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Family of 5 visiting Belgium over Thanksgiving needs restaurant recos esp in Brugge

Thank you SB. I assume these are relatively family friendly restaurants? They look that way. And, thanks for the Dumon reco. I read that Rick Steves likes that place too, and while that can certainly be the kiss of death, combined with a chowhound reco, it moves it to the top of the list

Nov 07, 2011
iammurphy in Europe

Family of 5 visiting Belgium over Thanksgiving needs restaurant recos esp in Brugge

bump. Any help?? Just to clarify we don't need Thanksgiving Day recommendations, that is only the time of the year that we'll be there. Thank you

Nov 04, 2011
iammurphy in Europe

Family of 5 visiting Belgium over Thanksgiving needs restaurant recos esp in Brugge

My family: myself, 2 young girls, wife and mother will be visiting Belgium for 10 days in mid November. We weren't planning to rent a car but are open to anything within walking, train, tram, bus or reasonable cab ride from our home base within central Brugge. We are looking for really good, fairly casual establishments who focus on local cuisine for lunch and dinner and that won't break the bank. In addition, we're open to carry out, desserts, chocolate, regional specialities or any other great food finds appropriate for this late fall time period. Thank you.

Sep 23, 2011
iammurphy in Europe

Wife's Big Birthday Trip Need Nantucket Help PLEASE

Ok, here the deal. We have 3 dinners in Nantucket 1st weekend in Aug. I need some specific help to make it as special as I can make it. I have been to Nantucket before as a kid but my wife has not. We are foodies and are willing to splurge within reason but we are looking for "Nantucketness" experience as much as food in our choice of restaurants. Any help really appreciated.

Question 1: We were planning to go to Toppers for 1 dinner, for experience mostly, where should I request we sit inside or out on deck?

Question 2: I am trying to decide between Straight Wharf and Galley Beach for a 2nd dinner. I would guess that Galley wins on location and view but SW wins on food. Any help? Where should I request we sit in both locations?

Questions 3: Le Languedoc or Oran Mor for dinner 3? Thoughts? I understand that Oran Mor has a nice patio table that can be requested but where should we request to sit at LL?

Any other must do food related experiences for our whirlwind Birthday Spectacular Weekend?

Thank you

Oran Mor
2 S Beach St, Nantucket, MA 02554

Straight Wharf Restaurant
6 Harbor Sq, Nantucket, MA 02554

Galley Beach
54 Jefferson Ave, Nantucket, MA 02554

Need breakfast or lunch near Long Beach Outdoor Antique Market

Foodie family from Chicago going to the Antique show at Veterans Stadium in Long Beach Sunday Nov 21. Need a recommendation for a great, casual, uniquely SoCal breakfast and/or lunch spot nearby. We'll be driving from and returning to Anaheim so anywhere on the way would work too. Thank you

Nov 05, 2010
iammurphy in Los Angeles Area

breakfast between Anaheim and Santa Barbara

We will be taking Highway 1 (maybe both ways) so feel free to recommend anywhere along the way in both directions. Thanks!

Nov 05, 2010
iammurphy in Los Angeles Area

breakfast between Anaheim and Santa Barbara

We're driving from Anaheim (Disney) up the Santa Barbara on the Wed morning before Thanksgiving and am wondering where would be a great place to stop for breakfast along the way? While I'm at it we'll be returning from Santa Barbara to LAX on the Sat following and need a good quick lunch spot before LAX? Thank you.

Nov 05, 2010
iammurphy in Los Angeles Area

Rome restaurant help with baby

I know this is a controversial subject but the reality is that we'll be in Rome in mid-April for 8 nights with our beautiful 18-month old daughter. We LOVE food and want to ask if anyone can recommend some really good, non-touristy restaurants, pretty centrally located (not too far off the main tourist beat) and not too fancy, keeping in mind baby. We're up for anything. Mille grazie.

Mar 17, 2008
iammurphy in Italy

Help with New Orleans mixer

Hi all. I'm trying to plan a business mix & mingle type event at a good French Quarter restaurant for about 150 people. It will be drinks and heavy appts or buffet. Not a sit down dinner. And it can’t require jackets. So restaurant can be nice but not super formal. Any recos would be really appreciated. Prefer a restaurant to a hotel. Thanks!

Feb 28, 2008
iammurphy in New Orleans

Rubicon or Range

Help, Chicago foodies coming into SF for the start of a week holiday but with only 1 dinner potential in the city. We have early reservations at both Rubicom and Range for Sat night. The caveat is we have a 13 month old foodie-in-training daughter in tow. So, any help with recommendation one over the other, in terms of food, atmosphere, baby-tolerence, etc. Thank you!

best ice cream?

Margie's Candies on Western at Armitage is by FAR the best ice cream in town!

Apr 27, 2007
iammurphy in Chicago Area