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Good Chinese Takeout in Edmonton?

My very favorite Chinese in Edmonton is Old Szechuan on 107 Ave near 102 St. or so. They do take-away. Very authentic, very spicy if you lean that way.

tatami rooms edmonton?

I was at Yokozuna for lunch about three months ago, and thought that their sushi and maki were shockingly bad. I'd recommend Kyoto south side.

Best sushi in Edmonton

Y'know, notwithstanding the rants about Kyoto, their 109 St. resto is still the best sushi I've had in Edmonton (ever since they moved a few doors north on 109th near Sask Drive). Their rolls do sometimes fall apart. But taste-wise, very good. Their oyster ponzu is a fave of mine.

Help in Edmonton for a Newbie...

T&T Chinese Supermarket has great products and prices, and their remaindered vegetables are a bargain. At the Italian Center look for their deli 'ends' packages -- great value.

Edmonton, near the Uni/Lister Centre

High Level Diner seems to be many people's sentimental fave, but I've never found the food there to be very good.

Enthusiastic thumb's up for Leva and Da Capo and Sugarbowl and Kyoto. Upper Crust's daily salads are nice. Avoid Yokozuna Sushi.

If you're in HUB, the mapo tofu at Ho Ho's is quite good (though avoid their steam table, especially if you're averse to grease). And the Thai food toward the north end of HUB is good, esp. their vegetarian curries.

Best Thai and Chinese restaurants in Edmonton?

My favorite Chinese in Edmonton is Old Szechuan, on 107 Ave near 102 Street -- completely authentic Sichuanese.

I can't figure out the enthusiasm for Lingnan -- granted, it has a very theatrical, over-the-top decor, Chinese-resto-from-way-back decor. But the food is mediocre Cantonese, the service incredibly slow, and there's not a Chinese patron to be seen (which I tend to consider a bad sign in a Chinese restaurant).

Vegetarian in Edmonton

Which of the gourmet/high-end restaurants do you think have the best fare for vegetarians?

As a meat-eater, I was a big Hardware fan, but I've been thoroughly unimpressed by their vegetarian mains (I've done OK by ordering multiple appetizers instead, but they don't change the menu that often).

Culina is pretty good, but I've worn out the veggie options on their menu.

Other thoughts or experiences around this? Thanks.

Where can I buy sushi-grade fish in Edmonton?

Thanks: they do other sushi supplies, but as far as I know, no fish for this purpose....

Edmonton Restaurants

Two little-mentioned additions to the list:

* Da Capo, on 109 north of the Garneau Theatre -- a cappucino place with excellent, creative grilled sandwiches and very good pastries. And first rate coffee.

* Old Szechuan on 107th Ave x 103 St. I lived in Sichuan for a while, and this is by far the most authentic Sichuanese food I've tasted in North America. If you're an adventurous eater and don't need elegant decor, this is a real find.

Where can I buy sushi-grade fish in Edmonton?

There used to be a great Japanese food store on Calgary Trail southbound that sold frozen fish for making sushi; but they've closed. Does anyone know of another place in Edmonton where I can get fish that's safe to eat raw? Thanks.