday morning. (Suggestions of places to eat in Frederickburg also appreciated!!!)

2 Amy's

I was there on Monday night and my friend noticed that it appears they have started construction on the upstairs. I am not sure if this will make the wait more tolerable or if more people will attempt to go.

Sequoia in Georgetown ... is it really THAT bad?

I once was given an expensive gift certificate for Sequoia that I let expire rather than go there. I have heard it is tolerable for brunch if the view is what you are after.

I need a DC local favorite

I second the recs for 2 Amy's, Ben's Chili Bowl and Ethiopain. the sunday Brunch at Georgia Brown's is also very unique.

Better yet, try the Drag Queen brunch at Perry's in Adams Morgan. The food is average but the entertainment can't be beat. I took my father and teenage brother when they visited last summer and they thought it was a hoot :-)

best brownie sundae or best choc chip cookie?

Marvelous Market makes wicked Brownies and Cookies.

Sanders hot fudge; Detroit

I too grew up with Sanders Hot Fudge, ah memories! I have never seen it here in the 10 years I have lived in DC. All of the Sander's stores I knew of in MI had closed but they opened one by my fathers house last year, so I snagged a jar in December and again last month. I would recommend ordering it online, it is as good as you remember!

Fudge...Delicious Fudge

Yep, us Libra's look out for each other :-) I have been lurking for a bit but had to post a reply as I love fudge way too much. I may need to trek to Balducci's myself, I bout some Mackinac Island fudge at the airport on the way back from a trip to my birth state and it totally tasted like airport fudge :-(

Fudge...Delicious Fudge

Sutton Place Gourmet use to carry amazing fudge, I am not sure that if Balducci's still does as I have not been there in a while. I have heard that Thomas Sweet in Georgetown makes fudge but I have never tried it.