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Can someone educate me on GMO-free-meat?

Thanks for the list! A good start!

Can someone educate me on GMO-free-meat?

Thanks! I am beginning to understand!

Can someone educate me on GMO-free-meat?

The meat that we buy, are they GMO-free? Which means they were not fed with GMO feeds. Possible to buy meat in the Bay Area that is GMO-free? Thanks!

Bar Tartine revisited [San Francisco]

I am dreaming of their potatoes with fermented black garlic sauce!!!!!!!

Crystal Jade [San Francisco]

Still no sign of life!!! Any scoop?

Penrose in Oakland

Going to their opening party Nov 18th......:)

Jai Yun conundrum

Very interesting discussion here on Jai Yun. I counted the number of times I have been to Jai Yun, over 30 trips later, I still find pleasent surprises here and there. Enough to prompt me to peek my head there once in a while and when I have the means. Take for example, Chef Ni's paper-thin "Orange Beef" looks like it is coded with powered sugar and dried-tossed in a gentle vinegary sauce, how cool is that? Simple concepts with A+ results. When I eat this dish, I tend to close my eyes and savor it. When a dish is not working out, I can tell. I tend to be able follow Chef Ni's mood swings. He is a very perceptive chef. Will never forget the time he spent 7 hours steaming squab in a porcelain terrine. Defnitely a gem place to go. I have faith in Chef Ni!

Jai Yun
680 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Looking for XLB (Xiao Long Bao) cooking lessons / workshops

I am inspired. Will report back when say end of June (give myself a dateline). Then we can compare notes.

Looking for XLB (Xiao Long Bao) cooking lessons / workshops

Thanks Wolfe. Went to Shanghai's NanXiang a few years back. Very rustic and satisfying. Different from the refined Ding Tai Feng chain. Both are good. I will definitely strive for the famours 18 pleats. That's an agressive goal I must say.

Looking for XLB (Xiao Long Bao) cooking lessons / workshops

Thank you C Oliver! Great thread. Do you make XLB often? I am quite good with Aspic, I make Chicken / Jin Hua consommé all the time. Panicking now becuase we are a few days away June 2011 and making XLB is my New Year's resolution for 2011. I better get my act together soon.

Looking for XLB (Xiao Long Bao) cooking lessons / workshops

I live in the Bay Area (San Francisco to be exact) and I am looking for Xiao Long Bao cooking lessons conducted on weekends. I am willing to travel todifferent parts in the Bay Area, any recommendations? I am afriad to play with dough but want to get over my fears.

Hapa Ramen, Anyone?

There were three of us. :(

Hapa Ramen, Anyone?

I wasn't so fortunate as Vulber. I put my name on the list at 5:20, they still did not get to us at 8:30 p.m. I don't think they followed the list. My dinning companions were utterly offended, so we left. So sad!

Spot Prawns - time to get them?

I am thinking of cooking spot prawns this weekend. See them in many seaffod stalls around the Bay Area. However, the quality can vary from the firm to the soggy. I tend to poach it quickly ad make a light soy base dipping sauce. I get very excited when I see a pinkish liquid (or oil) when peeling. Almost wanted to save them and throw in risotto.

All in all, a very delicate ingredient.

Any suggestions on where to get the best spot prawns?
Am I too early in getting them? (We arein early April)
How do I spot the good ones from bad?

Flying Saucer Chef Albert Tordjman

if you google his name, you will find his e-mail address and phone number in Thailand from Jean-Georges Vongerichten's blog dated March 21, 2008. Try it! It is easy.

Best source for Orange Beef?

I agree with Melanie, you must give Jai Yun a try. The Orange Beef is the best. Not much sauce for your rice, but extremely flavorful. I think of it often.

Where can I buy fresh "Kalamansi" in SF?

Thanks, I will check it out this weekend.

Where can I buy fresh "Kalamansi" in SF?

I got it at the frozen section from Ranch 99. I would dilute it roughly 1.5 to 2 parts of water to the block. Just like any other concentrated juice. There's even a "box" - ready to drink version.

Where can I buy fresh "Kalamansi" in SF?

Thanks so much. I enjoy buying the frozen blocks and dilute them as refreshments. The lime + tanegrine is a smart and quick way. Thanks!

Where can I buy fresh "Kalamansi" in SF?

I am about to tackle a famous Singaporean dish - "Hokkien Fried Mee" and the recipe calls for fresh "Kalamansi" as part of condiments. Does anyone know where I can get them in SF? I think I have just missed the Saturday Alemany Farmers' market. I have seen it there before. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot & Grill, San Mateo

My Friend and I went about 8 months ago and ordered many items, meats, veggies, tofu items, meat-balls, mushrooms, noodles and beers. The bill came to $136. Well we ordered dipping sauce as well. On subsequent visits, the waiters told us not to order dipping sauce because the broth(s) are flavorful enough to coat the items. I was skeptical at first, but he was right. I like the place but I cannot go often because the price is pretty steep. It is difficult for me to hold back.

What do you think of "Panda Country Kitchen" in SF?

I am going there in a few days. What to order? any good alternatives near by ? Thanks!

Manresa report

I was there two weekends ago. "Into the vegetable garden..." was indeed very satisfying.
Perfect blend of texture and taste. I wish I can make a dish so imaginative and tasty. We did the tasting menu as well. I had since tried to duplicate the peeled tomatoes, ikura and smoke tuna broth dish. I cannot get it perfect but my version is quite nice to as well. Very happy with Manresa.

where to find fresh sugar cane juice in SF?

Definitely at Lee's Sandwiches on Larkin. Must get everytime I frequented that store.
625 Larkin Street @ Willow St.
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: (415) 929-6888
Fax: (415) 929-6999

Campton Place?

Like you Mrs. Bacon, I never checked out CP when Humm was there. I remember trying to get a reservations just before Humm's last days, CP was solidly booked. Now I know where to find Humm. Thanks!

Campton Place?

Thanks to both RL and foodiesf. I suspected Campton Place is not the same after daniel left. Haven't heard much buzz at all. I am a big fan of Ron Siegel. The Dining Room is just solid under Ron. I am just excited as to what he could do to Myth.....By the way, I called for Chez Panisse yesterday for next week. They are completely booked evry single night.

Campton Place?

A friend of mine wanted to go to Campton Place for an expensive dinner. I realized Campton's superstar chef Daniel Humm left early 2006 Manhattan bound. Afterwards, I heard very little about Campton. Before I say yes, can anyone tell me if the quality and innovation are still there? What are my alternatives? We are flexible and are willing to travel throughout the Bay Area. Thanks in advance.

Thai market in SF?

I believe they are closed (out of business).

Chinese New Year Banquet

Peter, Do you have any dishes you can recommend?

El Bulli 2008 Reservations

I did exactly what you have suggested. A friendly followup. I haven't heard back as well. Well, not meant to be for this year. I have yet to finalized my vacation plans yet. Actually, I am also interested in Tokyo as a food destination besides Spain. Both countires are good! Can you tell me more about El Raco?

Feb 06, 2008
sfwtchris in Spain/Portugal