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Phillies Bar

I'm a recent transplant from greater Philadelphia area and I've got a bad case of Phillies fever. I've been watching the games at home so far, but I'm hoping someone can recommend a good bar or restaurant that has some Phillies flair during this last stretch of postseason. I'm craving some phanatic friends in the South Bay, preferably around Santa Clara but anywhere between Palo Alto and San Jose will do. Go Phils!

Very Constrained Diet visiting Union Square

So my mom's coming to visit me tomorrow and despite her limitations I'd really like to take her out to a restaurant. However, her stomach isn't what it used to be and her constraints include:
No gluten (wheat)
No lactose (milk, butter)
No soy
Nothing remotely spicy
No caffeine
No sulfites (wine sauces)
And clearly, no joy, because she leads a very sad gastronomic life. She's good with rice, potatoes, most vegetables, and meat. Anyone with any suggestions on a restaurant around Union Square that isn't very pricey that could cater to her needs? There are of course salad and sushi places, but I wanted to do something a little more dinnery than that. Thanks!

Apr 26, 2007
pompom246 in Manhattan