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MEATing at Yonge and Eglinton?

Has anyone tried MEATing? I'm looking for a steakhouse that isn't The Keg and I can't afford anything like Harbour Sixty. I like the uptown location, but haven't heard anything about the food or service.

Reviews? Thanks!

Dinner by the Canon Theatre?

Mr. Greenjeans didn't close - they just renovated (without improving their menu or service in my opinion). It's up a level Dundas side in the Eaton's Centre.

Dinner by the Canon Theatre?

I'm going to see "We Will Rock You" at the Canon, and I'm looking for a place for an early pre-show meal. Was checking out One Up, but I haven't heard anything about it. Reviews? I'm hoping to stay up in the Yonge/Dundas area, but I'm having trouble finding something nicer than Mr. Greenjeans (ick!). I know there must be something.

All suggestions welcome! We're not picky eaters!

Travelling to NYC from Toronto - must impress!

I'm taking my mom to New York for a shopping weekend and I'm looking for somewhere really fun to take her. This is our first "adult" trip together, now that I have a real job and some disposable income. Last time I was there we went to Craft, and I thought it was awesome. We don't have anything like that in Toronto.

We're staying in Times Square. As far as the fare, the newer and hotter the better - we're not picky eaters. We arrive in July, so I'd like to make some reservations now.

Thanks in advance...

Jun 05, 2007
d_newbie in Manhattan

Fun Drinks and Good Eats?

I'm organizing a 24th bday for a friend, and he's looking for the "easy" combo - dinner and drinks. Doesn't have to be the same place, just in the same area. A little on the casual side for dinner is fine, and he's willing to try anything. Any good suggestions of a place that caters to more of a beer crowd? We've kinda worn out bier markt and beerbistro. Even martinis would be fine. Just something fun and original. Downtown would be great and midtown even better. I'm being very vague in hopes of an eclectic mix of responses. Thanks!

Veggie without too much roughage...

My best friend is a vegetarian, and it's her 24th birthday next week. I'd like to take her out somewhere fun that has a good variety of meatless options, but still has meat on the menu. She occasionally eats fish, but not as a large steak or anything, so a seafood restaurant wouldn't work. We're located in the heart of Toronto and have cars, so anywhere in the GTA would be great.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!