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St Augustine, FL: Two dinner recommendations please....

We also stayed in St Aug's on our trip to Fort Lauderdale. We ended up eating at a Spanish Tapas place in the historic part of town. I don't recall the name of the restaurant but there can't be too many there...
It was a nice evening and we would certainly return again. Decent wine list, interesting food. I would suggest making reservations.
Safe travels!

Jan 18, 2013
winedine in Florida

Owners of Toast Durham planning Japanese Themed 3 Day Pop Restaurant

only have a Mac....oh well

Dec 10, 2012
winedine in Southeast

Owners of Toast Durham planning Japanese Themed 3 Day Pop Restaurant

Anyone else experience extreme frustration trying to book online? After one half hour of page finally loading, checking spaces, finding a slot and by the time the page goes to next page, slot is gone.

Dec 09, 2012
winedine in Southeast

Raleigh - where to buy Amarena cherries

I would give Capri Flavors a call in Morrisville. I have also found the at Marshall's of all places but that is entirely hit or miss.

Nov 19, 2012
winedine in Southeast

Asheville trip report: Cucina 24, 12 Bones & Curate

Glad you liked Curate. It was my favorite restaurant while we were there. Sitting at the bar is a great experience - you can watch everything being prepared. Just an FYI- Durham farmer's market - the one by Foster Street on Saturday mornings - has a few vendors now with fresh baby ginger.

Sep 25, 2012
winedine in Southeast

New restaurant -- Oakleaf, in Pittsboro, NC

Effective Sept 1 restaurants can cook hamburgers as rare as you order them; providing there is a disclaimer that it can kill you :-)
part of NC's following federal guidelines.

Sep 04, 2012
winedine in Southeast

Mateo, downtown Durham

We recently ate at twice - it was that good - at Curate in Asheville. Afraid I have been spoiled for life! Was hoping Mateo would be a good option here - but $4 for 1 deviled egg, and over $4 ea for the Bistec a la Parilla? I love tapas but many of the dishes outlined here seem too small to share and too expensive to get multiple dishes of for a group to share. Will certainly give it a try though.

Aug 12, 2012
winedine in Southeast

Mateo's Bar De Tapas soon to open in Durham, NC

Hi LulusMom - there is octopus carpaccio on the Frias section. Can't wait to try this place. Menu looks awesome! I wasn't able to see the location though. Anyone know where it is?

Aug 02, 2012
winedine in Southeast

La Cave at Wynn

Thanks! The online pix look nice so as long as there is some and cheese it's worth checking out. And prices seemed really reasonable for Vegas.

May 12, 2012
winedine in Las Vegas

La Cave at Wynn

Looking for different places to go to. Usually lunch at Olives, Mon Ami Gobi, Otto, looking for good wine, good service, interesting good food. Anybody been? Did search but nothing turned up on Chowhound. Thanks!

May 11, 2012
winedine in Las Vegas

Charleston Trip Report, 4/13-4/17

My sister lives in Mt Pleasant - need to visit her more! I received the 'Tasting Table' email blast yesterday and it featured a restaurant in Charleston I have not heard of before - Two Boroughs Larder - (the email featured a recipe from there - Roasted Cauliflower' cooked like a steak. It looked really tempting. Has anyone been or heard anything?

Apr 27, 2012
winedine in Southeast

Chefs John and Karen Shields leaving Town House (Chilhowie, VA)

We have been there twice - once in April of '10 and again last summer in August. We stayed at the Riverstead house in the summer as well. While the stay in the house, the chauffeuring to and from and service were wonderful the food was not as memorable as our first visit. We got to go in the kitchen after and talk to the kitchen staff. I brought up the noticeable change in their veg minestrone soup (the one that went national in photos etc) as it all tasted the same and at our earlier visit was absolutely remarkable with each little veg piece being distinct in flavor. He commented that they changed the way the made it to speed up prep. I sensed a bit of lack of inspiration while Karen was out on maternity as the menu was all a slight variation on the same theme. Most memorable was the dessert Purple Hills. While in the kitchen I asked about the Anti Griddle that chills items super fast on a flat surface. That was used to make Purple Hills but they haven't used it too much since. While there this summer we were one of a handful of tables on a Saturday night. Will be interesting to see what happens next.

Feb 10, 2012
winedine in Mid-Atlantic

Roadtrippin through the Southeast

New Orleans - best meal of my life was Restaurant August. Stellas is also very good, Herbsaint, Couchon also rank up there.
Savannah - just had dinner at Circa 1875 - French style bistro. They offer an informal bar or white tablecloth dining area. I would go with bar side.
Myrtle Beach - have heard great things about The Library but have not been.
Raleigh/Durham - Poole's is enjoyable in Raleigh. Love Watt's Grocery in Durham. For money is no object Heron's at the Umstead. Also if needing a good bread fix go to La Farm in Cary, lunch dinner as well cafe style, but the hand rolled baguette is good.
Charleston - you could spend a week here and still not hit all the great restaurants. Hottest one right now is Sean Brock's 'Husk" - also excellent Bourbon selection, also The Fig, Magnolia's, and lots of seafood places in downtown and on the out laying islands.
You can be reading reviews and websites for months with all the info that is out there. Good Luck! and have a great time!
Another good resource for the south is Garden and Gun, which is a magazine, but also has a wonderful website.

Feb 01, 2012
winedine in Southeast

Flour + Water Winedinners

We are planning our first trip to San Fran and I came across Flour + Water's monthly winemaker dinners in the Dough Room. We will be in town for the Friday night July 29 Italian Volcanic Terrior wine dinner. Has anyone ever been to one of these? Either 6pm or 9:15 pm seating, max of 12 guests per seating, $200 all inclusive per person.

We are in the trade, adventuresome palates, and hate touristy restaurants.


Asian restaurants in Cary

C & T Wok in Morrisville off Morrisville Carpenter Rd. (Chinese & Thai is what the restaurant name is based on) I would suggest starting with the Greg Cox review in the N&O (might have been 1.5 yrs ago) We had lunch there yesterday - homemade silken tofu ($2.50- available sweet or savory - we did savory - chili oil on top, ginger, and other seasonings) Cold Szech Noodles - my tongue was actually numb from the peppercorns) and beef with leeks, chiles, black bean.
Another favorite is the Bamboo Shoot salad.
The menu is broken down by 'expected' Chinese, Thai and 'real' Chinese - pork intestines, jelly fish, beef tendon, preserved cabbage, etc.
Small interior, mostly Asian clientele, far from fancy, but very good food. The staff is very happy to discuss the menu with you as well. Highly recommend!

Jul 10, 2011
winedine in Southeast

Farm To Fork 2011 in NC

I just received an email from Farm to Fork that clarifies things quite a bit; about tickets, parking, time frame, what is in what tents, what to bring, etc. So excited to be going!

Jun 21, 2011
winedine in Southeast

Farm To Fork 2011 in NC

We are so excited to be going this year! I seem to recall a comment about bringing your own chairs? I can not find any postings about this. Any suggestions, comments people have to make our afternoon there more enjoyable are greatly appreciated!

Jun 20, 2011
winedine in Southeast

Very poor service - pre-cooked food

I really don't see the difference allergy wise if black pepper is in the food prep - which most seasonings including flour mixtures that will be used on the line (where food is prepared) would already have vs being sprinkled on top of food. Once you say 'allergy' to a restaurant all sorts of red flags will go up. Liability is a HUGE issue. You also need to consider that you were in unannounced until ordering, so any variances that could have been made prep wise were discovered too late. I would suggest calling days ahead of time and discussing your dietary restrictions with someone who can assist you and work with the kitchen so they can better accommodate you. To title your post 'pre made food' is a disservice to the restaurant. Many items are probably cooked to order but already prepped and ready 'to fire' when ordered. At that point it is too late to adjust seasonings.

May 30, 2011
winedine in Southeast

Seafood and BBQ near Oak Island, NC?

the soft shells are in at Clem's! Also Haag & Sons is the best place to get local seafood. There have been some restrictions on fishing in the area but many are lifted starting May 1 so a lot more options should be available. The local tuna and snowy grouper have been wonderful.
As far as restaurants I am so delighted that Fishy Fishy has turned their act around. The past four visits have been much better than anticipated. They are featuring local seafood when possible, service has improved by leap and bounds, the atmosphere is awesome - lots of outside seats by the marina and gallons of new paint. Very much worth a visit. Recently a pilot for an ABC (?) show was filmed there too. - Revengers?
A new sandwich/deli place across from Hot Peppers on Moore? street is also serving up decent sandwiches - Boar's head meats. Not so quick though.
The Brickhouse - across from Live Oak Cafe/ Logo Joe's is AWFUL on Howe street. Really beyond words.
Chagall's closed on the island and is moving to where the Maritine Museum was on Howe street across from Mr P's. I know it will be French, but not sure what it will be called or if the menu is the same or not. Work is being done on the former Chagall's location by another restauranteur.
The 19th Hole, right after the bridge to the island (long beach rd) has closed but there has been work there by someone else?
Island Brew on Howe Street is re opening (again) but not sure if same name/concept etc.
The Local's has opened where Fuzzy Mae's/Surfers was on Howe street.
If anyone else has any rec's on good places to go, besides Josef's at the marina at Fish Factory rd PLEASE post as we end up cooking for ourselves all the time!

Fishy Fishy Cafe
106 Yacht Basin Dr, Southport, NC 28461

Apr 30, 2011
winedine in Southeast

A.B. Vannoy Hams, West Jefferson, NC

Please check out the article on Johnson County Hams and Rufus Brown in the current ediblePiedmont. They mention the Ham Store in Smithfield. The focus was on Magalista (sp) pigs that are fed a barley based diet. I think ediblepiedmont has a website, but not sure if the article is on the website. The 'prosciutto' is featured on the cover of the mag.

Apr 30, 2011
winedine in Southeast

Israeli Couscous in Triangle

I saw bulk Israeli Cous Cous at Costco in Raleigh last week.

Mar 30, 2011
winedine in Southeast

Great Veggie Plate at Watt's

I love rabbit. Sometimes I am able to get them fresh at the Raleigh Farmers Market - upper building where the flavored goat cheese is sold. No rabbit on the menu at Watt's this time around though. It was hard to pass up the fried in duck fat chicken livers with fingerlings. Or the chinese bun stuffed with pork belly.

Dec 18, 2010
winedine in Southeast

Great Veggie Plate at Watt's

It seems as though Triangle area chowhounds are always seeking good vegetarian options. While far from a vegetarian myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the veg plate at Watt's last night. Lentil cakes with a tomatilla vinaigrette, turnip greens and baby carrots. Absolutely delicious! $16 - a bit on the pricey side for some, but I am of the mind set that you get what you pay for.

Also enjoyed the fried oyster and pickled okra basket. Hummingbird cake was delicious!

Service was great as well.

Watt's Grocery
1116 Broad St Ste 100, Durham, NC 27705

Dec 15, 2010
winedine in Southeast

Anyone been to Piedmont in Durham since the management changed?

I was just checking and see that the website has been updated with the new menu, wine list, etc. Has anyone been lately? Prices seem to have increased a bit as well.

Nov 12, 2010
winedine in Southeast

Great Food Truck Race - Only Burger Durham - I'm Confused!

Here is a link to a News and Observer Blog article about Only Burger and Food Network

Sep 20, 2010
winedine in Southeast

Great Food Truck Race - Only Burger Durham - I'm Confused!

Only Burger was voted in to be in the next Great Food Truck Race I believe. Last night's episode was the finale of the current (and first) season. I recorded it and I believe the small segment at the end featuring Only Burger as being the winner of the voting was not included in what I recorded. Anybody else see the whole thing?

Sep 20, 2010
winedine in Southeast

Table 10, Emeril's Restaurant

I would sit at the bar, share a few apps and enjoy a great cocktail. Found entrees to be a bit lacking. Also while sitting at the bar you can watch the kitchen line. If you are into foie gras it is also possible to request a simple preparation for it as the foie is usually listed as a small component of dishes, not a dish on it's own.

Sep 01, 2010
winedine in Las Vegas

L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon-very very disappointing tasting menu experience

I also had a very disappointing experience there about two years ago. Much better places to go to. Food was underwhelming, staff was very self assured and arrogant.

Aug 20, 2010
winedine in Las Vegas

"Destination" Restaurants in the Southeast?

Townhouse Grill is certainly worth a trip. Also, we recently enjoyed the Inn at Little Washington. One of the top three meals I have had in a restaurant, and the service is wonderful as well. You could do a road trip with the Inn at Little Washington, Townhouse Grill and finish at The Fearrington House in Pittsboro NC which is also a Relais & Chateau property like the Inn. It has been a few years since we have eaten at Fearrington House. The last time we thought the food had slipped a notch but I think there is a new chef since then. I have high praises for The Chef and The Farmer in Kinston NC. I think that is where I would begin or end my trip. There is not much going on in Kinston, but I am sure you would find a suitable B&B. I think there are few threads on this board with other's reviews.

Fearrington House Restaurant
2000 Fearrington Village, Pittsboro, NC 27312

Aug 14, 2010
winedine in Southeast

Grand Asia Market Recs. (Cary, NC)

Amen to the health benefits of lard. Duck fat ranks pretty high up there too. I have never understood the 'benefits' of margarine or imitation fats.

Aug 04, 2010
winedine in Southeast