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Oaxaca Trip Report

Hi Dave! can't wait for your Oaxaca report! I am actually headed there for a week on Thursday 9/27 and am anxious to try out the food! Hope to post details upon my return!

Sep 25, 2012
ajoe in Mexico

Dinner for 30-40 people in Sac?

33rd St's private room fits about 40. I hosted a wedding shower there last year - it is mostly indoors, with a small patio. The most awkward part of it is that you have to go through the restaurant, out through their patio, then to the inside room (essentially right next to the restaurant).

Other recommendations for a large group are Enotria (though not really dtwn), Mulvaney's - both have nice patios.

Apr 02, 2008
ajoe in California

Natomas Area of Sact'o

While I agree that the most of the options mentioned on this post are not among those in the area which support sustainably responsible practices (and are mostly chains - which can support larger parties), there are a number of options in the Sacramento area. However, another limitation is the location of your party - the Natomas area - the area surrounding your hotel - is largely suburban.

Food options downtown (where more of the unique, non-chain restaurants are located) are more likely to support slow food, veg, and other environmentally responsible areas. plus the midtown/downtown area is far more walkable and less reliant on auto-traffic.

Two options off the top of my head in the Downtown/Midtown area are 1) Ella and 2) Mulvaney''s. Both are on the high end price-wise, but high-quality, local, and more along the lines of what your're looking for. Other options, although some which may not be completely right for your group are the Buckhorn Grill in midtown (good for groups), and tower cafe (although I'm not sure if they will take a reservation for a group).

Again, Natomas is a suburb, and its culinary offerings are mostly limited to chain restaurants which cater to a general audience and large parties. Tuktuk and Bella bru would be good options for a group that are locally-based.

Mar 30, 2008
ajoe in California

Has anyone tried Luna Lounge in Carmichael (Sacramento area)?

It is run by Bella Bru - I've eaten at the Natomas location a few times and really liked it. The Natomas BB does wine/martini tastings as well. Lava Lounge was a participant in a food/wine tasting event that I attended and their food was really good...but I haven't been to their location in Arden...

Nov 05, 2007
ajoe in California

Sacramento Italian

Buca di Beppo is fairly informal...another potential place is Piatti, which is on Fair Oaks Blvd. between Howe and Munroe. It's more formal and I think the place would be able to manage that large of a group.

Apr 25, 2007
ajoe in California