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Hi there. I'm a native of L.A. and agree with cincodemayo1.
There's a Cuban-Yucatecan restaurant on Melrose called Xiomara
that is actually owned by Xiomara Ardolina who is a real
Cuban born chef. She's also got a location on Raymond in Pasadena,
but the location on Melrose in Hollywood has much more "ambiente."
It serves fine Cuban influenced cuisine and has a respectable wine list.
Porto's in Glendale is the only real Cuban bakery I know of here in L.A., and it's also owned by Cubans that know how to make you a real Cafe Con Leche the way it should be made. Their pastries are excellent. Portos also serves the typical Cuban style sandwiches.
Cafe Tropical on Sunset in Silverlake is popular but has faux Cuban wares although I do like the "Che" decor. I don't think it's owned and run by Cubans. It seems to run by Mexicans which is fine as I'm Mexican too, but that's not where I go if I want authentic Cuban stuff. I believe the Cubans inherited their style of making coffee from Spain, because while travelling Spain I tried some excellent coffee. There, a Cafe Con Leche is what Italians call Caffe Latte (Latte means "milk"). End of message.

Apr 26, 2007
szaszigeti in Los Angeles Area